Lt JG Serala: Investigations are so ... frustrating

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Jim Davis

Jul 7, 2018, 8:42:08 PM7/7/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( OOC: This takes place 36 hours after the capture of the cargo ship ))

((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, Orbit over Lydor IX, USS Atlantis, Deck 10, Shuttlebay 1))

:: Serala was frustrated...again. She was starting to think it was her default state of  emotion. They had gpne to all this trouble to capture this ship only to have it prove useless. It wasn’t turning out to be the evidence they were looking for, the proverbial smoking disruptor. ::

Dermont: A bunch of third party nonsense!  O' sure, we're got a few Consortium patents!  But they're all above board. Nothin' we couldn't find in a hundred Expanse ships, bought and sold throughout the Freeworlds...

Serala: So this was all for nothing, then?

oO We just can’t catch a break with these things! Oo

:: She heard Raga enter the bay and walk in their direction. He was stealthy, but her hearing was just as good as his. As he moved to stand next to her, she noted that he had brought Sylara with him. ::

Noshka: Response

Raga: I thought you'd be in a better mood Valin. You've been taking this thing apart for the past thirty-six hours.

oO And here I thought he was your best friend, chief. You should know him better by now. Oo

Dermont: Oh aye, sir.  Nothin' makes me happier than bustin' somethin' apart.  But I was just explainin' to yer minions here, we've yet ta find hard evidence...

Serala: I refuse to accept that we did all this for nothing, Dermont. There’s no way that whoever is behind this is that damn smart. There has to be something that will prove who is behind all this.  :: Then realizing he had just called her Toryn’s minion, she turned a scowl on him. :: And I am not a minion!

Noshka: Response

Raga:  Minions? ::He silently voiced to Serala in confusion::

:: Once again the doors whooshed open and someone entered. Judging by the soft footfalls, and by the fact that Raga was standing right next to her, she guessed it culd only be one person. She would have allowed for a second possibility, but for some reason the only other Romulan on this ship never seemed to be around where Serala was. That only left Ensign Knight. She turned to look at him, confirming her conclusions and giving him a ‘what are you doing here’ look. ::

Knight: Ohh…don’t mind me. :: Picking up another component ::

::Valin seemed quite engaged in his frustrated dismantling of the cargo shuttle.::

Dermont: Mr. Knight, welcome to the party .  Surprised we haven't seen yer boss down here yet.  I thought she'd be ready to get her hands dirty diggin' around down here.  But I supposed that's what she has you for, eh?

Knight: Actually yes, if you can direct me to the pile that was or should have been the comms console that would be very helpful.

Dermont:  Other side of this empty shell here.  Find the Bolian science officer. Crewman Pics is a wiz when it comes to various energy waves and was top notch shuttin' down the jammer the spider bots used against us when they attacked.  You and her should get along just peachy.

Raga:  My initial suspicions were right then? They've put this ship together with components from all over, but nothing that can't be obtained legally and anywhere?

Serala: far. There has to be something here. I’m tired of coming short with these people.

Noshka: Response

Knight: While I’m thinking on it, Sir. :: Removing an isolinear circuit board from his pocket. :: I found this loose out in the corridors, does it belong to anything your working on in here?  

:: Serala whipped her head around. The last time Knight had pulled this prank on the engineer, it had resulted in both of them suddenly beaming into the brig. Suddenly the tension broke when the engineer let out a hearty bellow. ::

Dermont: Bahahahaahaaa!  

:: Dermont let out a deep belly laugh that had him doubled over.  It lasted for several seconds before tapering off into a few chuckles.  He wiped away the tears that were threatening to form and waved Knight away towards Pics and the comm system. Serala had never heard him laugh like that before and was shocked. ::

Dermont:  Boy, get yer butt over there and work.  Heh, damn good one...

Raga:  I thought I'd never hear you do that.

Dermont:  I've been known ta laugh.  Once upon a time. Ya know, when warp four was all the rage.

Knight: What was using warp one point eight like, sir?

Raga:  I don't think I was even born yet. ::He smirked softly::

Serala: Oh please, you are only four years older than me. Granted, my Romulan heritage grants me a longer lifespan so I am about the equivalent of a twenty-three year old human, but still, I’m only a few years younger than you and I distinctly remember us going warp 3.

Dermont:  Yeah, yeah.  But yeah, back ta business.  It is gonna be up to those comm systems or those ROLF ta really dig up the evidence.  Not just what those things have to tell us, but how they tell it.  

Lt JG Serala, Security Officer 
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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