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Major Siris

Nov 13, 2015, 5:49:42 AM11/13/15

(( Bridge, USS Avandar. ))

:: Siris seen the coordinates appear on the helm screen. It seemed they already had that as a direction. They would only need to alter course about 100 degrees. He looked at the time at warp 5 it would only take just over two hours. Plenty time to interrogate the guest. ::

Vetri: =/\= Good work, Ryan. *Very* good. =/\=

T'Lea: Our guest has sought refuge in your ready room, Captain.

Vetri: Is that so...

Siris: Want me to get her T’Lea?

:: He was not the best with kids but was quite happy to stun her and drag her out the Captain’s Ready Room. He unclicked his Aquila holster. ::

T’Lea:  I admire your enthusiasm, however, no.  ::to T’Sara::  I want you to go home and stay with the holonanny, understand, and do not deactivate her again.

:: As T’Lea and Della dealt with their offspring, as well as the runaway Siris continued to study the data they had so far. The location had only been mapped by long range sensors, this unfortunately gave only a small picture of the area. ::

Blueheart: ::nodding:: Captain. Major.

Siris: Doctor.

:: Siris noted the cut to his head but before he could say anything Della beat him to it. ::

Vetri: Walk into a door, Doctor?

Blueheart: Oh this. ::gingerly touching the wound on his forehead:: Just a scratch.

Vetri: One that I hope has a good story behind it. How are our guests?

Blueheart: Lieutenant Corsetto managed to defuse the tense situation. Ensign Wilde is now helping with triage. Those not requiring medical assistance will be placed in the mess hall. I think it’s a good idea to keep them in a place where food is readily available. Nothing like food to quiet a restless mob.

Siris: What’s the condition of our guests? The ship didn’t look to good.

Blueheart: Apart from malnutrition and poor hygiene, I don’t find anything seriously wrong with them physically. Even the O’Racken who was on the verge of going into shock has made a remarkably speedy recovery. I think their physiology has adapted to the tough life they had endured. But.. I can’t say the same about their emotional state. All of them were exhibiting paranoia, anxiety and fear to some degree. I’m sure the Counselor will be able to handle this well.

Vetri: I can't say much of that surprises me, and I think Riverview is going to have her work cut out for her... ::sighing:: We'll just have to make sure she gets all the backup we can manage.

Blueheart: There’s something else, Sirs.. ..

:: It seemed everyone had * Something Else *. Siris crossed his fingers this time it wold be good, though he felt it was not from the aura that the Doctor gave off. ::

Vetri: Hit me.

oO Really. Why she not asking me. Oo

:: Siris fought the urge to hit her as he suspected it was not meant as in violence, but rather with the information that Raj had. ::

Blueheart: Lieutenant Lupo suffered complication following the neuronal transplant. ::pause:: She slipped into a coma.

Vetri: Not the best outcome, no. I assume you have a strategy in mind to deal with this... development?

Blueheart: As per her request prior to the procedure, I have placed her in cryostasis until I can figure out a way to arrest the growth of her tail. To be honest, I can’t think of any way I can do this without Starfleet Medical’s input. Not only that, but I can’t do it without their facilities either.

Vetri: Which isn't something we can give you right now, unfortunately.

:: The Captain was right but maybe they could shuttle her to the halo to transfer back. The Halo was only a few hours away in a shuttle. :::

Blueheart: ::downcast eyes:: Sorry, Sirs. I tried my best.

Vetri: Raj... You did your best. We all knew there were risks... and right now, Lupo might actually be in the best position of all of us about this.

Blueheart: ::frowning:: Sir?

Vetri: ::smiling thinly:: She's in stasis. *We're* the ones that have to do all the worrying and thinking of ways to fix it.

Siris: We could possible shuttle her to the Halo then to a transport back to 118.

Vetri: For now, though... we need to figure out what the hell is going on around here. Siris, how long will it take us to get to those coordinates you and Ryan salvaged?

Siris: We could be there in a few hours sir.

: :Just then his Comm badge chirped. ::

Rudat: =/\= Nurse Rudat to Major Siris. =/\=

Siris: =/\= Siris here =/\=

:: Siris was puzzled why a nurse was calling him, the CMO was here so if it was medical should he not be asking. ::

Rudat: =/\= Are you experiencing similar symptoms, Major? Was there anything in particular that you found on that ship that may be able to explain this? =/\=

:: Siris was puzzled similar symptoms? Who? Ryan? Several question flashed through his head. ::

Siris: =/\= No just a standard core breach. =/\= :: He smiled inward Core breach and standard in the same sentence, maybe not the best pick of words. ::

Rudat: =/\= Aye, Sir. =/\= ::pause, remembering:: =/\= Oh, one other thing. The ensign mentioned something about the ship being “rigged” and that she “didn’t know”. Know what that’s about, Major? =/\=

Siris: =/\= Yeah main engineering seemed to have a built in booby trap to trigger a core breach.  =/\=

:: Siris ended the call, he was puzzled how Ryan was affected but he was not. She had been closer than him to the core, but they had both breathed the same air and gases. ::

Vetri: Problem ?

:: Siris made his way over to the Science station to join T’Lea. ::

T’Lea: .. .. Doctor, Blueheart, come look at this a moment please.

:: Raj came up next to them. ::

T’Lea:  Ryan is having trouble breathing, I believe this is the reason.

Blueheart: Acute pulmonary edema!

Siris: Say what?

Blueheart: It’s the respiratory system’s way to counter extensive inflammation of its airways – by producing copious amounts of fluids to extinguish the fire, so to speak. Unfortunately, when this protective mechanism is exaggerated, it results in excessive fluid in the lungs, effectively drowning the patient!

T’Lea/Vetri: response

Blueheart: ::He opened a commlink to Sickbay and spoke aloud with the intention those around him will be able to hear.:: =/\= Nurse Rudat, start Ensign Ryan on high-dose corticosteroids to counter the inflammation. She will also need a low dose or two of the diuretic frusemide. Give her a 100% oxygen until her sats pick up. She should respond to the treatment in no time. =/\=

T’Lea/Vetri: response

Blueheart: Are you experiencing similar symptoms, Major?

Siris: No just a slightly dry throat.

Blueheart: What happened on the slave ship? Nurse Rudat told me what few words Ensign Ryan uttered, and judging from the timeline of symptom manifestation from exposure, you were both exposed on that ship.

Siris: As you know life support was failing so Ryan and her team got to work on restoring power to life support. After that we started to see what information we could gather, but before we could do that fully a core breach started. Ryan attempted to stop it and retrieve the data from the ship. But the gases became over powering and then we beamed back. She seemed fine when we returned.

T’Lea/Vetri: response

Siris: Oh and Ryan seemed to think the breach might be a booby trap to stop people stealing the ship.

Blueheart: Hmm.. probably a failsafe created by the enslavers to keep people like us from revealing their secret to the world. Well at least now we know what else to prepare for should we encounter them again, which is something that’ll happen sooner rather than later, I gather.

T’Lea/Vetri: response

Blueheart: ::nodding, then turning to Siris:: Drop by Sickbay after your shift, or sooner if you’re symptomatic, for a full examination. I need to be sure.

Siris: Yes Doc. Whats our next plan Captain.

T’Lea/Vetri: response

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