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Dec 12, 2017, 10:22:34 PM12/12/17
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis
((Planet Devron, Beam out site))

::Serala took a deep breath of relief as the blue shimmer of a transporter beam encircled them.::

((Shuttlecraft Voltaire, Above Devron))

::The Type 8 shuttle was only designed for a total compliment of 8 personnel, and with 9 people aboard that left someone without a seat. Considering that she was the most junior Ensign on board, that meant her. As the Captain made his way to one of the empty seats, she moved to the back near the ramp and did her best to brace herself. Considering the fighting on the ground, it was possible they might encounter some trouble on the way back to the ship and she wanted to ensure she didn't turn into bug splatter if they did.::

oO Let's just hope the inertial dampeners don't fail. Oo

Brell: Good to see you all again, ::Looking to Pond.:: Report Lieutenant?

Pond: Response

Brell: Things got a bit crazy for us as well.

Cattan: Am I glad every team had formidable fighters among them.

Dermont: Raga's shuttle idea wasn't half bad, sir.

Brell: Take us home, quick as you can Ensign.

Raga: Aye, sir. Plotting a course back to the Atlantis. ::Serala could detect a tremor in the Al-Leyan's voice as he rapidly input the new coordinates and plotted a course back to their ship.::

oO Is he scared? Or is it just nerves? Oo

::The shuttle pitched upwards quickly, and she could feel the shuttle accelerate as it shot through the atmosphere and into space. For a brief moment, she thought the dampeners might indeed fail, but they eventually kicked in. She could feel the shuttle maneuver as Ensign Raga guided the vessel toward the Atlantis. From her rearward position, she couldn't see much, but at least there were no reports of enemy vessels shooting at them.::

Brell: At least Devron isn’t in utter ruins.

Serala: ::muttered:: If that wasn't utter ruins, what is?

::She didn't think anyone heard her. At least, she hoped not because that last comment could be interpreted as impertinent, especially given what had happened to her mother's homeworld.::

Pond: Response

Cattan: But what will happen with the people now the Valcarians have left and the Caradiaans are fighting? Was it ok for us to leave?

 ::That last part was mumbled, but her superior hearing was able to pick it up even over the sound of the shuttle engines and other systems.::

Brell: I don’t know if we ever had a chance to keep fighting from happening in one form or another.

Dermont: Those two peoples seemed lookin' fer a reason to shoot each other.

Raga: Response

::Soon, she noticed the shuttle slowing and could tell Ensign Raga was maneuvering to land in the shuttle bay.::

oO I can't believe we made it. Oo

((Shuttlebay, Deck 10, USS Atlantis))

::As soon as the shuttle was docked, the back ramp was opened and Serala, being right there, was the first to disembark. Not really sure of the protocol, she took up a defensive stance to the side of the ramp and waited for the others to exit the craft.

Brell: Good flying Ensign.

Raga: response

Brell: Alright everyone, report to stations and let’s see about getting out of this system.

Porus: Aye sir. I’ll see you all at the debriefing.

::Serala heard the others talking as they left and waited until they had left, before heading out to the armory to return her weapon and tricorder. As she waited, she noticed another Ensign in gold hanging back. Too caught up her elation, she really didn't give it a thought, but she did notice that his hand appeared to be burned.::

Serala: Ensign? You're hurt. You might want go to sickbay and get that looked at.

Dermont: Response

::Serala let the conversation go at that. She couldn't believe it! She had just completed her first mission and it had been a success! Wait until she told her mother!::

::Despite her best efforts to maintain a stoic mask, a huge grin spread across her face unbeknownst to her. If anyone saw it, she would be embarrassed beyond all belief.::

Anyone: Response

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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