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Jim Davis

May 18, 2018, 5:25:48 PM5/18/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Two hours later, Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis ))

:: Serala was back at Tactical and working on a new sensor routine that she believed would incorporate those ideas she had discussed with Ensign Sotak, along with her own wake theory, and the ideas Ensign Knight had during the assault. She didn't really understand all of the science behind it, especially the quantum fractures, but if they said it was useful, then she would incorporate it into her routine.

:: She had completed her routine and was now in the testing phase, having run simulations nearly 1000 times. So far, the success rate was 68.342 percent. Not perfect, but definitely hopeful. Hey idea was that if the routine detected what was a probable cloaked vessel, they could either send out a tachyon burst or a polaron burst to confirm. ::

oO Really just one more thing to do. Oo

Serala: =/\= Serala to Lieutenant Raga. Could you come to Tactical at your earliest convenience. I need your input on something. =/\=

Raga: =/\= Certainly. I'm on my way. =/\=

Serala: =/\= Acknowledged. Serala out. =/\=

:: Meanwhile, Serala turned to her other project. How to incorporate Termine's EMP idea. Currently, she was trying to find a way to minimize the effects on Atlantis's systems. Only problem was, this was really an engineering problem and she was anything but an engineer. ::

oO Probably should just leave it to Valin. Work on weaponizing it into grenades and beam weapons. Oo

:: Just then, Toryn walked onto the bridge and headed toward her. ::

Serala: Thanks for coming. I've been working on a way to detect cloaked ships here in the Expanse. I've put together a routine that seems to be having a positive result, though not as much I would like. I was wondering if you could take a look. Even if we can't get it more accurate, was thinking a tachyon or polaron burst could used to confirm the sensor readings.

Raga: Of course. After the attack even a slim chance of picking up a cloaked ship would be helpful. ::He glanced down at the console at what she'd done.:: Not a bad start. Thankfully, I've used a cloaking device several times so I can probably help improve the efficiency of what you've done.

:: He began to work on the algorithms. Working with him, it took them about an hour, but they were able to increase the accuracy to 77.221 percent. ::

Raga: That's about as best as I can do. I only operated a cloaking device, never had to fix it but I know a few things to look for.

Serala: You operate a cloaking device? How? When?

Raga: I've hunted my fair share of D7's.

oO D7’s? Klingon or Romulan? Hunted? Klingon, he hates them and Romulans haven't used D7’s in decades. Oo

Raga: When I served aboard my father's Ziela I was often at tactical.

Serala: Ah. I didn't know you had experience prior Starfleet.

:: Right about then, her keen hearing detected footsteps approaching from behind. She had a pretty good guess as to the identity considering he had just finished flirting with Lt. Adetola. Nevertheless, she turned to see him at just the same time as Toryn did the same. He spread his arms wide and proceeded to half shake and half shimmy the final steps to them before giving an elaborate and over the top salute::

Logan: Lieutenant Chief, Lieutenant

Raga: Hello, Mr. Logan. Looking well as usual I see.

Serala: Mr. Logan.

Logan: Pips are looking good around here ::Looking over the Tactical console:: ooooo..... hunting D-7's

Raga: Good catch. They're a bit easier to spot due to the age of the ships and the fact that Klingon cloaking devices are horribly inefficient, the techniques for spotting them while in use do help when tracking cloaked ships of better tech.

Logan: ha ha ha my good Chief can I guess who made the alterations to these sensor algorithms ::Winking:: I came up here to see if I could help you with something

Raga: Thank Serala for that, she's the one who formulated the algorithms to start with. I only added a little.

::Moving to the wall panel Kurt called up a program that had been sat there waiting for just such an occasion::

Logan: Lieutenant Upro ran sensor sweeps for me during a previous mission looking for ships leaving traces in the gasses etc of the Expanse

Serala: Lieutenant Who?

Logan: From Stellar Cartography, I've made my own notes on her findings. Don't let the Department fool you she used to sit in the First Officers chair, now due to those higher ups in Fleet she doesn't now.
See if this helps narrow your findings ::Turning to the new Security and Tactical Chief:: Remember one thing: Acknowledge the Rank but always salute the person

oO I knew I was on to something. This will be immensely helpful! I may even get my accuracy up to the 90’s. Oo

Raga: Always. Thanks a lot Logan. I think you've made the Lieutenant's day.

Serala: Oh definitely. Those bastards won't be sneaking up on me so easily next time. With your permission, sir, I would like to integrate this program into our sensors. With Mr. Logan's contribution, I believe I can get the numbers up into the 90 percentile.

(( OOC: We can continue this if you want. I'll leave it up to you two. ))

Lt JG Serala,  Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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