Ensign Serala: A foretaste of prison life.

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Jim Davis

Apr 6, 2018, 12:17:37 AM4/6/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Brig, DS26, Par'tha Expanse, Several hours after her arrest ))

:: Serala was frustrated. And bored. And frustrated that she was bored. Her first instinct had been to run. Try to prove her innocence. But because of her training she knew how foolish that was. It just made you look guilty. So, she was going to allow them to arrest her, even though she didn't know why at the time. Then, her mother pulls her stunt and makes her look guilty anyway! Now, she was stuck in the brig… another brig, because that was where her mother had put her also…and she was helpless. Her fate was now in the hands of others.

:: And that was worst part! No one had been to see her. No interrogations, no visitors, nothing. Of course, she had invoked her right to silence, so the investigator might not see the point interrogating her. Still… Someone should have come by.

:: She had considered striking up a conversation with the guard, but she knew that was pointless. Regulations forbade it. Unless it was an emergency, or dinner time, he would not be speaking to her. ::

oO What do they think they have on me? I don't even know what the evidence against me is. Well, this is some shore leave! I spent several days of it worried about Toryn, then I get kidnapped by my own mother, and now I am stuck in the brig. I couldn't have planned this better if I had tried. Wonder what my next show leave will like. That should be in about a hundred years. Look on the bright side, Serala. You always wondered what it would be like to live in a stockade! No, wait. That's not true. So, what to do? Oo

:: For the next hour, she tried a Vulcan meditation she had picked up from her Vulcan martial arts master. It didn't work. ::

oO Oh well, looks like dinner time. Oo

:: The guard manipulated the force field to create an opening for her to reach out and grab her bowl. Pulling it through, she started down at the contents. ::

Serala: Plomeek soup? You do know I'm not Vulcan, right? Some vii'nareen would have been nice.

:: The guard just smiled at her and re-secured the force field. Sighing, she returned to her bunk to eat the soup. ::

oO I wonder who I can ask to act as my advocate? Apparently, everyone from the crew suspects the charges are true, so probably I should just get a J.A.G. advocate. Oo

:: The soup was horrible, but at least it gave her something to do for a few minutes. Then she was back to being bored. And frustrated. ::

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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