Lt Commander Serala: Medical Ethics and Strange Communications

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Jim Davis

Aug 22, 2019, 11:08:39 PM8/22/19
to USS Atlantis
(( Central Medical Core, Chon Station MD6 aka "Beta", Jenatris Cloud ))

Avae: Oh...oh stars.. What is..this? ::She sounded unnerved::


Solana:  This is what happens when smart people do things without someone to tell them it's wrong. 

Serala: Agreed. Avae, is it alive, and can we do anything for it if it is?

D1N/A:  MD6’s biological component for the AI. The Mother Station stopped supplying biological adjuncts to keep the AI functioning so MD6 ordered the replacement of damaged parts as time went by using fresh parts available on hand. Now...MD6 hasn’t had fresh parts for some time.


Serala noted that Ensign Avae had walked over to the biobed and was examining the monstrosity. 

Serala: Your thoughts, Avae?

Avae: Whatever this...::She struggled how to classify the thing in front of her:: person is, they've got Andorian, ::She pointed to the left arm:: Romulan. ::Left leg:: Nausicaan. ::Left hand and head:: Talosian. ::She pointed to the brain and shivered:: The Liver is Korri. And there's a Vulcan lung in there too. The rest I can't identify but they all appear to be the same genetic material. Maybe Chon? ::She shrugged:: 

D1N/A: Your analysis is correct, nurse. As I said, parts from other sources were used to replace damaged parts. 

Avae: You did WHAT? ::She turned on the hologram:: Please tell me they were at least already deceased before you salvaged them for parts! 

D1N/A: When possible, yes. Can you repair it, Nurse Avae?

Avae: Why? So you can prey on anyone unfortunate to get lost in the Cloud again? 

Serala: Avae, put the weapon away please. 

The lavender-haired nurse appeared astonished at the phaser in her hand. A blush rose in her cheeks as she put it back where she had pulled it from. 

Avae: Sorry...I just.  Don't like this place suddenly. 

McKnight: response

Serala: I don’t much like it either, but from what we’ve seen about this place, I would hate to risk antagonizing it when we’re so far from help. And whatever that … thing … is, it is a living being and deserves our help.

D1N/A: Please, it has been degrading badly for some time now. Can it be repaired?

Avae: I can try. ::She opened the tricorder and scanned it slowly, using the handheld device inside it and running it up and down the pieced together being:: It's suffering from transplant rejection. 

Serala: Do what you can, Avae.

McKnight: response 

D1N/A: Will you be able to reverse the transplant rejection?

Avae: Of course not, half of these parts aren't genetically compatible with each other. Nausicaan's don't mesh well with other species. Vulcans, Romulans and Andorian can be compatible, but not with Korri, or Talosian. The body is literally trying to kill itself because it doesn't like half of itself. 

D1N/A: You seem disturbed by what MD6 has done here. Why?

Avae: How in hell can you call this a medical facility if you don't even know the basic ethics of the profession? A first year med student could tell you that having this many transplanted limbs on one person from different species is inane! 

McKnight: response 

Serala: Take it easy.

Avae: What? ::She blushed:: The Chon may be advanced in every other way but whomever built this place was an idiot. ::She mumbled loudly:: 

Serala: Maybe, but we can’t do anything about that. If we can keep this body functioning long enough, maybe Starfleet’s Engineers can find a way around it.

McKnight: Response

D1N/A: Can you contact the Mother Station and request…… =/\= MD6 reporting. Advise CA11483. =/\=

Serala looked at Dina in confusion. It seemed she had stopped mid-sentence and began communicating with something else. Something heretofore unmentioned.

D1N/A: =/\= Acknowledged. Command Level Override accepted. Redirecting subspace arrays. Activating subspace pulses in one rotation. =/\=

Serala: Well, what do you make of that? Any ideas what is going on? Anyone?

McKnight/Avae/Solana: Responses

(( OOC: Hey team, we need to try and wrap this up as soon as possible. Captain Brell is about ready to take us to shore leave. ))

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