Lt Commander Serala: Jumpy nerves and Romulan chickens

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Jim Davis

Jul 15, 2019, 11:54:52 PM7/15/19
to USS Atlantis
(( Shuttle B’Hala, en route to Chon Outpost Beta, Jenatris sector )) 

McKnight: We're just out of Atlantis's sensor range. We're on our own now.

oO Great. Speaking of something that makes me edgy. Oo

Serala: Very well, Captain. I’m going to start scanning for the station and try to get some preliminary readings; see if we can’t get a jump on what’s going on here.

Avae: Let's hope we won't need them. :: Serala heard her, despite her muttering, thanks to her keen ears, and couldn’t help but silently agree. ::

Solana: The last update we received from Atlantis before moving out of range. Their shields will only protect the ship for four or five hours at most. Once they've exceeded the safe limit they'll return to the Corridor to let the shields recharge before returning to their previous position. 

Serala: I expected that. Apparently, Lieutenant Maeli had done some modifications to help extend their life expectancy inside the Cloud, but it still won’t last forever.

McKnight: Let's hope we don't have to be here long enough to find out. Taking us to full impulse, Commander.

Solana: If I had to guess, say, a half hour to the corridor at full impulse at its closest point. One, maybe two hours to recharge the shields. Then a half hour back into position. ::The Orion double checked her calculations:: For every four hours in the cloud they'll be out of position for another two to three. 

Avae: A lot of things could happen in two to three hours. ::She said apprehensively:: 

McKnight: A lot can happen in less.

Serala: Try and relax, Avae. Where I grew up, they had a saying: No vale la pena contar tus pollos antes de que eclosionen. My mother would say, Mneitukhe emael peraeruti mogai ja astev navassa. Either way, it comes down to the same thing: No use worrying about what could be. Be prepared just in case, but don’t worry. Leave that to me, huh? That’s part of my job description. I think.

McKnight: They had chickens on Romulus?

He glanced at her and she didn’t miss the past tense when he referenced Romulus.

Serala: Not from what I understand, but they apparently had some kind of comparable animal. :: turning to Avae :: Just relax.

Avae: ::She nodded:: Yes, ma'am. I'll try. ::She took a deep breath:: 

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