Lt Commander Serala: An Unexpected Party

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Jim Davis

Jan 18, 2020, 1:49:55 AM1/18/20
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((Ambassadorial Yacht, Landing Pad 2, - Keibrom, Tibro))

Serala made her way up the gangway, one hand resting on her baby as if she was holding her growing child to herself. She was impressed by the sleek ship and noticed the Ambassador-Admiral waiting for them on the ship flanked by two guards in all black. She had only seen these uniforms a few times and wondered whether they were a special group of soldiers attached to high ranking government officials, or if they were the Ambassador’s personal guard.

Dels’an: Our esteemed Starfleet guests! Welcome aboard the Kirym.

Thoran: Ambassador. I must say quite a ship you have. I know a few of the crew will be envious and would be most interested.

Serala: I think I would agree with that, Ambassador. My mother is an ambassador as well, and I doubt she has anything nearly as nice as this. Quite impressive.

Nehir: Responses

Dels’an: A gift from his imperial majesty, for loyal service on the War Council. We shall be departing for the villa shortly. I have obtained a recording of the Antar Imperial Choir’s recent performance at the Imperial Grand Palace that we could listen to during the trip. Given the weather, it might be best to remain below deck.

Thoran: Well I am quite looking forward. You know I have never heard Valcarian music before.

Serala: I’m all for that, Ambassador. And, if I may be so bold, a warm drink would be most welcome.

Nehir: Responses

Dels’an: Of course. I could also do with some refreshment. ::She turned to her left.:: Mr. Jarol, if you could please fetch something from the galley.

Jarol: Yes, Grand Admiral Dels’an.

Dels’an: Troopers, you may return to the Capitol Building. I feel that your services would be better served here in Keibrom.

As the two guards bowed and left, Serala couldn’t help wonder why, if the Admiral felt she was in danger, she was dismissing almost everyone who would be tasked with her protection. Unless, of course, she felt the danger was present even with those who were close to her. It was something she would have expected from the Romulan Empire. Could these people have those same kinds of problems? It was likely. Perhaps she felt she would be safer with outsiders than her own people. An odd concept to Serala, but not necessarily out of the question. Serala remembered some of her mother’s stories about her time in the Empire, when the Tal Shiar kept the people in line through fear. No one knew who to trust as anyone could be working for them.

Serala: Those appear to be most efficient troops, Ambassador.

Nehir: Response

McKnight: Stiff guards, aren't?

Dels’an: You’ll have to excuse the elite-troopers. They report to Emperor Altharra himself, and he is typically insistent that members of the War Council be well-guarded. For this trip however, the only crew members we need are Commander Faris in the command center and Mr. Jarol, who you met previously. I appreciate you joining me for this trip on such short notice.

They followed the Ambassador further into the yacht and Serala was impressed with its ostentation. In some ways, it reminded her of the High Prefect’s Residence on Paldor II. 

Thoran: I’m sure my colleagues will agree with me that the pleasure is ours. It is not often we travel in such luxury.

Serala: Not often? Try never, Captain, Ambassador. I can hardly wait to see your estate. If this is any example, it should be truly marvelous.

oO And, I wonder at what cost? Oo

Nehir: Response

The sound of a trolley drew her attention and she saw the man who the Admiral had named Jarol returning. She could already feel the warmth returning to her extremities and the tea would go a long way to helping with that.

Jarol: Laurel tea, Grand Admiral. I would also like to inform you that our other guests have arrived.

oO What other guests? Oo

Dels’an: Excellent, thank you! ::Motioning to the cart.:: Please, help yourselves to whatever you would like. I will return momentarily.

Thoran: Ambassador, may I ask who will be joining us?

Dels’an: ::Looking back to Commander Thoran and speaking in a matter-of-fact tone.:: The Romulans.

Serala was so stunned she could barely think.

oO Please let her be referring to Mother and not one of the other factions. Especially not the Empire. Oo

McKnight: Which ones?

oO I’m glad he asked and not me. Oo

The Ambassador returned momentarily with a male Romulan clearly sporting the uniform of a Commander of the Romulan Star Empire. Serala fought for every ounce of self control she had within her. This had the potential to go badly, quickly. And if for no other reason than she was a half-breed and the daughter of a traitor to the Empire.

Dels’an: Response

The Commander nodded in a slight bow to the Captain. Apparently, Captain Thoran knew better than to try and shake his hand.

oO Step one. Now, let’s hope this keeps up. Oo

Thoran: Commander, a pleasure. 

Revix: Response

McKnight / Nehir: Response

Serala waited until the others had greeted the Romulan, hoping he would be set at ease enough to not create a problem over her presence. Considering the recent problems she had created for herself with Perkins, she realized she could hardly afford a repeat performance here. This time it would result in a diplomatic incident with long lasting repercussions, not just with the Romulans, but also with the Valcarians.

Serala: :: bowing slightly, but enough to acknowledge his seniority in rank :: Shaoi kon, Revix Eriov. Narihu Serala Erei’riov arhem. Æfvadh. (Formal mode, inferior to superior: Greetings, Commander Revix. My name is Lieutenant Commander Serala. Be welcome.) ((OOC: I am assuming the universal translators will translate. I just wanted to add a little flavor. ))

Dels’an / Revix: Responses

Once the pleasantries, if it could be called that, were done, the Captain moved over to the beverage cart and began to pour drinks.

Thoran: Would anyone else care for a drink?

Serala: Most definitely, sir.

Serala waddled over to him and received a mug of steaming tea gratefully. Her hands warmed almost immediately and she began to feel much more comfortable. At least, temperature-wise.

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Dels’an / Revix: Response

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