Lt Commander Serala: Explanation and Reassurances

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Jim Davis

Apr 5, 2020, 4:03:28 PM4/5/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Serala’s Quarters 03-204, Deck 3, USS Atlantis, in orbit of DS26, Paldor system, Larokon space, Par’tha Expanse ))

{{ Time Index: Day 15 of Shore Leave }}

Serala: Well, there is a man on board who I have confirmed is my long lost father who I thought was killed years ago. Apparently, he faked his death to try and protect my mother and myself from retributive acts by his enemies.

The look on his face told Serala he was not pleased by what he was hearing. Truth be told, she was not pleased either. And that was putting it mildly.

Thoran: Quite the development. How are you coping?

Serala: I am going to be completely honest with you, Captain. Not well. My husband dies, T’Saara is born, and now this. I had always considered my father a hero. When he was ali- when he was with us - I worshipped the ground he walked on. I know what he claims, but to be honest, sir, I don’t really understand it.

Realizing he must be concerned about her ability to perform her duties, among other things, she decided to reassure him she could do the job.

Serala: However, Captain, I want you to know that I will not allow it to affect my job performance. I live by the Romulan code. I had to modify it to fit with the Federation principles and my loyalties to the Federation and Starfleet. But for me, duty is honor, and honor is life. Whatever is going on in my personal life, I will not allow it to affect my performance. It’s just one more thing to discuss with the ECH in my next session.

Thoran: And you are quite certain this James Davies is your father? You mentioned enemies, do you know anything about them?

Serala: Davis, sir, and it seems certain at this point. Unless he is a well made clone, it has to be him. I had Doctor Journs run a DNA comparison and she has confirmed that he is my father. As to his enemies, no I don’t know. You are aware, I assume, that he was in Starfleet Intelligence. It is how he met my mother. He could have any number of enemies, foremost amongst those being the Romulan Empire.

Thoran: Do you know how he was able to get on aboard?

Serala: I did inquire into that as well. Apparently, Ensign Pex had something to do with it. He wouldn’t tell me much, citing a classified operation and a lack of need to know. Likely, though frustrating. My assumption is that he was following some predetermined orders from Starfleet Intelligence regarding my father. I do think he should have at least informed you about it, but not knowing the details of the orders, I can’t really judge.

Thoran:  I see. Well I shall be making inquiries into just what those orders were. And how come you have waited until now to bring this to my attention?

Serala: Well, sir. If he was following orders, I would recommend you go easy on him. As for myself? Frankly, I wanted to verify as much as I could before bringing this to you. I was never going to conceal it, but I wanted to have as many facts as I could when I did tell you. I guess that’s just the Security Officer in me. Hard habit to break.

Thoran: I can appreciate that, but next time I would at least like a heads up. Do you know where your father is now?

Serala: As far as I know, he is still on board. I haven’t told him mother is here, yet. But once this is all sorted, I do want to take him to her. I want to be there when she skewers him with her Honor Blade.

The vehemence in her voice bothered her. This was her father she was talking about. She knew she loved him, but her fury at him right now overrode that emotion. It was taking all her training and all the well learned advice she had been receiving from the ECH to restrain herself from giving in to her impulses.

Thoran: I trust that despite however you may be feeling towards your father you shall not act irrationally?

Serala: Yes, sir. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything, and I will probably stop Mother from killing him if she really does try to do so. I don’t think she will, but she does have a temper. Not as strong as mine, certainly, but it’s there.

Thoran: Good, glad to hear it. Well Serala, if you have no further bombshells for me then I think I shall take my leave.

Serala: Yes, sir. I think that about covers everything.

As the Captain made his way to the door, Serala wondered if he might already be reconsidering his decision to make her the new First Officer. However, he paused at the doorway and turned around.

Thoran: Congratulations again Number One. I am very much looking forward to working with you.

Serala: Thank you, Captain and I will do my best to ensure you don’t regret your choice.

As he left her quarters, she wondered just how much trouble Ensign Pex was going to be in. He was being evasive, but if he was just following orders as he understood them, then she could somewhat understand. She just hoped the Captain went easy on him if that was the situation. Her father, on the other hand, deserved everything he got.

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