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Jim Davis

Mar 3, 2019, 12:39:55 AM3/3/19
to USS Atlantis
(( Deck 4 Security Office, USS Atlantis, Day 4 ))  

Brell: How many officers could R’Val’s Warbird host?, though away teams will be small. We will need back up along with support and medical personnel on her ship working alongside the Republic officers if we are to pull this off.

Serala: Sir, Mother’s ship is huge compared to Atlantis. It could easily carry our entire crew if it wouldn’t be a give away.

Williams: I like to volunteer sir, the doctor told me you are still in need of rest and with my tactical background I am confident I can be of more use over there then here overlooking repair. Fiorr would be better suited for the job.

Serala: I’m definitely not staying behind. If nothing else, Mother will probably insist on it.

Brell: One of these teams needs be under your command. So no argument there.

Williams: I suggest we add at least an Intel officer since they know about the consortium and someone who knows how to fight. A marine would be ideal…

Serala: I was actually thinking we could take all of the Marines. As well as two-thirds of Security. The other third would remain onboard under command of Ensign Noshka, who, by the way, is probably deserving of a promotion, sir. She was an Ensign at the same time as I, after all. At any rate, part of the conditions Mother put on us was as many engineers as the ship could spare to help get her own in working order. Not that Dermont will enjoy that much. Perhaps he could stay….Nevermind. He’d never let us leave without him.

Brell: He won’t like it so better let me be the one who tells him the CEO’s place is here.

Williams: That leaves us with one last thing... Commander Serala just pointed out to me we no longer have a second officer.

Serala: Just until Raga gets back, obviously, but the chain of command needs to be clear. Since Commander Fiorr outranks me, I was thinking you might appoint him to the position, but Commander Williams seems to think there is some reason he is unable to fill the role?

Brell: Only in time spent as a Lieutenant Commander. You are a department chief, Fiorr is not. However, you will be going on the covert mission so he might be the best choice out of the pool of officers that will be staying on Atlantis.

Williams: That would have been my suggestion.

Brell: The other thing to contend with is how many of our maintenance personnel can we send along without tipping off the Consortium’s informant on DS26. Too many and we will need more staff from the station to join the nacelle fitting detail.

Serala: I hadn’t thought of that, but you are right. However, Mother’s ship is in bad shape and she really could use all the help she could get. If we’re leaving Dermont here, I suggest Lieutenant Kiliak take a team with her on the mission. They’ll stay busy enough. We might even pull one or two for the actual op as having engineering personnel on hand is never a bad idea.

Williams: I wouldn’t take to many, Afterall the station itself is still in repairs too. And we never know what the Consortium will do in retaliation… We could end up with either us or the station lacking staff…

Brell: I agree, it will be like trying to sail with only one person in the rigging. A fine balancing act.  

Brell: Now other than using shuttles with cloaking devices, we need an alternate plan. Serala, please let your mother know I’ll be beaming over to talk with her, we can’t know what the Republic will be willing to let her do without asking.

Serala: I’ll arrange it, sir.

Williams: I take it the warbird will dock while cloaked and we walk in the old fashion way?

Brell: The station would be able to detect transporter activity, or at the least their sensor would log it, so that would be the best way to keep things as secretive as possible.

Serala: No sir. First, the Illa’variea is already docked across the station. Second, if we go en masse across the station, people will notice. The cloaked shuttles is the best plan. Transporters as backup, although too much of that kind of activity will get noticed too. Captain McKnight suggested using the Romulan shuttles as they are equipped with cloaking devices. It would keep prying eyes from seeing too much. He also wants to fly the fighters out in stealth mode under the cover of running training exercises and have them meet up with the Illa’variea once it is under way. However, if we do decided to walk across the station, we’ll have to do so discreetly. And frankly, I just don’t see that as likely since we will also be moving cargo. Especially the Marines and Security since we’ll need phasers of various kinds and armor.

Williams: Should engineering bring any additional gear?

Serala: I don’t know how compatible our equipment will be with theirs, but it could hurt to bring extra portable generators, ODN conduit, field kits, etc. Anything to help effect standard repairs on an old ship with improper maintenance.

Williams: Well then, I guess that is all we need to know for now. I will schedule a briefing for tomorrow afternoon then. Will we inform the entire staff or go on a need to know basis on this one, sir?

Brell: Agreed. Keeping some in the dark won’t be avoidable. The senior staff should all in the need to know group, any staying on Atlantis might have to contend with the agent we are sure is around trying to find out what is going on.

Williams: Excellent, I’ll see to it sir. Now I suggest you get some rest and leave the details to us.

Brell: : I’d like to get home and spend some time with my children before we warp off on this mission. You can reach me in my quarters if you need me for anything.

Serala: Understood, sir. Have a good rest.

Brell: Oh, and one more thing. I haven’t yet said Congratulations Lieutenant Commander.

:: She beamed at that. Recognition from her Superior Officer was always something a Romulan strived for, and for some reason, she especially enjoyed getting it from Captain Brell. She just wished it had been him who had pinned it on her collar. ::

Serala: Thank you, Captain. I’ll try not to disappoint you.

Brell: Response

(( OOC: I think this gets me caught up. I apologize if I missed anyone's tags. It wasn't intentional, believe me. Lisa says she is going to try and get some sims out tomorrow so look for those. :) ))

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