Lt Commander Serala: The O.K. Corral

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Jim Davis

Oct 29, 2019, 11:20:29 PM10/29/19
to USS Atlantis

((Engineering, Level 46, Deep Space 26))

Serala listened to the tirade. Birmor was about to shoot, and Calasio was guaranteed to do so. Despite her best efforts, this was about to devolve into a shooting fest and there was almost nothing she could do about it. Then, a flash of yellow-white light erupted just outside the station and the shockwave rocked it almost immediately. Like nearly everyone in the room, she felt herself thrown to the ground. Her head struck hard against a console as she came down and fear for her unborn child briefly gripped her as her abdomen landed on a piece of equipment that had torn free from its base.


Struggling back to her feet, a worry in the back of her mind that she had just lost her child, she turned to the Valcarian

Serala: I’m not sure, Commander, but I believe we just saved the station.

She took note that McKnight and the other Marines seemed to be getting to their feet.

McKnight: =/\= All callsigns, sound off! =/\=

Calasio: Response

Perkins: Response

Serala was more focused on the crazed Commander than the remainder of her surroundings and thus failed to notice Corporal Birmor try and charge McKnight. She did manage to swing around in time to see the massive Worene launch himself at her and grapple her.

Birmor: You will not take our station.

Osiris: It is not your station! ::He snarled at her face, only his helmet protecting her from the deadly fangs he barred to her::

Suddenly, before she really could understand what was happening - perhaps the blow to her head was worse than she realized - McKnight and several Marines had their weapons up and aimed again. Several phaser shots were fired at the Valcarian soldiers.

McKnight: Guns up! 

Serala: Give up, Calasio. You’ve lost.

Calasio: Response

Perkins: Response

Osiris: Tell your men to stand down. You've lost this fight. You failed. 

Birmor: response 

Osiris: Your shame is your own. Own up to it. ::He snarled::

Serala felt herself yanked behind McKnight and cover even as the Marines continued to fire.

McKnight: Serala, are you alright?! =/\= Spartan Zero-One to Atlantis, we are engaged! All Marines, converge on Engineering! =/\=

Logan: =/\= Response =/\=

Solana: =/\= Response =/\=

Serala was starting to slowly regain her senses and realized this situation was now out of her control. She had turned assault operations over to McKnight before the mission had even started. If he felt this was necessary, she would cede to his expertise.

oO So much for my diplomatic career. Oo

Marine: Target!

Marine: Suppressing!

Serala watched as a Valcarian had gotten behind McKnight. She went for her phaser, but saw it laying on the deckplates about five meters away. The soldier stuck McKnight on the back, to no avail as the Marine’s armor absorbed the impact, and McKnight spun around and fired at him and without breaking stride swung back around and aimed at Calasio’s head. Being a hand-to-hand expert, she stepped forward and, with a brief series of well placed strikes from her hands and feet, dropped another soldier threatening to attack the Captain.

McKnight: Tell your men to stand down or we'll knock them down!

Calasio: Response

McKnight: Now!

Calasio: Response

Even as he ranted at her, she noticed yet another group of people enter. This time, they appeared to be civilians, neither Starfleet, Caraadian, nor Valcarian, but a conglomeration of human, Orion, Worene and a few other races, all dressed in what she initial evaluated at civilian mercenary garb. One of the humans pointed his disruptor at a downed Valcarian who was still moving and seemed to wait.

Serala: :: Looking at the human male :: And who are you? What do you want here?

DeWitt: Response

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