PNPC Romulan Commander R'Val: This feels like a trap

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Jim Davis

Mar 25, 2019, 10:56:54 PM3/25/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Command Center, RRS Illa’variea, 9 hours later ))

Uhlan Kretek: Commander, we are approaching the Karna System. Long range sensors are detecting a vessel. It appears to be a Caaradian Freighter. Transponder data identifies it as The Arquese.

R’Val: Bring us out of warp. Full impulse and make sure the cloaking device is operating properly. Put the ship on the main viewer.

Uhlan Kretek: Yes, Commander.

:: The image of the Caaradian freighter appeared on the screen. R’Val ordered its magnification and she could see the freighter. All of her Romulan senses screamed that this was not what it appeared to be. Why would the Consortium hold a valuable Federation prisoner on a freighter in the middle of this nowhere system. ::

R’Val: =/\= Commander R’Val to Lieutenant Commander Williams and Lieutenant Commander Serala. Report to the Command Center. We have entered the Karna System and have your vessel on long range sensors. =/\=

Serala/Williams: Responses

R’Val: Subcommander Tarvik, take us to Alert Status. This does not feel right to me.

Tarvik: Response

R’Val: Yes, this feels like a trap to me. You remember that human intelligence officer claiming that the signal was bait. If that is so, then this could be more of that same bait.

Tarvik: Response

R’Val: I don’t know, Subcommander. From what I have heard, this Consortium utilizes Romulan cloaking technology. They could have a warship under cloak around here waiting for Atlantis or some other ship to show up.

:: About that time, her daughter entered alongside Commander Williams. Despite her actions yesterday, R’Val was proud of her daughter. She just felt that Serala needed to learn a few lessons about command. Lessons only she could teach her. ::

Williams/Serala:  Responses

R’Val: Take a look. It’s transponder indicates that it is the Caaradian Freighter Arquese. It’s too easy, if you ask me. It feels like a trap.

Williams/Serala/Tarvik: Responses

PNPC Romulan Commander R'Val
Commanding Officer
RRS Illa'variea 

as simmed by:

Lt. Commander Serala
Chief of Tactical and Security
Atlantis Staff Member
Training Team Member
USS Atlantis NCC-74682

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