Ensign Serala: Who's the coward?

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Jim Davis

Jan 18, 2018, 10:58:44 PM1/18/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Serala's Quarters, Deck 3, Port side aft interior, USS Atlantis, Immediately after leaving the banquet hall))

oO You coward! Are you really going to let one angry man ruin a night of fun? Hell, you don't even know what's bothering him! Quit being a veruul. Why don't you ask him? What can the old guy do to you? Hell, he barely made it up the mountain. And you endured all that torture to make friends, and now that you have one or two you choose not to spend time with them? :: Mental snort :: And you thought Toryn was a coward! He's proven himself far more courageous than you. Oo

:: Serala furiously tore out of her dress uniform and headed for her closet. She fully intended to grab a uniform, but she found herself taking out her formal green gown. It had been a gift from her mother just prior to her deploying to the Atlantis. She hasn't meant to grab it, didn't even do so consciously, but there it was in her hands. Seeing it caused tears will up in her eyes. Her mother was going to leave. There was no doubt in her mind. Already, she was grieving as if her mother had died. It would amount to the same thing.::

oO That tears it! I haven't even worn this dress. The least I can do to honor her memory is to wear it when the opportunity presents itself. I'm going back to the party and have a good time even if I hate every moment of it. You want friends? You can't make them sitting in your room pouting like a spoiled child! Oo

:: With that resolved, she quickly donned the dress. It was made from a dark green fabric that appeared silky, but was actually quite warm. It had a high collar that encircled her neck like a choker and was form fitting down to the waist where the skirt began and draped loosely about her legs covering her feet, which were now wearing matching green heels. The decorative stitching was done in gold and the effect created a cross between Romulan and Terran styles, a fact her mother had pointed out to her and was no doubt one reason she had selected it.::

:: Looking in the mirror to ensure she had everything in order, and declaring herself satisfactory, she turned and headed back to the party.::

((A few minutes later))

:: Serala had beamed just outside the palace and had made her way back to the party. She saw a number of people she recognized, but they were all engaged in various different conversations. Lieutenant Lambert appeared to be getting amorous with his female companion. She looked around for Toryn, but didn't spot him immediately. ::

oO Come on, you spineless idiot. Don't just stand here like a dolt. Pick someone and go talk to them. Oo

:: She had just singled out the new counselor and was about to head his  direction when she spotted Toryn. He appeared to have finished speaking to some female and looked to be headed toward the exit. ::

oO Oh, the Elements, no! If I'm going to stay for the party, he damn sure is going to also! Oo

:: With that, she moved quickly to intercept him.::

Serala: Well, Lieutenant Junior Grade! Congratulations again. Where are you headed?

Raga: Response

Serala: I changed my mind. I decided that what I really need right now is to be amongst people. I really know so few of my shipmates, I should take the opportunity to get to know them whenever I can.

Raga: Response

Serala: That's a great idea. By the way, I've been meaning to ask you every since the trip, do you know why Lieutenant Dermont doesn't like me? I can't think of anything I've done to him but I caught him scowling at me several times during the climb. Now I'm curious as to why.

Raga: Response

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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