Ensign Serala: Rammed, pt. 2

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Jim Davis

Feb 3, 2018, 9:37:35 PM2/3/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

:: When she came to, only the dim glow of emergency light filled the bridge along with flashing of red alert and burning console that used to the OPS station. She knew she had a concussion and there was severe bleeding from a gash in her forehead. She also sensed numerous developing bruises throughout her body. She slowly got to get feet and began assessing the situation. She could see that nearly everyone was alive, the only exception being the Ops officer. That station was destroyed and on fire.::

Brell: Someone get that fire out.

Logan: Sir

Brell: If anyone is injured, there is a med-kit in the conference room, see to your wounds. Anyone else get me a system online, now.

Logan: You good ?

Serala: I'm alive.

Logan: Ok,you work here. I’ll see how we're faring elsewhere.

:: Serala nodded in acknowledgement, forgetting in this low light he might not see as well as she could and might miss her nod. She began studying her system to see if she could find a way to get power to it. ::

Logan: Auxillary Command Console is Dark. Master systems display is dark, auxillary console controls minimal power, negative on response. Ops console irreparable . I’ll check the rest of the deck

Jann: Science is offline. ::he paused he felt a little light headed.:: I might be able to try to a get it back.

Brell: Response

::Jann opened the small opening revealing the inner workings of the system. Engineering wasn't one of his strongest points but he could tell that one of the relays had overloaded.::

Jann: one of the relays has overloaded if I could swap it out I could get science back online.

:: As Serala began pulling open panels, she noticed Logan force the doors to Deck 1 to open. She noticed that the circuits here were fried. The only system that appeared undamaged was life support, but it wasn't functioning due to the power loss.::

oO A phaser per cell might provide enough juice to get it up and running for now. Oo

:: She grabbed the phaser from the tactical station and pulled out the power cell. She quickly wired it into the life support system. ::

Serala: I've got temporary life support on the bridge only, sir. I'm unsure of the status of the life support on other decks.

Brell: Response

Logan: =/\= Lieutenant Logan to Captain Brell =/\=

Brell: Response

Logan: =/\= I’ve activated one of the Escape pods and its communications array on minimal power =/\=

Brell: Response

Logan: =/\= They have a Sensor array as well sir, although they can’t patch into the main ship directly we might be able to use them as eyes and ears. I haven’t activated that yet sir as I didn’t want to signal us with such an energy spike just yet. =/\=

Brell: Response

Logan: =/\= Yes sir, I’ll continue my recon back here Logan out =/\=

:: As she was listening to the Marine's report, she felt a wave of nausea wash over her and she fought it back. She just hoped the Captain hadn't noticed. Likely whoever or whatever was behind this attack want finished and she was going to be needed, both a tactical officer and as a Security Officer.

Brell/Jann: Responses

:: About that time, Logan came back with a bag in his hand and began handing out weapons, giving her a phaser rifle AND and a type II pistol.::

oO The Elements bless this man! Oo

Serala: Thank you, very much.

Logan: These might come in handy. Captain, I've also got one tricorder and another med kit. Both escape pods check out undamaged as is the airlock and spacesuits. The Emergency utility tanks are also undamaged so we can keep environmentals on the bridge at least. The power supply modules are also intact as neither system is directly linked to the main systems so the overload hasn’t affected them.

Jann/Adetola: responses

Logan: The ramp to deck two is sealed the emergency bulkhead is twisted so unless you want to cut through it we can’t get down that way, but also no one’s coming up it either

Serala: So, the only way in to the bridge is either by transporter or through the turboshaft?

Logan/Jann/Adetola/Brell: Possible Responses

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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