Ensign Serala: Framed!

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Jim Davis

Mar 25, 2018, 3:45:06 PM3/25/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Serala's Temporary Residence, DS26, 4 days after arrival ))

:: Serala was feeling much better today. After seeing Toryn awake, and giving him a piece of her mind, she had decided to let him rest and spend time with his sister and Sylara. She had returned to her rooms and crashed almost immediately, the emotional and stress relief draining her.

:: When she had risen this morning, she had decided she was much in need of a workout, so she had dressed accordingly and headed one of the gyms to get her martial arts skills honed. Two rather large males had challenged her in the ring, but she had defeated them so quickly each time no one else wanted to try her.

:: She opened her door and entered the rooms only to find a vase with several exotic but beautiful flowers in it. They smelled wonderful and she wondered why they were here and who they could be from. When she read the note, her hearts both skipped a beat (why, she didn't know) because it was from Toryn thanking her for spending so much time with him while he was in the coma. She set the vase in a prominent location and then went to take a shower. Having decided to give today to Kiitiarel, she would sure to thank him tomorrow when she visited. ::

(( The Promenade, Deep Space 26, Day 5 after arrival ))

:: She had slept late today. Now that worry over Toryn was no longer an issue, she had turned her thoughts to her mother. The inferences and innuendoes she had made during the last transmission disturbed her. She didn't put it past her mother to use some sort coercion tactics on her.

:: She was on her way to find some lunch when she noticed Commander Tal-Telar and Lieutenant Porus heading her way. Neither looked happy. In fact, the had that “I'm all business, get out of my way” looks.

When she saw they were directed at her, she knew something bad had happened or was about to and she was in the middle of it. ::

Tel-ar: Response

Serala: Arrest? On what charge?

Tel-ar: Response

Serala: This is crazy. I would never betray Starfleet. Not even for my mother.

:: Just as Porus was about to grab her, she felt that tingly sensation she always felt just prior to transport. Then she was bathed in a red-gold glow and vanished.

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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