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Jim Davis

Dec 8, 2017, 8:22:13 PM12/8/17
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Garden walk, Central Estate, Devron))

::Serala began assessing the situation even before the transporter beam faded. She could see what seemed to be an ornate garden pathway. To either side were two massive estate domes and in the distance she could see a billow of smoke rising to the sky. She could hear the obvious sounds of combat and knew immediately that their people were in danger.::

oO Now, if we can find them and get out of here. Oo

Serala: fvadt! I hope we're not too late. This place is a mess.

Noshka: It’s a nice place .. hope it survives the day. The captain and his team were in one of the meeting domes. I hope the chief put us as close as he could.

::Serala pulled out her tricorder, thankful that she hadn't been able to put it away, and began to scan for the signs of Federation personnel. Soon, she had picked out a faint signal that read as a Bolian life sign, and assuming it to be the Captain, indicated the direction of the signal to Noshka.::

Serala: That way. There's numerous others between here and there, and there appears to be several skirmishes going on. This could get tricky. I hope you're a good shot.

::She put her tricorder away and drew the phaser rifle from its shoulder sling, setting it for heavy stun.::

Serala: Ready? Let's go. I recommend avoiding combat if possible, engaging only if there's no other option.

Noshka: Agreed. Once we find them we have to get back here for beam out, to make sure we are outside of whatever is preventing the transporter lock.

::Together the two began making their way toward where she had detected what seemed to be the Captain. Occasionally, Serala stopped to consult the tricorder and adjust their course.::

Serala: We're getting close, but it appears they are in a firefight. We may have to go in hot. Be ready.

::Once again, Serala put away the tricorder and readied her phaser rifle.::

Noshka: Good thing a Bolian stands out in a crowd.

Serala: True. Kind of hard to miss a big blue guy.  Of course, that also means he's an easy target, too.

::They kept moving past a few people who ran by holding up their hands to show they were unarmed scared and fleeing.  Serala could feel the ancient bloodlust beginning to rise and she exercised the techniques her mother had taught her to suppress them. Ahead, she could hear the sound of energy weapons being discharged, including what sounded like a phaser, and worried the Captain's team may have run into trouble.::  

Noshka: I hear them ... about 80 meters ahead, outside of that dome there. ::She pointed.::

Serala: I hear them too. Sounds like they may be in some...

Raga: =/\= Shuttle Voltaire to Serala. Look up. =/\= 

oO What?  Oo

::Looking up, Serala could see a shuttle doing a low flyby.::

Serala: =/\= Serala here, Voltaire.=/\=

Raga: =/\= Good to see you two. It's not safe to land, and our transporter lock on the Captain's away team is being blocked. If you can get them back to this point we can beam you all aboard. Signal us when you're ready. I have to keep us moving.=/\= 

Serala/Noshka: =/\=Acknowledged. We are closing in on the Captain's position. Shouldn't be long.=/\= 

Serala: ::Looking at her partner:: Good to have backup.

::They broke into a run keeping a watch out around them and kept their phaser rifles raised. She could see a few of them just past a set of benches. She also saw soldiers from at least three different factions approaching the Captain's team. It helped that they were just as intent on each other as they were on the Captain. Even better, none of them had noticed her or Noshka. Just then, she heard her comm badge click several times and knew she'd just entered the dampening field. Raising her phaser rifle, she took aim, waiting for on the soldiers to do something...stupid. Sure enough, one of them - she wasn't sure who they were with; she just hadn't been around long enough - moved his finger to his trigger, aiming at the female officer in blue. Serala fired first, putting the soldier on the ground as he succumbed to the heavy stun blast.::

Noshka: Let’s find some cover in case some return fire.

Serala: Good idea.

::She was already diving behind a huge chunk of rock that was once part of a park display.::

Noshka: Response

::She saw that the teammates of the soldier she had downed had turned their attention toward her. A second later, a blast took out a large chunk of the rock she was using as cover.::

Serala: fehill'curak!

Noshka: Response

::Switching her phaser to rapid fire, she leaned around the rock and began precisely eliminating all potential enemies between her and her crewmates. Next to her, she could see the Ferengi laying down fire.::

oO Let the diplomats take care of the consequences. Oo

Serala: ::shouting above the weapons fire:: Captain! Over here! Noshka! Let's give them some cover fire so they can get to us!

Noshka: Response

Brell/Cattan: Response

Noshka: Response

::Once the Captain's team reached them, Serala began a strategic retreat. Currently, the threat had been neutralized, but more could appear at any time.::

Brell: Response

Serala: Not far, sir. Shuttle Voltaire is standing by to beam us up as soon as we clear the dampening field.

Brell/Cattan/Noshka: Response

::Second's later, Serala heard her comm badge chirp and knew they had just cleared the field.::

Serala: =/\=Serala to Voltaire. We're clear.=/\=

Raga: Response

::Serala took a deep breath of relief as the blue shimmer of a transporter beam encircled them.::

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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