Lieutenant Serala: Insane Asylum...The Krazies are loose!

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Jim Davis

Sep 28, 2018, 1:51:42 AM9/28/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Service Room, Korri Freighter, Jenatris Cloud ))


Korri gang leader: Otherlings! We can do this the easy way or the hard way…


Raga: =/\= Raga to away team two. I'm docking with the ship you're on now. Aft cargo bay. =/\=


oO He really is here! I thought I was just imagining that! Control yourself. You’re married now. And not to him. Oo


Serala: =/\= Acknowledged, Raga. Be advised, the situation here is extremely dangerous. We are trapped in some kind of service room with nearly two dozen Korri trying to beat down the door. Exercise extreme caution. Also, be advised that our working theory is that they have been affected by the gas and are not acting normally. =/\=


Raga: =/\= I already know. We had some on the other freighter. I can hear you. Hold out as long as you can, I'm on my way. =/\=


Serala: Okay, gentlemen. We stand our ground here. Phasers to maximum stun. It may take several shots, but I don’t want to risk accidentally killing one of them.


Termine:  I thought this was supposed to be a rescue mission!


:: And just like that, the door to the room burst open and the Korri began trying to rush in. Fortunately, there was only enough room in the doorway for two at a time and that meant that they could concentrate their fire. In theory, they should be able to hold the Korri off for some time like this and since the Korri weren’t thinking rationally, there was little chance they would actually organize and present a real threat. With Raga due to flank them from the rear any time, Serala felt certain they could subdue this group of survivors and get them back to Atlantis. ::


Serala: That’s it guys. Just like that. Termine, left Korri, Malko right. I will alternate between the two to bring extra firepower. Raga should be here shortly.


Malko: I wish I had brought breathing masks for all of them!


:: Suddenly, the new Counselor turned and fired at the air vent. The act allowed the Korri he was supposed to cover to slip into the room, since Serala was covering the other side at this particular moment. ::


Termine: Doc, that was too close. I know you’re not that bad of a shot, what are you thinking?


Raga: =/\= Serala, I'm almost there. I'm reading eight Korri at your position...just hang on beautiful...I'm coming.. =/\=


oO Did he just call me beautiful? All that time I waited for him and now it’s too late. Oo


Serala: =/\= Acknowledged, Blue Eyes. I’m waiting for you. =/\=


oOb Did I just say that over the comm channel? Fvadt, Ihirarhem annhahruri! (Damn it, I’m married!) Oo


Malko: All this oxygen is coming from somewhere, if we can get the Korri enough maybe they will sober up!


:: Suddenly, Termine stopped firing at the Korri also, leaving only her to cover the doorway. ::


Termine: Nothing else has made sense in this entire mission, why should it start now. It’s a crazy plan but I think we need a bit of crazy! :: looking at her :: I’m sorry Lieutenant, but I won’t even offer to let you go first this time.


:: Termine leapt into the opening, sliding out of view scarily fast. ::


Malko: To the source, Lieutenant!


:: Malko followed Termine into the slippery vent. ::


oO What in the name of the Elements are they doing? I will not abandon a fight! I am Romulan! Never surrender! Never give up! Mnei’sahe first! Oo


:: And then he was there. Blue-Eyes himself! And the battle was over. ::


Raga: They're all down. Only five more Korri remain on board still up. I passed two on the way here. They're non-violent.


Serala: Th...Tha...nk….


:: She had to stop. She couldn’t understand it. She loved Stevok. Would never deliberately hurt him. Yet she had loved Toryn first. That had changed when she and Stevok bonded, but for some reason it was back. Maybe it was the gas, but she almost couldn’t control herself as she stood there looking at those marvelous eyes! ::


::Toryn moved up to Serala and hugged her. ::


oO Oh no, no, no, no! Pull back before it’s too late! Oo


:: But it was already too late. Before she knew what she was doing, she had Toryn firmly in a lip lock, her strong Romulan arms wrapped around him as if to trap him and prevent him from leaving. Of course, despite the fact that she was three times as strong as a human, Toryn was that much more stronger than even she was. If he wanted to get away, she couldn’t prevent it. But then, she knew he wouldn’t. And for some reason, she couldn’t! She was grateful when he finally pushed her away, gently. ::


Raga: Just glad I could get to you in time. We should...get the Korri to the shuttle..and head back. :: He shook his head. ::


Serala: Uh...oh...uhh. Yes..uh..of course.


:: Shakling her head to clear her thoughts, she took a look around. It was then that she noticed both Malko and Termine were gone and she remembered them leaving. It had actually been smart, but as under the influence as she was, there was no way she was going to flee from a good battle! ::


Serala: It looks as if my team has vanished down the rabbit hole!


Raga: Response


Termine/Malko: Responses?





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