Lt Commander Serala: Finalizing the plan

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Jim Davis

Apr 3, 2019, 9:54:59 PM4/3/19
to USS Atlantis
(( Commander Center, RRS Illa'Variea, nearing the Karna Sector ))

Selun: Commander. I have one of their Marines with me who wants to speak with his commander

R'Val: Permission to enter the Commander Center is granted. Commander Williams, permission is granted to see what your man needs.

Williams: :: Raising his voice :: Mr Logan? Please enter!

Logan: Yes Sir

:: R’Val noted that the Marine Captain walked slowly and was taking in every detail he could about the area around him. Trained fighter herself, she recognized it in him immediately. There would be little chance of surprising him. ::

Logan: My apologies for being on your bridge, Commander R'Val, but I needed to speak with...

:: Logan stopped as his eye fixed on the screen. ::

Logan: The Arquese?

Williams: You know it?

Logan: Yes Sir I know that ship and her Captain Kozan Ronimere. If I'd known you were after him, I'd have introduced you.

Serala: Do you think he had anything to do with the Captain’s abduction, or Raga’s? A transmission that seems to have come from that ship indicated that they are holding Raga there.

Logan: :: Snorting slightly :: No Ma'am there's no way he has anything to do with Captain Brell's or Raga's abduction. None.

R'Val: Just goes to confirm my suspicion that this is a trap. Commander Williams, Serala. I urge caution on this. Trust me. I know how to set a trap for a starship. I used to serve the Empire, remember? This is a classical Romulan tactic. And remember we were here for a long time. These people had plenty of opportunity to study Romulan warfare from us.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t another cloaked vessel in the area just waiting to pounce the minute we reveal ourselves.

Williams: You are sure of this? :: That to the Marine Captain. ::

Logan: I know that because I know the man Commander, and please forgive me but his family lost 12 to kidnap and questioning by the Romulans all of them died. His wife and daughter suffered the same fate at the hands of the Valcarians, so no he has no love of or want to become involved in acts like that. It has brought him into difficulties refusing such work in the past with the Caraadian military and Authorities

Williams: Well then… I guess it’s time to find a way to get ourselves onboard with our gear without breaking our cloak…. It’s going to be an interesting flying lesson for both ships… but I think it’s doable. Right?

Serala: But how do we get in there? That’s going to be some tricky maneuvering.

Williams: Perhaps Maeli can help you with that? She is by far the best pilot I know.

Serala: :: Calling to Lieutenant Maeli who appeared to be consulting with Lieutenant Knight. ::  Maeli, get some rest. We’re going to need your piloting skills in about 9 hours.

Maeli: Understood, Commander.

Williams/Logan/Knight: Responses

Tarvik: I have something. :: Waiting until eyes were on him. :: I believe it is an attempt to hide life signs on that freighter. As so we have been working to remove the layers of interference and one might be your Al-Leyan officer.

Williams: Here? On a ship? I believe in luck, but that is a bit over the top if you ask me?

Serala: I don’t believe in luck, Commander, and I am starting to agree that this is feeling more and more like bait for us.

R’Val: Indeed. So, we need to be ready for whatever treachery they have planned.

Tarvik: We could decloak, and hail them seeking trade, it should not be beyond the scope of what a legitimate freeworlds trader would expect. When the Empire was at its height of influence in the Expanse a Romulan ship decloaking in ones route was seen as a payday. If they invite us over your teams slip in with us. If they don’t invite us then we still have a few moments long enough to insert your teams before we reactive the cloak and look like we have moved on.

Logan: I vote against it, the Empire isn't at its height and your legacy is widespread still

Williams: What do you think? It has potential, I guess?

Danara: It could give us a window of opportunity.  That’s all we really need.

Knight: Well, I hope you don’t mind sirs but an old Terran saying spring to mind. The easiest way to find out who set a trap is to spring it, though in this case I suggest we use a metaphorical stick.

Serala: Good idea. So, plans?

Williams: Boarding the ship with two teams in key areas could work. Secure the brig and bridge perhaps. Or main engineering instead. With a third team from you :: he looked at R’Val :: we can secure all three?

Danara: We just need to ensure their attention is distracted long enough for us to make our move. By then it will be too late for them to prevent us from getting aboard.

R’Val: And what do you think, Commander Williams?

Williams: Me? I think the time to wait has past… we need action. Take the fight to our enemies for a change.

Serala: Why don’t we launch the fighters shortly before arrival and have them come in on a different trajectory. It will look as if Atlantis took the bait, but this was all we could muster with the repairs still in progress.

R’Val: They won’t buy it. I wouldn’t. We’re too far away from the station for the fighters to get here on their own by now.

Danara: We'll have to move fast because too long of a delay could draw undue scrutiny.

Williams: Agreed… So are we ready to get moving?

Serala: About as much as we can be.

R’Val: I suspect this ship is just a decoy and the real target is hiding nearby, but with that in mind, I believe we can be prepared. We need a way to draw them out. A decoy of our own, perhaps.

Logan: We don't need a decoy or time to get on board I know the rotation frequency of his shields.

:: Serala noticed the look her mother gave Logan, who seemed to also notice it. A look of disbelief. ::

Logan: Your emergency Disruptor is under the first console on the left, where your hand is now. I know this Captain and crew. This isn't them ::Pointing at the display:: Running with full shields why ? Talk about an advert of look at me, also you'll find a heat build-up three quarters back port side. Their shield generators the hotter they get the weaker the rotation gap is, Ronimere knows this there is no way he would allow that weakness to continue. But if you don't know The ship ..... Sir send me if they are responsible this Warbird can cut them in half in short order, but if this is a decoy then were known and even a blind man could add missing Atlantis crewmen and suddenly appearing Warbird together. Let me get on board I can talk to him save the crew for the real target

Williams: I see your point Captain, and you make a strong case. Given the circumstances, I would have to say its a bit to convenient for our target to come to us. I would, therefore, suggest we keep cloaked and go where we planned to go in the first place. 9 hours before arrival right? Let’s make sure we are ready by then.. A good sleep should take care of that.

Lt. Commander Serala
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