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Sep 20, 2020, 12:17:51 PM9/20/20

((Holodeck One, Deck Six, USS Atlantis))

((Day Eight of Shore Leave))


Kiax: Thanks. ::She grinned:: Well friends, this concludes the first of hopefully many friendly ship-wide competitions. Out of 125 possible points, today’s winner is Security Chief Ilana Ganarvuss, with a respectable 90 points, followed closely by Marine Chief Amuro McKnight on 89. Bringing up the rear is myself, with 87. ::To Ilana:: I’ll be sure to drop a trophy around to you later. ::She punctuated her statement with a wink:: And you can be sure I’ll be rearranging a rematch to win it back off of you, if you’re both game?


Esa couldn’t help but hope that they’d agree. While she hadn’t won, she’d certainly had a lot of fun.

Ganarvuss: You’re on, but now that the challenge is up, you can be sure I’ll be practicing. Once I’ve got a trophy, I don’t like to give it up.


McKnight: I'm a quick study, so be prepared for next time. I don't plan on going easy.


Kiax: Oh, I positively relish the challenge. Hopefully I won’t be quite so compromised next time.


She spotted Ilana checking her watch. They was getting older by the minute, and no doubt her compatriots had other plans with their days.


Ganarvuss: I should get going. My shift’s coming up, but I’ll see you around.


Ilana’s statement prompted Amuro to check the time too. Esa had finished her shift for the day, so wasn’t in a rush to leave.


McKnight: I need to get back  as well. Reports are always a thing I hate being department head about, even if mine is the smallest of our bunch.


Kiax: ::Jokingly:: Maybe you should hire a PA. I’m sure you could convince some greenhorn crewman to do the heavy lifting…


Ganarvuss: Response


McKnight: How ‘bout a drink after our shifts are over. I'm sure we got other stuff in common than shooting things.


Kiax: Sounds good. I’ll see you in Poseidon’s later!





Lieutenant Esa Kiax

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USS Atlantis – NCC 74682

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