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Ilana Ganarvuss

Sep 21, 2020, 11:41:41 AM9/21/20
to USS Atlantis – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Dirt Basketball Court-the Ganarvuss Home-Central Montana-Earth))

((Time Index: Day 26 of Shoreleave))


Ilana held the ball in both hands, back by her left shoulder. She was leaning forward just a tad, eyes darting between the two men on the court and the hoop. Then, looking left, she drove right, bumping into her defender. She held him off with her left shoulder, continuing to push down the court. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the other man moving towards her. Without warning, she pivoted on her left foot, crossed the ball over into her left hand and broke free of her defender. Two more steps brought her right up to the basket and she jumped, taking a hook shot with her left hand. The ball sailed through the air, thunked off the backboard and fell through the hoop.


With a grin she skipped backwards, arms stretched up and up as she looked between her father and Jed.


Ilana: 21! Looks like I still got it.


There were smiles all around, as Jed, still as skinny and tall as he had been the day Ilana graduated from the Academy, walked up to Glen and gave him a playful shove.


Jed: Hey, it’s not my fault Dad’s slowing down in his old age.


Glen gave Jed a long look and waved his hand flippantly.


Glen: I don’t wanna hear it. What were you doing when she sunk that three right over your head? I taught you better defense than that. Besides, this was a free-for-all. I still beat you by two points.


Ilana: Blame each other all you want. Doesn’t change the fact that the champion has defended her title.


Ilana grinned and flexed but the display was interrupted by the chirp of her combadge.


Thoran: =/\= Commander Thoran to all senior staff. Observation Lounge in one hour. Thoran out. =/\=


Glen: Guess that means there isn’t time for a rematch.


Ilana continued to grin as she went to retrieve the basketball. Returning to her brother and father, she dribbled it, showing off by passing it from one hand to the other between her legs.


Ilana: It won’t take me an hour to beat you again.


With that she drove to the hoop and made an easy layup.


Jed: Oh, you’re on!


((Timeskip: 1 hour))

((Observation Lounge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis))


Glen had won the second game of 21, but Ilana didn’t mind too much. As competitive as she had always been, it was always more about the game than the score. After the game had ended, Ilana had taken a quick shower and changed into her uniform, arriving in the observation lounge in the middle of the pack. Seeing the spread of refreshments she snagged a bunch of grapes, settling into a chair. A few moments later, Captain Thoran started the briefing.


Thoran: Before we begin, please help yourself to the refreshments. ::He waited a moment before continuing. Thalas took the opportunity to grab a slice of Coffee and Walnut cake.:: I know you are all in the process of enjoying shoreleave so I won’t take up too much of your time.


Thoran: I am sure you are all wondering why the Atlantis had been recalled to Earth and sadly it was not for us to enjoy the sights. ::his eyes fell to the table:: The Atlantis is to remain here for the time being for a resupply and minor refit.


Ilana shifted in her seat. They could have resupplied and undergone minor refits at a number of places closer to the Expanse than Earth. Either the bureaucracy was getting too big for its britches or something was up.


Serala: Okay, a refit. That’s fine. Bit of stand-down time for most while the Engineers get to have a bunch of fun. How long are we planning to be here?


Lephi: I didn't sign up for Starfleet to sit in dry dock for ages. Is there anything we can do to speed up our return?


Any: Response


Thoran: A skeleton crew will remain with the ship whilst the majority of us return to the Par’tha Expanse.


McKnight: I don't understand, sir. Return in what? The Atlantis is our ship? Are we all being reassigned?


Ilana frowned. That was the only conclusion she could come to.


Snow: Are we being loaned a ship while the Atlantis undergoes the refit? 


Logan: To DS26 ?. I do hope theres transport It's a very long way to walk


Any: Response


The Captain walked round the table and keyed the wall display. It responded by displaying a ship. It took Ilana a moment to recognize the design. An Akira class.


Thoran: May I present the USS Chin’toka, an updated Akira class, first of its kind. And our new home. :: beat :: Starfleet Command has been following the evolving situation in the Expanse and is assigning the Chin’toka as the Federation’s flagship for the region. It is hoped that such a move will cement the Federation’s place in the region and reassure it’s allies of the commitment. Questions?


Ilana leaned back and popped a grape in her mouth. The Akira class was a bigger ship than an Intrepid and typically much more heavily armed than most Starfleet ships. She wasn’t sure what that would mean politically for the region, but the one question she had on her mind, she held back.


Ganarvuss: oO Am I still Acting Chief? Over a department that’s probably five times bigger than the current one? Oo

The idea was daunting and she doubted it. Surely in the process of commissioning a ship like this and the sheer number of security officers it would require, someone more qualified would be assigned to the Chin’toka as Chief.


th’Koro: After the Atlantis’ refit, will it join us again in the Expanse?


Serala: I have a ton of questions, but for now I will just settle with, what is the time table here?


Raga: The entire crew is being reassigned? That explains the mystery. I..::He looked to Serala, then to the Captain.::


Lephi: When can we expect the manifest for the skeleton crew to be posted, to know where we're going?


Logan: I hope she does follow us back the Atlantis has been there pretty much since the beginning.


Any: Response


Thoran: Response


Levinson: How long do we have for packing?


Any: Response


Thoran: The engineers would like to begin work on the Atlantis as soon as possible. As such we will be moving to the Chin’toka within the week, so start packing. To celebrate the commissioning of the Chin’toka, a party is being held tomorrow evening on board the Chin’toka. A number of senior officers are expected to be in attendance so attire will be dress whites.


Ilana did her best not to slump back in her chair and tried to cover her annoyance by popping another grape into her mouth. She hated parties. Although, she did like the dress whites. They looked good.


Serala: By your command, rekkhai.


Raga: Yes, sir. I imagine a lot of the crew, myself included, are going to have a difficult time leaving the ship. our home. Winds know, she’s seen us through a lot, and a lot of good Atlanteans memories will always be a part of her. Those…::He took on a somber tone:: who never left and can never leave her.


Any: Response


Raga: ::smiles softly:: Once and Atlantean…::He stated stoically::


McKnight: Always, my friend. ::He pats Raga on the back.::


Logan:  Always


Any: Response


Rosek: ::clears her throat softly:: Will there be a christening ceremony, sir, or has that already been taken care of?


Thoran: Response


Rosek: ::pauses:: There’s somewhat of a tradition from what I’ve read where on some new ships her Chief Engineer christens the engine room prior to the maiden voyage. With your permission, sir, I’d like to do something similar for my team. It might boost morale and make the transition a little bit easier. Keep the focus on the positive things.


Lephi: I'm more than happy to help out in any way needed, sir.


Thoran: Response


Any: Response


Rosek: ::nods:: I agree. ::glances at the others:: I know some of you have been with the Atlantis for a long time. I’ve been through enough reassignments to have an idea of what you’re feeling. I believe the more we do to build this into a celebration, the less focus there will be on leaving the Atlantis behind.


Ganarvuss: oO NO. No more parties, please! Oo


Thoran: Response


Levinson: Would the celebration be open for the new arrivals as well?


Lephi: A celebration sounds good to me.


Snow: Me too.


Any: Response


Rosek: Response


Logan: Well if it's a party you want then I'm sure the Marines can be trusted to lead the way.


All the talk about celebrations and parties almost made Ilana want to resign her commission. She’d much rather get about moving her stuff to Chin’toka so she could get back to work.


Any: Response







Lieutenant J.G.

Ilana Ganarvuss

Acting Chief of Security

USS Atlantis


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