Lt Commander Serala: Suspicion confirmed

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Jim Davis

Aug 28, 2019, 9:20:51 PM8/28/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Conference Room, Deck 1, USS Atlantis, Day 2 of Shore Leave, 239608.26 Midday ))

Captain Brell had agreed to meet her, but had informed her that it would have to wait until after the Senior Officer’s meeting. Thirty minutes later, she was now sitting in her customary chair at the conference table. Punctual as ever, she had arrived just after the Captain and Commander Thoran. Though she was certain she knew what this was about, she needed to hear it confirmed. No doubt, she was about to get her wish. She set her dathe’anofvsen against the wall behind her. She wouldn’t need it for this, but if she was going to get herself released from her oath, she would need it then. As soon as the others were present, Brell began the meeting.

Brell: Good afternoon, I’m sure your all curious as to why I asked you all here unexpectedly. ::He paused.:: I wanted to let you all know personally. In a few days I will no longer be your Commanding officer. 

Serala held her tongue, afraid her Romulan temper might get the better of her. She just had her suspicions confirmed. She found herself shaken to the core.

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Brell: ::Holding his hands up in a mock surrender.:: I understand this is a shock. But I assure you all this was at my request, I also personally know the Commander, Starfleet has sent to replace me and know that this ship will be in good hands. 

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Brell: Commander Jarred Thoran, first officer of the USS Columbia, formerly an officer right here in the Expanse in the Andaris Task Force. 

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Brell gave a nod at Logan’s comment.

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Brell: Their will be an awards and change of command ceremony tomorrow evening. My family and I will head out on a transport heading for Bolarus the next day, then we will be heading to Durnois two, where Lyldra has been named Ambassador, and I plan to to take a role on Admiral Turner’s staff. 

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Lyldra: Actually dear one, I was wondering if you were going to notice this. ::The corner of her lip curled devilishly.:: I am being sent to Til’ahn to be a part of the diplomatic staff this is true. But, It is you that was named Federation Ambassador to Duronis II.  

Brell looked like an animal caught in bright lights. Her grin told him she had something to do with this after he had put in his request for transfer. The fact she had managed to keep it from him until now was impressive. 

Brell: Me … Ambassador. 

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Serala: Temiraeka, Eriov...that is, congratulations, Captain. Or, should I say, Ambassador.

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Once the meeting was over, Serala rose, grabbed her sword and approached the Captain and Commander Thoran.

Serala: Sirs, Captain, if I may have that meeting now? Commander Thoran should probably be there as well.

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