Lieutenant Serala: Senior Officers meeting

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Jim Davis

Jan 21, 2019, 9:59:52 PM1/21/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis ))

:: Serala stepped off the turbolift fully prepared to cross the bridge and enter the conference room. When she saw the senior officers all gathered on the bridge and Commander Williams standing near the command seat, she realized the meeting must have been moved here for some reason and she simply had not been informed of the change. ::

Williams: It’s good to see you all, although I wish it was under better circumstances. I think the main question on everyone’s mind is the status of our captain. After that we will discuss our operational status. I regret to inform you that things are still very grim. I can’t go into all the details yet but what we can share…. We will. Lieutenant?

Danara: Aye Sir.  What I can say is that the Captain’s medical situation is precarious. He endured a lot in the hands of the Consortium. Out of respect for his privacy and other security and intel protocol I’ll leave it at this. His case complicated by a device they surgically implanted. We’re currently working on a solution to disable it and/or remove it without doing further damage.

Williams: Looks like we have to find a way to get back to them and convince them to remove the implant.

Danara: I’m not sure we can but anything is worth a try. Medically however it’s not up to me, my realm only deals with protecting this ship and its crew including the Captain from an Intel perspective.

Williams: Response

Knight: Actually sir, I have an update for you.

Williams: Response

Knight: DS26 received our message from the sensor probe and sent a specially coded message to the intel lab. I’m sure you already know that the intelligence lab has a separate power and computer system and because of that I can verify the authenticity of the message. They were able to scramble the Federation ship Fairbanks to intercept any suspect vessels coming out of the Jentris cloud corridor. After a short period, a Consortium ship registered as the Phoenix refused to power down engines and fire was exchanged. The Phoenix escaped, and calculations put her on a course to Volcania, inside Freeworlds territory. The message ended there, but if I had to guess the Phoenix will hide behind the red tape put in place by Federations standing in the region to delay any further pursuit.

Williams: That is the second time I heard about Volcania today. Does it match the we discovered on the bridge?

Hyden/Maeli/Darkkdust: Response?

Knight: Having said all that the message took a long time to decrypt and we have the encryption keys. It would far simpler to go back to the station itself.

Williams: Going back was my first option but I believe I speak for most of you that we are willing to take a risk. Logan was already planning a rescue mission for Raga… perhaps we should extend that with a rendezvous with our attackers as well.

oO That’s why I like that Marine! Oo

Serala: I concur with the rescue mission plan, sir. However, considering the condition of Atlantis, I do not think it would be prudent at this time. Additionally, while we have a number of small craft onboard, the use of them would have two problems. One, it leaves Atlantis short on them should they be necessary. Two, so many vessels could become separated for any number of reasons, including attack which would make it easier to reduce the size of our task force. Finally, it limits the number of people who can participate in the rescue. I do have another alternative to this, but we should get our ship to the station first. Then we can explore the rescue options.

Logan/Dermont/Anyone else:

Williams: ::raising his voice:: BUT… before I will authorize that I need to get a full damage and operational report from ALL of you, AND clearance from the admiralty…

Danara: Damage wise we lucked out thanks to our operational requirements. As long as we keep those protected we’re good to go. Operationally from a personnel perspective, Intel is stretched thing just like everyone else.  We’re doing our best to deal with competing priorities.

Williams/Knight: Response

Atlantis crew: Response

:: Serala patiently listened as each officer gave a report of their situation. When it came time for Tactical and Security to report, she nodded at Ensign Hyden to give the Tactical report. She would take the Security report once the Ensign was finished. ::

Serala: Go ahead, Ensign. I will give the Security report once you are completed.

Hyden: Response

Serala: Thank you, Ensign. As for Security, Commander, the ship appears to be as secure as possible at this time. However…:: She decided that by telling of her investigation, it may be possible to flush out any moles. :: While we have found two devices that were intended to relay data about our ship to the Consortium, I suspect there could be more. They have had the upper hand on us for quite a time now. I for one am tired of it. I suspect there may be other devices planted around the ship, perhaps in innocuous places. I don’t know how or when they may have been planted. I have three working theories: One...They could have been planted just prior to the relaunching of Atlantis last year. Two...they could have been planted by the bots during the sneak attack that left Atlantis in shambles and so many of our people dead. Three...they could have been planted during the subsequent repairs to the ship. After all, it practically underwent a total refit. There are some other options that I find less likely, such as a crewmember onboard working with the Consortium. Or a combination of any of these options. To that end, I have begun an extensive search of the ship for any further devices. I would like to request the assistance of Lieutenant Knight in this search since he is more of an expert in these devices than I am.

Williams: Response

Danara/Dermont: Responses

Any other senior officers: Responses

Lieutenant Serala
Chief of Tactical and Security
Atlantis Staff Member
Training Team Member
USS Atlantis NCC-74682

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