Lt Commander Serala: Defusing the situation

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Jim Davis

Aug 11, 2019, 2:58:40 PM8/11/19
to USS Atlantis
((Chon Outpost “Beta”, Codename Medical 6)) 

The Marine captain fired again, disrupting another hologram. By this point the marines had destroyed all the holograms except the liaison image, Dina. Worried the central AI might generate more, she held her hand up to signal the marines to cease fire and spoke rapidly to the woman.

Serala: There has been some misunderstanding. What you are detecting is not a parasite. It is an embryo in its early stages, considering I just learned of its existence. I do not require decontamination. :: Turning to Avae :: Nurse, explain to her in their language. Medicine. Maybe we can still resolve this.

Avae: Response

D1N/A: :: Turning curiously to Avae :: You are a medical professional?

Avae: Response

D1N/A: In what capacity do you serve?

Avae: And you certify that the Romulan is not carrying a parasite?

Serala: oO I suppose that is a matter of perspective. Oo

Avae: Response

D1N/A: Very well. We have need of your assistance, Nurse Avae. There is a biological organism being used to maintain MD6. It is ill. If you will follow me, I can lead you to it so that you can examine it to determine if you may be able to assist it. It is part of the source of MD6’s malfunctions.

Avae/McKnight/Solana: Responses

Serala: Well, maybe now we’re making progress. Secure your weapons for now, Captain. But remain vigilant. Until that AI is fixed, there’s no telling what could happen.

McKnight:  Response

Lt. Commander Serala
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