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Lieutenant JG Toryn Raga

Apr 25, 2018, 10:20:45 AM4/25/18
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis

((Beta Quadrant, Par’tha Expanse, USS Atlantis, Deck 6, Holodeck 1))

((ooc: Takes place a few minutes after the Admiral's arrival. Day 15 of shore leave.))

Raga: Why do you hate Zogi so much?

::The question caught her by surprise and she found herself tensing again. She hadn’t thought about the Za in quite some time and seeing Zogi had brought it back. Mentally shaking the thoughts from her mind, she took a moment to gather her wits. The answer was complicated and not something easily explained...not without somehow talking about the less-than-platonic feelings she’d had at one point for her best friend. It wasn’t one of her favorite topics and definitely wasn’t a topic for a night where they were celebrating Brell’s achievements.::

Rosek: ::sighs:: The short of it? A mission gone bad and that greedy, scheming-- ::pauses and draws in breath, then releases it:: --Zogi--and someone else were talking about bringing aboard goods contaminated by a virus that the medical team was already fighting to cure.

Raga: Oh..I'm sorry Lael. I can understand. Most Ferengi are like that though we've not been in service long enough to find out if Zogi would do something like that on the Atlantis. ::he offers her as warm smile as he could muster, while trying to keep his hands to himself:: I'll be sure to keep an eye on him from now on.

::The conversation between them had grown awkward now and Lael was wishing she hadn’t said anything about Serala. Toryn was attractive and their chemistry via subspace was something she hadn’t felt in a long time. She was at a loss to explain what was making it so difficult for her to focus. He wasn’t as bold as he’d been during their previous conversation and in fact seemed extremely nervous around her.::

::Maybe his nervousness was bleeding over without her realizing it. She attempted to focus her thoughts. Though she wanted to sort through the emotions he was throwing at her, she had to respect his privacy. But as she was attempting to raise her mental shields, a thought that wasn’t her own slipped past the shields she already had in place along with a barrage of fear, anxiety, and lust that had her drawing in a sharp breath.::

::That was when she noticed it...a change in the air. There was a strong, musky scent...and it was coming from Toryn’s direction. Her gaze flickered to his lips as she subconsciously moistened her own and her heart raced, threatening to break free of her chest. Was it possible Toryn was going through his season? Could that be why she found him so attractive? Why their chemistry was so intense? Pheromones? It would explain so much.::

Rosek: ::pauses:: Toryn are you--are you due for your season?

::The question caught him off guard and a flush of crimson rushed into his cheeks. It had been three years since he was last in season.::

Raga: What? Why would you ask that?  It's been over three years since.. ::he quickly drank half of his spiced tea and swallowed the lump in his the branch!

::Lael’s brow furrowed. His exclamation confirmed her suspicions and explained why she’d been having less-than-innocent thoughts of her own. Was it possible that she’d been on the verge of her own season and that he’d triggered the full measure of it. She shifted, grimacing as the headache that had been forming since arriving gradually began to worsen. It suddenly felt as though the environmental controls had been cranked a few degrees colder and a shiver raced down her spine. The strangest notion occurred to her of pressing against Toryn for warmth had her fighting the urge to pull him against her.::

::Toryn quickly glanced around the room, thankfully the nebula of pheromones he would be kicking out was only detectable by his own species. Sure enough as he looked back towards the bar he spotted Ensign Jann gesturing in his direction and the wide eyed expression of his older sister as she likely smelled it on him. Quickly looking away he went to say something to Lael when he spotted another full blooded Al-Leyan nearby. What's worse, it was someone he also knew. One of his instructors for the Academy final exam. Commander Rune Jolara. He saw her meet his gaze and offered the weakest, most lame smile ever but it was all he could muster. He truly hoped the holodeck's biometric sensors weren't sensitive enough to detect and duplicate his pheromones. Otherwise this night was going to get a whole lot more uncomfortable.::

Raga: Winds save me..::He whispered, despite knowing Lael at least would easily hear it.::

::His spoken declaration drew Lael from her thoughts, a frown of confusion maring her features.::

Rosek: What?

:: There were very few odors any Al-Leyan could smell so when the very strong scent of musk attacked her senses, it snatched her attention away from everything else going on in the room. Turning around, her pulse increased for only a moment. Rune’s jaw clenched tightly as she looked around until her eyes locked onto the source. ::

:: Toryn Raga was one of only a handful of Al-Leyans in Starfleet. She had met him when she was assisting at the Academy during Raga’s final exam. She wasn’t really surprised to see him, knowing he had been assigned to Atlantis following graduation. She was, however, surprised to see the woman standing beside him. ::

:: She had served with Lael Rosek on Veritas just prior to her transfer to Blackwell. They had even spent a little time talking while their children played. The woman was half-Al-Leyan which meant she had to know now was the worst time possible she could be around Toryn. The fact she was only half Al-Leyan was WHY it was the worst time possible. ::

:: Without any further hesitation, Rune headed straight for the couple. ::

Jolara: ::forcing a smile:: Mr. Raga it is good to see you again. ::looking toward Rosek:: Good to see you as well, Lael. I was not aware you knew one another.

::Lael stiffened as Jolara approached, the fire of jealousy once again igniting in her chest and abdomen. Though intellectually, she knew Jolara didn’t pose any kind of threat, her body seemed to think otherwise. A possessive desire to kiss Toryn right there, to claim him, flooded her mind. Instead, she leaned closer, her hand brushing against Toryn’s, ready to grab it in case the lack of personal space between them didn’t sink in for Jolara.::

:: Rune tried not to breathe too deeply as her eyes ventured back to Toryn. ::

::He was becoming increasingly aware of the precarious danger he was in, not mating when in season was as fatal to Al-Leyan’s as it was to Vulcans. Though in the former the physiological effects were not as intense.  Despite that, Rosek was only half Al-Leyan. Which left a good chance even if something happened between them it wouldn’t save his life anyways. Her body chemistry might be off enough to not count.::

Raga: Commander. It’s good to...see you. ::smiles wanly:: Even though it’s only been a few months since the final exam, Atlantis has been through enough it feels as though it’s been far longer.

Rosek: ::forces a smile:: Rune. It’s good to see you, too. And actually, it’s a funny story. We started talking a couple months ago via subspace. The chemistry was so intense. When I heard Brell was being promoted to Captain and was the Commanding Officer of the same ship Toryn served on, I couldn’t resist the chance to meet him in person.

Raga: It certainly was unexpected. I’ve never been called out of the blue by anyone like that before. But our fathers have apparently been good friends for a long time.

:: Rune looked from one to the other. Judging by their body language, she could tell they both had realized what was happening. If Toryn had not been Al-Leyan or if Lael had been full Al-Leyan, she would have cared. She had nothing against Lael herself and she actually liked the woman. But… ::

:: She took a slight breath and stepped just a little closer. ::

Jolara: ::locking eyes with Toryn:: We need to talk.

::Lael said nothing. Standing so close to Toryn was killing her ability to think. Though she didn’t want him to leave, she didn’t have any hold over him. That bit of logic managed to break through the haze that seemed to be clouding her judgement. Given the serious expression on Jolara’s face, she had an idea of what the conversation topic would be.::

::Jolara’s interruption served as a temporary bucket of ice water. Lael stepped away, putting a bit of distance between herself and Toryn as she tried to keep her frustration at bay. Was she so attracted to Toryn because he was the only male Al-Leyan present? Or was it something deeper? She had no way of knowing for sure, despite how much she wanted to believe that their attraction wasn’t just the result of some biological urge.::

::There was something about Jolara’s tone that caused Toryn to stand a bit more rigid. The weight in her words made him feel like he was back on Leya-I, facing one of his Haemachuo mentors right before they dragged him to the rehabilitation center the second time.::

Raga: Oh..well of course. ::looking to Rosek:: Would you excuse us a moment Lael?

::He asked as politely as he could, though it was evident that it seemed to pain him to say that. Even if he wasn’t a telepath, he could pick up on her thoughts she was broadcasting them so loudly and clearly. He put on his best smile, as charming as he could manage before moving away from Rosek and near one of the sources of music nearby. It likely wouldn’t matter, even being half Al-Leyan, Lael would have good enough hearing to probably pick up on any conversation they might have. Even now Toryn could make out just about every conversation going on around him. Including the antics of Knight, Logan and a few others enjoying the jovial setting.::

::Lael said nothing, simply nodding.::

:: Rune waited until they were relatively out of earshot of almost everyone and when she spoke, she kept her voice as calm and quiet as possible. ::

Jolara: How can I say this… oOhave you lost your mind?Oo You should not be here in your… condition.

Raga: My apologies Commander. ::he averted his gaze to the side in shame:: I would have tried to tend to this sooner, but I was comatose upon our return to Atlantis. It seems to have delayed my season... until Commander Rosek arrived at least.

::A cold chill ran through his skin making him shiver slightly, only to feel as though he were adjacent to a volcano the next. He’d not felt this uncomfortable during his last season and wondered if the coma had complicated things.::

Jolara: What are you going to do?

Raga: I’m not sure. In my defence I didn’t have any symptoms until just now. ::he groaned in discomfort and closed his eyes for a moment, recalling some mediation techniques from his training in Jaia:: I didn’t even know Commander Rosek would be here, much less in person.

Jolara: You need to go home to Leya-I.

Raga: Ah...I know...I didn’t expect my season until much later. ::he managed to steady his body and mind a bit and looked to her, a modicum of uncertainty behind his eyes:: I don’t know if I could make it to Leya-I. Commander Rosek is at least half Al-Leyan….

::He let the rest of that thought trail off as the imposing woman in front of him gave him that look.::

Jolara: Maybe I am the last person to tell you to do that but if you mate with an outsider, even a *half* outsider, we both know what the Council will do when they find out. Make no mistake, Toryn, they will find out. I know first hand what it is like and I do not want to see that happen to you.

::As she said that it was like a switch being flicked on in his mind. He felt that seemingly ever present pinch at the back of his mind. In the dark place he’d walled up the voice that constantly tried to scold him for not being a ‘true’ Al-Leyan. ART. He knew full well that Lael would be considered an outsider among their people merely for existing. It might be wrong, but that was their way.::

Raga: Why do you say that as if you’ve faced their judgement before?

::He asked in a moment of clarity and raised his brow.::

Raga: You’re a highly decorated Starfleet Officer, surely you’ve never crossed the council…

:: Rune’s jaw clenched and she stepped closer to him. She shook her head as she closed her eyes for a second then reopened them. ::

Jolara: I have and I can never go home because of it. ::She drew in a deep breath and immediately regretted it. She started to reach up to touch him but instead she forced herself to take a step back.::  

Raga: I don’t know if I could take that...being exiled. ::He drew in a sharp breath and whispered almost to himself, though it wouldn’t keep her from hearing it:: I barely made it through the center the first time..the second time…

::Toryn hadn’t intended to let slip that he’d been rehabilitated, but the mention from Rune of her being exiled from home was enough to terrify him. He’d grown up on Leya-I, his family and every friend he had outside of Starfleet was there. Could he risk never being able to set foot in Sez Toural ever again? He saw the struggle in the other woman. He couldn’t sense her mind, which meant she was here holographically, but that also meant the biometrics were sensitive enough to duplicate the physiological effects of an Al-Leyan being in season.::

Jolara: It is your life and your choice. ::shrugging:: If a half Al-Leyan even helps.

Raga: I know...this only just started...I have enough time. As soon as the ceremony is done I can request from the Captain to use a couple of personal days to go home.

::He cast his gaze back over to Rosek, whether inspite of, or because of his current physical state he felt a strong pull towards the half Al-Leyan. He regarded her for a moment, mindful to at least try and keep from projecting his thoughts to her. If he didn’t mate soon, he’d die. And there was enough uncertainty in their physiologies, that there was no guarantee Lael could help him.::

Raga: I never expected serving in Starfleet, away from our people to be as...conflicting as it is.

::Rune let out a soft sigh and nodded her head slowly.::

Jolara: I know. It is difficult at times… even more so with what you are experiencing.

Raga: I don’t know what to do, Commander. Serving as the only Al-Leyan on the ship...I can’t help but feel certain things…::exhales slowly:: How did you cope?

::His gaze shifted back to Rosek, then across the room to where his friends were still talking with his sister. His eyes fell on the half Romulan and he winced a bit, feeling that pinch in the back of his head.::

Jolara: My last was the first time since just before the Academy. It is somewhat different than what you are going through. ::she shifted her weight, suddenly feeling extremely uncomfortable. It was a complicated story which she didn’t really want to talk about.:: It was chemically induced in what I suspect was an attempt to get me to return to Leya-I. Needless to say, that failed but someone intervened. I do not remember how or where or even who. If it happens again, I do not know what I will do.

Raga: Sorry you had to go through that Commander.

::It was a little astonishing to believe that anyone would knowingly induce an Al-Leyan’s season, given that it could be fatal.::

Jolara: If I could help you, I would. ::glancing back at Lael then back at Toryn:: But I have a feeling that would be a very bad idea.

Raga: Being able to read her mind doesn’t help...but I’ll be fine at least for the festivities. There’s some mental exercises I can use to help minimize the effects for a few hours. I did it at the Academy when this happened last.

Jolara: ::nodding slowly:: Are you versed in Al-Leyan martial arts?

Raga: Yes. I’m just below master in Sore and Jaia. I’m not as practiced with Juio. Or the others forms of Mukhol. I had started to learn Verida before the Academy, but since there’s no one on Earth who can teach it I settled on learning other arts. KFM, Jeet Kun Do, Mok’bara.

::He smiled and as they talked his breathing slowly began to calm, despite his biology’s demands he could suppress it for a short time. Perhaps due in part to his telepathic gifts or some combination of that and his martial training, he couldn’t be sure.::

:: Rune nodded. ::

Jolara: I am master level in Ntoa. It is mostly practiced on Uz Sabahnuor Archipelago. I am also mid-level Sore but not familiar with Jaia.

Raga: Jaia, is the form of Mukhol from my region of Leya-I. Sez Toural. I think it may actually be the only martial art invented to be used while climbing things.

::He let out a little chuckle at his comment, it felt so good to laugh. Even a little. The tension of the last few minutes had started to become stifling almost.::

Jolara: ::smiling:: Sounds interesting. You will have to show me some day.

::Without warning Toryn felt a fluffy, slightly sticky object smack into the side of his head. A quick glance around and he found the culprit, a rather mischievous  grinning blue skinned munchkin riding atop a wild Logan.::

::It was enough to bring a wide grin to the Al-Leyan’s face. He gave both the marine and the youngster a look that suggested some sort of pastry related retaliation later. Before he could return to his conversation with Jolara, the commanding voice of one of the Admirals present get everyone’s attention.::

Renos: Good evening everyone. May I have your attention, please. ::It was more a statement than a question. Renos wasn’t used to being ignored.:: Commander Brell, please join me.

:: Rune took advantage of the distraction and slipped quietly away from Toryn. She wished - possibly far too much - that she could help him but she didn’t want to make matters worse. The best thing right now was to simply put distance between them. ::

Renos: Starfleet represents the Federation’s best and brightest. Among such excellence it can be hard to stand out, however, you’ve made a strong impression upon everyone who has touched your life. You have shown incredible resilience and flexibility in the faces of overwhelming challenges. You’ve brought your considerable intelligence to bear in multiple duty posts from security and science, to engineering and operations where you’ve served most of your career. As an officer in command, you’ve been able to rely on the expertise of others, bringing out their best. You are one of the finest officer’s I’ve had the pleasure to call a colleague - and a friend.


::Toryn felt a swelling of pride at seeing his CO finally receive the fourth pip the entire Altantis crew already considered he’d had already.::

Renos: Commander Brell, I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain. You now carry the rights and responsibilities that go alongside it. Congratulations.


Brell: Thank you, sir, I don’t know what to say to such praise.

Renos: There’s only one thing to say.


Brell: Sir?

Renos: You sir, are out of uniform. ::Smugly::

Brell: Better sir?

Renos: Wonderful. You look fantastic. ::Beaming at him::


::Raga smiled as he saw their Captain in his brand new dapper dress whites, it was a joyous occasion and given the fact that Williams was heading to the front now he suspected the crew’s awards would be coming up next.::

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