Lieutenant Serala: Acting Chief of Tactical and Security

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Jim Davis

Nov 4, 2018, 12:00:32 AM11/4/18
to USS Atlantis

(( Security Training Holodeck, Deck 4, USS Atlantis, Day 2 of Shore Leave ))

:: Serala paused in her exercises and halted the holodeck program. She had been training for over two hours straight now. She had begun running through some of her forms from the various martial arts she knew and had mastered. Then she had concentrated on the forms for those she had trained in but had yet to fully master. Finally, for the last hour, she had taken up her dathe’anofv-sen and had practiced engaging enemies in increasing difficulty.The ground around her was littered with the bodies of her defeated enemies. She herself had suffered only a few minor wounds, and those would disappear the minute she ended the program. ::

Serala: Computer, end program and save.

:: After receiving the acknowledging signal from the computer, she watched as the scenery around her vanished and the holodeck returned. She approached the doors and they opened to allow her to exit to the passageway on deck 4 near the Security Office. Passing that office, she headed for the turbolift, and once inside, ordered it to deck 3. She then exited, took a sharp left then another and came to the door to her quarters, again on the left. As she neared, they slid open invitingly and she entered grateful that she had once again managed to avoid being seen by her supervisor. She quickly took a sonic shower and was preparing to get some sleep before she took the midnight shift when her communicator chirped. ::

Brell: =/\= Brell to Lieutenant Serala. =/\=

Serala: =/\= Serala here, Captain. What may I do for you? =/\=

Brell: =/\= Could you come into my ready room please. =/\=

Serala: =/\= Ayes, sir. I’m on my way. =/\=

:: She quickly dressed and left her quarters, curious as to what her Captain needed from her. ::

(( A few minutes later, Deck 1, Captain’s Ready Room, USS Atlantis ))

:: Serala waited outside the Ready Room until she had been admitted, then entered. She immediately noticed Toryn standing at parade rest next to the Captain’s desk and Captain Brell, despite his best efforts to try and hide it had quickly stifled a grin trying to look serious. Toryn had also allowed a brief smile to cross his face, though that may have been due to being in the same room as her for a change. ::

Serala: Lieutenant Serala reporting as ordered, sir.

Raga: Hello, Serala. Thank you for coming.

Serala: Can I ask what is going on? You both look like cats about to pounce on the helpless mouse.

:: Toryn cleared his throat and met her gaze. No matter how much he kept his expression stoic, she could see in his eyes how he felt about her. ::

Raga: I have just been informed that I am to be relieved of my duties as Chief of Tactical and Security.

Serala: I don’t understand. Just because you’re Second Officer doesn’t mean you have to give up your position as Chief of Tactical and Security, sir.

Raga: As of this moment you are now Chief.

Serala: That’s great, but I still don’t understand. Why are you no longer the Chief?

:: A smirk broke out across his face. ::

Raga: Well, I can't be the new acting Marine CO and run both of those departments too.

:: He brought his hands around in front, opening the rosewood box to let her see the Major rank insignia contained within. ::

Serala: Well, congratulations. Acting CO. That’s impressive, sir. And, Captain, I won’t let you down. I realize this is all temporary until McKnight or Logan get back, but I will do my best in the meantime.

Brell: response

Raga: Response

Lt Serala, Acting Chief of Tactical and Security
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