(PNPC) LtJG Delvia Corsetto - So... now what?

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Della Vetri

Nov 11, 2015, 2:40:14 PM11/11/15
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Avandar
((USS Avandar, Mess Hall))

Rawlings: Sorry about the Name thing in Engineering. 

:: Delvia smiled, a friendly, open smile that suggested that any thought of payback had never even begun to speculate about the merest possibility of crossing her mind. Precisely the sort of smile, in fact, that should have warned the woman to watch her back for some time to come.::

Corsetto: Oh, no problem. 

Rawlings: ?

Corsetto: He didn't try and run off, which was good. And since we got here, things definitely seem to have calmed down some.

:: Wilde, having come over with a mug - sadly not for her - in his hand, nodded in apparent satisfaction.::

Wilde: They seem to be content with the food. Has anyone found anything about them?

Corsetto: Ex-slaves. Used to people my colour being the ones in charge, and *not* being nice about it. Other than that, not much - he wasn't exactly chatty with me.

Rawlings: ?

Wilde: Not much. Most of them won't talk, the rest don't really have much information.

Rawlings: ?

Corsetto: Any idea what's next for them?

Wilde: It depends what the Captain wants to do with them. I can't see us returning them to wherever they came from, like cattle. 

Corsetto: Good. That would make me unhappy. *Very* unhappy. And to be honest, I couldn't see the Boss even considering that sort of course of action.

Wilde/Rawlings: ?

Corsetto: Well, whatever's going to happen with them, they're our problem until they're not. So, anyone got any idea how to keep them amused?

:: The idea of a poker tournament had its appeal, but would likely prove impractical.::

Wilde/Rawlings: ?


(PNPC) Lt(JG) Delvia Corsetto
Security Officer
USS Avandar
(Simmed by Captain Della Vetri)
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