Lt Commander Serala: A Pleasant Surprise

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Jim Davis

Jul 28, 2019, 6:49:38 PM7/28/19
to USS Atlantis

((Chon Station "Beta", Jenatris Cloud))

D1N/A: Greetings. Please state the nature of the Medical Emergency.

After recovering from her sudden shock at the appearance of the woman, Serala spoke back.

Serala: Funny. I was going to ask you the same thing. Who are you, and what is going on here? We received a distress call that said there was a Medical Emergency here.

D1N/A: I am D1N/A, holographic interpersonal relations coordinator. You may call me Dina, if you wish. Apparently, the central processing unit’s artificial intelligence is not functioning properly. It may be the one responsible for sending the distress call.

Avae: Well if that's the case I'm useless here. ::She frowned:: I'm no good with fixing computers. 

Solana: We didn't detect any lifesigns on board when we approached. ::She looked to Dina:: You're saying you're not apart of the central processing unit then? 

McKnight: The AI that controls all functions of the station. 

D1N/A: Negative. My processing functions are relegated by the Central Core, MD6, or Main Director 6. We have taken to affectionately calling it the Doctor. However, the Doctor has been unsettled since his sister disappeared and has begun to experience numerous system malfunctions.

McKnight lowered his rifle and nodded at the Orion Gunnery Sergeant Solona to keep an eye out as he walked back to the front of the shuttle to continue scanning. Avae opened a medkit and pulled out the medical tricorder to begin scanning the room. 

McKnight: We're all clear on the other side of the door. Still no life signs.

Serala: Very well, Captain. Nurse, are there any other lifesigns yet?

Avae: I'm getting interference that's creating a ghost effect. Lifesigns keep popping up all around us, but they could just be our own being thrown back at the tricorder from whatever is causing the interference. 

Solana: What is this place? 

D1N/A: This is Emergency Medical Outpost MD6/A1n-9. We are a fully self-supporting medical facility.

MD6: Parasitic infestation detected in Romulan lifeform. Infestation is located in lower abdominal area and should be eradicated immediately. Emissary, prepare the Romulan for emergency decontamination procedures.

Serala: oO Parasite? Lower abdomen? Oo Wait, what parasite? What’s going on here?

D1N/A: The Doctor has determined you have a parasite growing in your lower abdomen. It should be removed immediately.

Serala: Well, Avae, you may be of use here after all. Can you confirm this parasitic infestation?

She waited as the Antosian scanned her and when the woman seemed to hesitate, she spoke up.

Serala: It’s fine, Avae. Just tell me. Is there something wrong?

Avae: Response

Serala: I’m WHAT?!!!

oO How could this be? No, I know HOW. But when? This is just so … Unexpected. Oo

Avae: Response

McKnight/Solana: Responses

Lt. Commander Serala
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