JP LCDR Serala, Lt Trelixxa Maeli, & PNPC Cdr. R’Val: Mission Briefing, pt. 3

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Jim Davis

Mar 5, 2019, 10:35:08 PM3/5/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Briefing Room, Deck 1, USS Atlantis, Day 6 of Shore Leave, evening ))

Brell: Now, the rest of this briefing is to be considered Classified. Any discussions even with crew of DS26 or those staying behind will result in disciplinary measures.

Brell: Two teams along with a backup contingent of marines, security, medical, and engineering personnel  will be going to where we believe Raga is being held.

Williams: response

Brell: Their goal will be to infiltrate the ship or base and then split into two teams. One with the goal of finding and retaining our Mr Raga, and the other to break into their computer systems and download anything incriminating we can get our hands on.  Williams will be leading one team and Serala the other, overall you two will be taking nearly a third of the crew with you to recover one man.

(( Maeli ))

oO That’s a lot of people for a rescue operation. Shows just how much value this Captain places on his people. Starfleet, for that matter. Oo

(( Serala ))

:: That was definitely a large number of people. Nearly fifty people to rescue Toryn. The thought was enough to choke her up with gratitude. And fed her fury. So many lives on the line to rescue one. Raga was going to get an earful. Once he was recovered, of course. ::

Serala: That’s a large force. How are we going to be dividing it?

Brell: The teams will be made up of Lieutenants Danara and Knight, and Marine Captains McKnight and Logan. Lieutenant Maeli your link to Raga necessitates your also joining that team … if his bird helps in that connection, and you ll think you could control it during a covert mission feel free to take it along.

Maeli: I cannot communicate with him at this range without Sylara’s connection. But, once we find the place they are holding him, my own abilities should suffice. Sylara might not appreciate being left behind, but it would probably be better than risking bringing her with us.

McKnight: The Marines are ready to go, cap'n

Logan: Just say the word

Brell: To answer how your teams will get there we need to make a bit of space at the table. ::Tapping his commbadge.:: =/\= Please send them in. =/\=

(( R’Val’s POV ))

::  They had been waiting for several minutes as the briefing was being held. Her keen Romulan hearing could tell the briefing was being held, as she could hear voices speaking one at a time. She had even been able to pick out her daughter’s voice a few times and that of the Captain’s. However, the walls were thick enough that even she couldn’t actually decipher the words. ::

Davis: =/\= Please send them in. =/\= Commander R’Val. You may both go in now.

R’Val: :: She nodded again in acknowledgement then headed for the door to the briefing room. Subcommander Tarvik trailing dutifully close behind her. She noted that all eyes turned on her as she entered the room. There was definite surprise in some of them, but not as many as she might have expected. ::

oO Interesting. I wonder how many guess at this development and how many were previously informed. If they are able to speculate, so are their enemies. Might be something to watch for. Oo

:: She took up a military stance near the Captain as she waited for his introduction. ::

Brell: Commander R’Val, has offered to host our boarding teams, and support personnel for this mission aboard her ship. As a gesture of friendship between the Romulan Republic and the Federation.

R’Val: Indeed, Captain Brell. It will be an honor to assist you in this mission.

Brell: I know there has been some question how to best transfer the crew to the without being noticed. Tell me if you were to disengage from the starbase, then cloak of course, would you then be able to dock with one of our open airlocks without the station being able to detect something unusual going on.

R’Val: We could, but it would be some tricky maneuvering. The cloaked shuttles have very nearly completed moving your cargo to my ship. We can be ready within the next two hours. Subcommander, can you elaborate further on the docking?

Tarvik: response

Brell: That might be the route to go then. :: Looking back to the rest of the room. ::  With so many going the Illa’variea, Atlantis will be vulnerable. Requesting extra people from DS26 could tip the Consortium off that more is going on than me, and few others leaving to put diplomatic pressure on them.  

McKnight: Cap'n, we could request an additional ship from the fleet to protect the Atlantis while we're away. It makes sense since the ship's in a vulnerable state regardless if its fully crewed. We're also requesting the use of the Illa’variea's cloaked shuttles to ferry most of the teams over. It would attract a lot of attention if there's a line of people going straight towards the airlock. We still have DS26 repair crews on the ship.

Williams: responses

Brell: Away team will be departing Atlantis in four hours time. Any questions before I call dismissed?

Logan: Yes Sir. No one knows why all of a sudden they're after us with such alacrity considering how much we haven't hurt them in the past. So it's safe to assume that they have a plan greater than kidnapping one crew member, What if that's here...If we send that request for additional support :: Nodding at Captain McKnight :: And one of us stays behind as a liaison for that ship it might buy us a bit of time 're most of our people disappearing. And give us additional eyes for anything going on on the Station and or on board ship.

Serala: I understand what you’re trying to say, Kurt, but we have a reason to believe there is a mole on DS26. We can’t risk tipping that person off that we are leaving. They get the word out to the Consortium, and all of this preparation goes to waste and Raga remains their prisoner that much longer. And, as you said, with the diplomatic prong in effect, it would make it difficult for them to retaliate for the time being. Also, as McKnight pointed out, Atlantis seems to be vulnerable even when fully staffed. If the presence of the station isn’t enough to help ensure the ship’s safety, what good would back up do? Not to mention having to wait for that backup to arrive and the time that would require. Time Raga is being tortured. Sorry, but this time I think the time is now to move. Strike before they expect it. And if the ship appears weak and becomes too tempting of a target, then it will be that much easier for us to infiltrate the holding location.

(( R’Val ))

oO Impressive logic, daughter. And it allows you to let loose your desire for revenge. Perhaps you are more Romulan than even I thought. Oo

Anyone: response

Lt. Commander Serala

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