Lieutenant Serala: Reporting to sickbay

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Jim Davis

Jan 2, 2019, 11:17:53 PM1/2/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis ))


:: Serala watched as her friend disappeared in the transporter beam. A few seconds later, a shipwide communication came in from the asteroid. ::


Op 157: =/\= Federation starship Atlantis, you have just witnessed the power of the Consortium and it’s just a small demonstration of what we can do. I am Commander Zakaria and we have met before. You will pay for your treachery and crimes committed against the Consortium, but for now, we shall bid you farewell. Your miserable lives are still yours to enjoy. Good luck repairing your ship. Oh… :: He paused for effect :: and your Captain is staying with us for now. =/\=


:: A second later she noticed the transporter reactivate. She had already noted that the Elysium had activated it’s own transporter seconds after Raga beamed off the ship. Then she saw the blue beam appear in the center of the bridge, just forward of the Command station and just aft of the helm. Right where she had just landed a few minutes ago and breaking her leg. She glanced down to see that her own bone had come out of the skin and had even ripped her pant legs. The pain was excruciating, but it wasn’t relevant. What was relevant was the heavyset, bald blue man laying on the deck. Her Captain was back. ::


oO But where’s Toryn? Oo


:: She raised her eyes to the viewscreen as the telltale signs of warp appeared around the blankness of a cloaked ship. ::


Williams: Captain? :: turning to the others :: This is probably a decoy. There is no way Raga could do it this fast…


Serala: Sir! Commander Raga is still on that ship!!!

(( OOC: My last post was based on the premise that Brell would be able to relay Raga’s message, but since that is not the case, I had to re-write this section. Essentially, I just cut my personal thoughts out and went with the tags from everyone else. ))

Williams: I know, he made his decision.

Darkkdust: =/\= Darkkdust to bridge, we have the main computer back. If you could send us a medical team, we have injured down here. =/\=

Williams: =/\= Good work, I’m afraid medical is a bit busy right now. Can you get to sickbay on your own? Reqest the injured if you have to, then report back here. Bridge out. =/\=

Maeli: Sir, I have navigation again. I have laid in a pursuit course. Should I engage?

Williams: Aye.. :: turning back to the man on the bridge :: Captain… Sir? Can we transport him to sickbay?

Serala: Ship’s transporters are still down, but I can use the same trick that Raga used and tap into the shuttle Elysium’s transporter and use it.

Maeli: Response

Williams: Then I guess someone has to take him there. Lieutenant, I have little to do in this chair right now. Take Brell down to sickbay. I’ll take care of tactical.  Guess everyone is doing double duty today!

Serala: Aye, sir. I need to get tended to as well. I’ll return as soon as possible.

:: Serala hobbled down to where the Captain was lying and picked him up. Tapping her commbadge, she contacted the shuttle. ::

Serala: =/\= Serala to shuttle Elysium. Lock onto this signal and initiate site to site transport to Atlantis sickbay. Two to transport. Energize when ready. =/\=

:: Almost immediately, she and the Captain were surrounded by a shimmering blue light and she found herself in sickbay, balancing on one leg and holding the Captain in her arms. ::

(( Sickbay, Deck 5, USS Atlantis ))

Serala: Someone help. The Captain is unconscious. And we also need to verify that this is indeed the real Captain. This could be another decoy.

Any Medical Staff: Response

Serala: Thank you. And could you find someone to take a look at my leg, when they have a chance. It just needs an osteo-regenerator followed by a dermal regenerator, but until then I don’t think I’ll be doing much walking. Seems to be a multiple compound fracture with laceration.

Same Medical Staff: Response

Serala: Take care of him first. I am needed back on the bridge, but the Captain is more important.

Same Medical Staff: Response

:: Serala sat on the biobed, then moved to layback while she waited her turn for treatment. Meanwhile, her emotions were mixed and troubled. The Captain was back...maybe. But Raga was missing now. Her best friend, despite the recent tension between them, and she felt helpless to get him back. The ship was crippled and all indications were that the asteroid had gone to warp with him onboard. By the time they got themselves back in working order, the asteroid could be anywhere. ::

oO For the second time today, I have failed. Perhaps I should consider resigning from Security and Tactical and find a different field to work in. Maybe I should go into Intelligence, like father. I’m not very good at the Sciences and Engineering, so those would be out. I doubt I would make a good counselor. Even assuming I didn’t need to spend years in training for the job. There are the Marines, but if I can’t handle Security, what makes me think I can handle being a Marine? Oo

Any Medical Staff: Response

Lieutenant Serala
Chief of Tactical and Security
Atlantis Staff Member
Training Team Member
USS Atlantis NCC-74682

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