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Jim Davis

Feb 11, 2018, 8:48:49 PM2/11/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, On Route To Deep Space 26, USS Atlantis, Deck 1, Main Bridge))

Serala: Captain. Behind you! :: She turned to fire at the second spider but she didn't have a clean shot.

::The heavy Bolian dived out of the spot he had been in and tried to get over to Logan and Serala. Immediately, Serala fired at the second bot, trying to careful not to hit the Counselor, which caused her to miss. She fired again and this time scored a direct hit. This one didn't explode, however, and she had to shoot it again. Before she could, the Marine next to her fired good weapon. Another direct hit and the spider-bot nearing Ensign Jann was disabled.::

Jann: wow, that was close. Thanks.

Logan: Captain. Rifle.

::The Captain went to Logan and accepted the phaser rifle from him. The third bot was now on the ceiling heading towards the back of the bridge. It seemed like these bots worked in teams and alone it was now trying to escape. Captain Brell  fired three quick bursts hitting its spider like legs. The bot fell but was not yet out. It took one more shot to its main body to stop it.::

Serala: The better question is, how did they get in here?

oO Something must be wrong with me. Nobody asked a question. My concussion might be worse than I thought. Oo

Brell: Through the security station, they came from under it, which means they have breached the emergency seals somewhere.

Logan: Deck two, where they hit us.

Jann: the rest of the ship? I guess that means were overrun?

Brell: We will have to expect them to keep coming, from here or Engineering they can control the entire ship.

Serala: Then we need to remain vigilant. Good thing we were able to get these weapons.

Jann: Agreed. But what can the five of us do? You guys all have combat training. I'm just a counselor, but I'll defend my ship and crew however I can.

Logan: Then that makes us capable of anything

Serala: Surely even counselors receive basic combat training, Counselor.

Brell: Response

::The console bleeped and Jann spun around. ::

Jann: Sir, we have 4 life signs on deck 2 mess hall. I can't tell who's who but there is others mainly in the quarters.

:: Just then, the lights on his console went out. ::

Jann: sir whatever I did to get the console going it's failed.

Jann: orders sir?

Logan: Life signs are a good start

Serala: See, Counselor. You do have your uses.

Brell: Response

:: Logan moved to the Captain while adjusting his phaser setting. He began speaking with the Captain, taking care to speak so lowly that even Serala, with her keen hearing, couldn't hear him. Serala, for her part, went the Security console to inspect the entry port the spiders had created for themselves. As she knelt down, she felt the nausea rise back up and fought with her entire being to avoid vomiting. She was also feeling weak from blood loss, but she refused be shamed by her weakness in front of her superiors. ::

Logan: They're from the Escape Pods Sir. I've transferred command protocols to these, we can power them up as and when and use their systems for ship Comms but I don't know how long till they target the power source.

Brell: Response

:: Logan pointed to the Phaser on his hip while nodding to Serala indicating if she had adjusted hers::

Serala: I already adjusted my settings before I saw the spiders, sir.

Logan: How are you ma'am ?

Adetola: Response

Logan: Have you checked yourself out medical wise?

Adetola: Response

Logan: Keep focused Ma'am, concentrate on one task at a time, and remember ::Turning to look at the others on the bridge:: you're not alone

Logan::Adjusting Ensign Jann’s phaser:: What can we do you asked ?. It isn't always the weapon in your hand or the combat time you've had it mostly is about what you can pull from here ::Pointing at the Counselors heart:: And how you can dig in here ::Tapping at his forehead:: to find who you need to be

Jann: Response

Logan: Keep precise, keep smooth, work as a team  ::Clapping him on the shoulder then Nodding to them both::

::Returning to the Bolian Captain::

Logan: Sir do you want me back doing rounds ?

Brell: Response

Serala: Captain, as you pointed out, this is one of two places where these robots can take control of the ship. If it looks as if we're about to be overrun here, I recommend initiating security lockout procedures so that even if they do take the bridge, they can't get the ship.

Brell: Response

Serala: Also, since we now know that there are people alive on Deck 2, I suggest trying to send them some form of message, either through the comm systems of the pods, a terminal to terminal message, or even just Morse code. We are going to need every bit of assistance we can get here.

Brell: Response

:: She could tell she wouldn't be of use much longer. Soon she wouldn't even be able to keep the extent of her injuries from the Captain. The sooner they got help, the better of they would all be.::

:: Even as she was thinking this, a sharp pain pierced her side where her second heart was at.::

oO This is so not good. Oo

:: The sudden burst of pain was so intense she couldn't stop herself from doubling over in pain. She very nearly sank all the way the ground. Only her strong Romulan will prevented her from completely collapsing. ::

Serala: :: through gritted teeth and speaking in Romulan:: Counselor, maybe Starfleet gave you some medical training?

:: She sank all the way to the ground, placing her back against the wall panels to keep her in a sitting position. Even as she did, she saw another spider crawling through the hole on the floor under the security console. She leveled her phaser at it and began to pull the trigger. Whether she hit, or even fired, she didn't know because everything went black at just that instant. ::

Jann/Brell/Logan/Adetola: Responses

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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