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Jim Davis

Dec 25, 2018, 12:07:40 AM12/25/18
to USS Atlantis

(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis ))

Raga: =/\= Wait..what? He's back? By the branch...what is going on. =/\=


Serala: =/\= Unclear at this time, Commander. The computer reported the Captain’s presence on Deck 10 approximately 5 minutes ago. I am waiting for Knight to check in. Meanwhile, internal sensors indicate that the Captain may not be the Captain. There are some inconsistencies in his biological readouts. We’ve placed the Marine assault on hold pending the verification of the Captain’s return. Proceed as you were, but join with the Lieutenant as soon as you can. =/\=


Raga: =/\= As soon as I can. I think we may have found something. =/\=


Knight: =/\= Knight to Bridge, Captain in hand. Please transport my team and the captain to the brig. =/\=


Williams: Ops, see to it.


Darkkdust: Response?


Williams: =/\= Commander Raga, the captain is in the brig. You mentioned you found something? =/\=


Raga: =/\= We found a device attached to the interior of the deflector control console. I'd advise someone from Intelligence to come take a look. I'm sure Valin would love to know his ship was tampered with too. Raga out. =/\=


oO Pretty poor showing as Chief of Security if someone can slip onto my ship and implant a device on the deflectors. Not to mention allowing my Captain to get kidnapped. Oo


Williams: Danara, I guess that’s your call for now with Knight doing the interrogation of your “captain”. Report your finding as soon as possible.


Danara: Response?


Kiliak: =/\= Kiliak to the bridge. We're stuck here in Engineering due to the lockdown. Is something going on with the access codes? =/\=


Williams: =/\= Bridge here, that is necessary protocol Kiliak, with the captain gone it’s possible an enemy uses our accesses against us. Therefore, I had to void them. Lieutenant Serala is about to give a new code to Chief Dermont. He can activate your new one. =/\=


Kiliak:  =/\= Response =/\=


Williams: Any last second changes on that asteroid Maeli?


Maeli: Commander! Captain Brell is on the asteroid!


:: Suddenly, Serala noticed the helmsman slip out of her chair and crumple to the deck. ::


Serala: =/\=  Medical Emergency. Medical team to the Bridge. Ensign Darkkdust, please transfer Ops control to the helm and assume the helm. =/\=


Darkkdust: Response


Williams/Danara: Responses


:: The doors to the turbolift opened issuing a pair of teal uniformed Medical personnel. Serala recognized the lavender haired nurse Avae. The tall Antosian quickly surveyed the bridge and made her way to Maeli. Satisfied that situation was being taken care of, Serala turned back to her duties. ::


Serala: Commander, if Maeli was correct, I suggest we order the Marines back into an attack posture but have them on standby pending confirmation.


:: Serala noted the Antosian put a hypospray to Maeli’s neck and injected her with something. Almost immediately, the Rodulan began to come around. ::


Williams: Response


Avae: Response


Williams: Response


Darkkdust: Response


Raga: =/\= Medical Emergency in Main Deflector Control! Ensign Kiliak has been injured and is non-responsive. Request emergency medical transport directly to sickbay! She has the foreign device in her hand. =/\= :: The sense of urgency in his tone was overwhelming, as was the anger, he was tired of seeing his people harmed ::


Serala: =/\= Acknowledged, Commander. Energizing =/\=


Avae: Response


Maeli: Response


Williams: Response

Lieutenant Serala, Chief of Tactical and Security
USS Atlantis NCC-74682
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