Lt Commander Serala: Rush to Judgement

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Jim Davis

Jun 14, 2020, 6:34:02 PM6/14/20
to USS Atlantis
((Security Control, Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime))  

Kiax: Something is draining power from this area. I took some readings on the way here and discovered it. Might be a plausible explanation for the door not working…

Serala: It’s possible. Why don’t you and Ensign Matthieu work on that angle. See what you can dig up.

Kiax / Matthieu: Response

Stonecypher(?): It's almost as if there was a Valcarian hand in play, well hands would be a better way to put it.

Raga: That's not surprising. Major, we've reason to believe a Valcarian agent is at work at the conference. ::Toryn glanced back at her and she nodded at him:: We're still gathering evidence, but your current predicament would seem to corroborate our fears.

Major Stonecypher: Valcarains!!!! What I wouldn’t give to be able to wipe them out of the expanse for good! We win the Caraadain war for independence and they still can’t keep their noses out of things!

Serala knew that there were still a lot of hard sentiments between the Caraadians and the Valcarians, but the venom in his voice still surprised her.

Kiax: Speaking of evidence gathering; do you have any access logs I can look over? It might reveal some clues as to whom, or what, caused the power drain.

Matthieu: Response

Knight: Logs may not be the best avenue to approach right now, they can be easily changed. Kiax can you identify what systems are suffering power drains and which are not? I am going to look at the current communications transmissions, they might be able to tell us something as well.

Raga: ::Toryn looked over at her:: Perhaps it's a good time to call down our security teams. We can have them beam outside the room here or into our suite and catch them up to speed once they report in.

Serala agreed with that assessment, but she was still too new to the FO job and wasn’t quite sure of the extent of her authority yet, so she opted to consult with the Captain first. She nodded at him before tapping her commbadge.

Serala: =/\= Serala to Captain Thoran. Recommend we beam down some Security personnel to assist with conference security. =/\=

Thoran: =/\= Response =/\=

Kiax: I can set up a group comm network to enable us to communicate with the other faction’s security teams from here, if it’ll help?

Serala: Good idea, Esa. :: turns to Major Stonecypher :: with your permission, of course, Major.

Stonecypher: By all means, the faster we can catch these Valcarain bastards the better! 

Serala: Thank you, Major. Esa, go ahead and get set up. I would also like you to keep on that power issue. Mr. Matthieu, assist her in any way she needs please.

Kiax: Response

Matthieu: Response

Knight: Keep an eye out for anything that seems anomalous or out of the ordinary. We are looking for slip ups at this point.

Raga: I would be surprised if Amuro hadn't already called in some green shirts.

Serala: I would be too, but it might not be too bad an idea at this point. 

While the others worked, Serala mulled over something she had almost missed on her way here. Something she had noticed out of the corner of her eye and hadn’t really given too much thought to. Until now.

She had walked past a couple of people and one of them appeared to be a blonde haired woman with the softened features of a Vulcan. That was a bit odd in itself, but what had really caught Serala’s attention was the arm bracer the woman wore. She had seen one just like it. Well, a few really. But they had all come from the same source. Amuro. And it was supposed to be a unique design. Something proprietary, if she had her facts straight. She would need to think this over. Something about that was really niggling at the Security officer in her.

Her attention was drawn back when the lights suddenly went out. She started to ask what had happened when they came back on.

Freeworlds security attendant: The system is coming back online, and we have regained access!

Knight: :: handing the tricorder back to Kiax. :: Thank you Kiax, I owe you some cake.

Nearby, Serala heard the telltale whine of a Federation transporter beam and assumed it was the security team from Atlantis.

Raga / Kiax / Matthieu: Responses 

Major Stonecypher: Good! Now that things are back under our control I know exactly what we need to do next! =/\= Command to security 1-55, apprehend the Valcarain ambassador immediately and remand her to a secure location. By any means necessary. =/\=

oO Talk about rush to judgement. Oo

Security 1-55: =/\= Understood. =/\=

Serala: Major, this is your jurisdiction, but I don’t know if that is going to solve anything. We don’t have any evidence that the Ambassador is involved. 

Major Stonecypher: I won’t be taking any chances with the Valcarains involved.

Dermont: ::clearing his throat from the doorway and grinning.::  Eh, did I come at a bad time?

She couldn’t believe her ears. Dermy! Uh, Dermont. She hadn’t seen the old grouch in a considerable amount of time and totally did not expect to hear his voice right now.

Serala: Dermy?! Uh, I mean, Lieutenant Dermont! Good to see you? :: Eyeing him critically :: Where’s your coffee thermos and what are you doing here?

Raga / Kiax / Matthieu: Responses

Dermont:  I was comin' ta 'elp with the strange power signals Kiax's tricorder was feedin' ta the ship...but've got the master o' the work'round already on it I see.  Oh, and a bunch o' security came wit me…

Well that solved that issue. She was very happy to see Valin again. He and Serala had something of a love/hate history. Valin held some rather negative feelings about Romulans, and Serala had to admit he had good reasons, but he had eventually come around to her. Then she had hurt Toryn and that anger welled back up and she was back on his bad side. Fortunately, as far as she knew he had never learned that Toryn’s reckless rush into danger which had resulted in his capture had been her fault. He had still held feelings for her then and when she had told him that she had taken an oath regarding Captain Brell that might result in her suicide, he had acted. She had added that guilt to a whole list of things she felt guilty for. They had started to recover from that...she hoped....when he had been called away for other things. Now he was back. Where would they stand? Friend or...well maybe not quite enemy, but...not so much friend? Time would only tell. One thing was sure. She felt at home with him around. It was like Atlantis was Atlantis again. Silly notion, but that was how she felt.

Serala: Well, good to have you here. Why don’t you see if you can help Esa and Ensign Matthieu. They’re trying to do a few different things including tracking down the source of a power drain. We have reason to believe a Valcarian spy might be in play and could even be the cause.

Dermont: Response

Serala: :: to Raga :: Toryn, would you take care of deploying the security teams, please? Once they’re all set, come join me. We need to coordinate with the Major here.

Raga: Response

Serala: :: turning to the Major :: Sir, I know that you are in charge here, but you did ask us for help. As such, I am going to recommend questioning, but not detaining, the Ambassador. We don’t have enough to accuse her of anything at this point. However, it is possible she may be aware of this person’s presence.

Stonecypher: Response

Serala: Well, sir. You may very well be correct, but do you really want to start an interstellar incident based on speculation?

Stonecypher: Response

Serala: Well, sir. As I said, she may indeed know something. Whether she cooperates or not, is another matter entirely.

Stonecypher: Response

Raga / Kiax / Dermont / Matthieu: Responses

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