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Jim Davis

Apr 21, 2019, 7:16:51 PM4/21/19
to USS Atlantis
(( TRS Torment, Passageways leading from Engineering to Raga's cell ))

Serala: Very good. Maeli, try and see if you can get into their system and download the ship’s layout to your tricorder. Between that and your sensing of Raga, we can find him.

Maeli: Response

Serala: All right, let’s do it. Logan, let’s go. Maeli catch up when you can.

:: In response, Logan snatched a rifle from one of her Security Officers and ran back to the junction. He was firing phasers before she had heard everyone’s replies. ::

Danara: Watch your backs and bring Raga home.

Maeli: Response

Serala: :: pointing at two marine sergeants :: You two with me. Let’s move. Logan, wait for the rest of us! We want a chance to do some killing too!

Marine Sgt 1: Aye, sir!

::  Serala hurried ahead to try and get Logan back. She could hear the exchange of weapons fire and rounded the corner in time to see a barrage of weapons fire from both sides. Logan was getting battered by it, but it seemed he was doing considerable damage. Still, even his luck wouldn’t hold out under such a barrage, and she grabbed him and dragged him back around the corner. ::

Serala: Logan, calm down. Wait for the others. I want revenge as badly as you do, but wait for the right time. Okay?

:: Logan didn’t respond, but fired again around the corner. She recognized the look on his face, Feral, primal, a desire to hurt and rend. She wasn’t far from it herself, but she would do Toryn any good if she went off the deep end before she reached him. Then it would be time to cut loose with her fury. Maeli came around the corner just then. ::

Maeli: Response

Osiris: =/\= Charlie team to Alpha and Beta. We're pinned down outside the bridge. We can't get to it and we have no escape route. But we'll hold as long as you need us too. =/\=

Williams/Serala =/\= response =/\=

Osiris =/\= Response =/\=

:: Logan fired and destroyed two more bots then headed off. Serala, Maeli and the two Marines followed behind, Serala signalling the Marines to take the rear guard. As they went, Logan pulled panels off the walls apparently at random and Serala wondered what he was doing. ::

Serala: Logan, what are you doing?

Logan: They know we're after Raga, they just have to wait for us to spread thin then concentrate forces and roll up us

Serala: More than likely. So what are you suggesting?

Logan: We need to pull them one way make them hold ground

Maeli: Response

Logan: Do we have transporters ?

:: Logan continued to walk and fire. Serala also took shots at the enemy bots, targeting those that Kurt missed or was unable to get to. ::

Serala: We’ll have to contact the Warbird. What are you planning?

Logan: response

:: Continuing to move and fire as Maeli now began giving them directions on which way to go to reach Raga. According to her, there was only two deck now between them and Toryn. Her blood was boiling now. It wouldn’t take long before she was reacting with that same rage and fury that Logan was displaying. ::

Serala: Now listen to me, Captain Logan. We are having no more of these heroic antics! That is what got Toryn captured. We don’t trade lives for lives. No one is more important than another. We are NOT leaving you behind to be bait while we rescue Toryn. We all go together. We’ll deal with whatever comes our way as it comes. Do you understand me?

Logan: Response

Maeli: Response

:: They continued to move and fire, move and fire. A few minutes later, they reached the door that Maeli indicated separated them from their missing officer. Serala was ready. Time to get Toryn back. It had been way too long as it was. ::

Serala: Maeli, open it. Kurt, get ready. We go in together. You take the right, I’ll get the left. :: Looking at Maeli who had pried open the controls and was doing a quick hotwire job. Nodding at her she raised her rifle, switching it to autofire mode. :: NOW!!

:: The door opened and Serala rolled in to the left as Logan performed and identical maneuver to the right. There were only two other people in the room: Raga was chained and bound to a metal table and appeared very bad. He was conscious, but only barely. The other was a Rolf of a kind she had never seen before. Before she or Logan could do anything, it spoke even as it began a fresh round of torture on her best friend. ::

Interrogator_C: Response

Raga: Response

((OOC: Time to get you out of there, buddy. The cavalry has arrived. ))

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