Lt Commander Serala: Mothers.. Who needs them?

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Jim Davis

Mar 17, 2019, 12:42:46 AM3/17/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Serala's assigned quarters, RRS Illa'variea, Day 2 of mission ))

:: Serala had been throwing a bit of a childish temper tantrum since her return to the quarters, which of course meant the place was trashed. Romulans, as a rule, didn’t indulge in luxury like Federation ships did, but what luxuries there were, were there no more. ::

:: Suddenly, the door chime sounded and she stopped her rage long enough to answer the door. ::

Williams:  I see your mother gave you the luxurious quarters? :: He grinned, so she knew he was trying to joke with her, but she was still furious. ::

Serala: Very funny, Commander. Was there something I could do for you?

Williams: I thought I would find you at the intel suite but the computer told me you are here?

Serala: My mother filled you in? No? Then let me…

Williams: Filled you in on what?

Serala: Oh, she decided that I wasn’t doing my job well enough and decided to call me on it in front of her entire bridge staff. Worse, she called into question the competency and honor of Lieutenant Danara. I couldn’t stand by at that, and I lost my temper. Had it not been for her guards, I would have challenged her to a duel right then and there. Instead, I have been ‘confined’ to my quarters except at mealtimes and to coordinate our plans. Essentially, she sent me to my room and grounded me like a little child.

Williams: I am sorry to hear that. As for your “grounding”, I am sure I can talk some sense into her. She cant confine one of my officers like that… Well she can, but she won't get away with it.

Serala: Won’t she? This is her ship, after all. And the rules here are far different from our own. You may be in command of the mission, but she is in command of this ship. Don’t forget it, because she won’t. So, what are we going to do about this?

:: Williams paused for a moment, thinking, before answering with a question of his own. ::

Williams: Any suggestions?

Serala: Just one. Tread carefully. As I said, this is her ship and she does things like this as a way in which to remind people of that fact. And that may not necessarily be the person who is the subject of her attention. Also, she can’t back down on the sanctions against me without looking weak in front of her people - a blow to her honor. You’ll have to grow a silver tongue to convince her that it would be in her best interest to reprieve the sanctions against me at least until the mission is over. Otherwise, you might find yourself on the receiving end of one of her scoldings and trust me, you’d much rather tangle with a Tarkelian Razor Beast.

Williams: Ouch, that makes it like having a talk with my younger sister when we were young… Didn’t win many arguments back then…

Serala: If you’re going to win this one, you’re going to need to find a way to do it which still satisfies her honor.

:: Just then her door chime sounded and she admitted whoever it was. Turned out it was the Marine CO, Captain McKnight. ::

McKnight: Am I interrupting something?

Williams: Response

Serala: Yes, you heard correctly. My mother scolded me in front of the entire bridge and then confined me to my quarters with limited exceptions.

McKnight: So your mother basically sent you to your room without supper?

Serala: That is a bit of an oversimplification, Captain.

McKnight: Oversimplifying things is my job.

Williams: Response

McKnight: I originally came here to discuss about any new intel

Serala: So far, I haven’t received any. That was what started the whole scene on the bridge.

Williams: Response

:: Whatever he had been about to say suddenly got cut off as Lieutenant Maeli’s voice came over their commbadges. ::

Maeli: =/\= Lieutenant Maeli to Commanders Williams and Serala. Please report to the Command Center immediately. I think I found Commander Raga. =/\=

oO She did it! Oo

Serala: If you’ll excuse us, Captain. I think we’ll go see about that new intel you were just asking about.

McKnight/Williams: Responses

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