Lt. Commander Serala: Six Month Baby Check Up

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Jim Davis

Sep 17, 2020, 10:06:03 PM9/17/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Sickbay, Deck 5, USS Atlantis, Earth Space Dock - SB1 ))

{{Time Index: Shore Leave, Day 23, shortly after arrival }}

Since the ship was now secure and the engines powered down, Serala decided she had best get T’Saara in for her six month check up. She wasn’t sure what plans Ishka had, but she was hoping to catch her before she left, presumably with Toryn on whatever expedition they had planned.

oO Probably mountain climbing, if I know Toryn. A nice, tall, icy cold one. Oo

She entered the sickbay with T’Saara in tow and looked around, not seeing Ishka. She did see Doctor Snow, however, and decided to have her do the check up instead.

Serala: Doctor Snow, glad I caught you before you went on shore leave. If you have a few minutes, I need to get a six month check up on my baby girl here. This is Little Bean...I mean, T’Saara.

Snow: Response

Serala: Oh, she seems healthy enough, but then I’m a security and tactical officer by training, not a doctor. For reference, her father was three-quarters Vulcan and one-quarter Betazoid and I am half-Romulan and half-Human. I was given to believe the multitude of genetic material could cause some complications, but so far neither Doctor G’Renn nor Doctor Journs have detected any issues.

Snow: Response

Serala: Oh, she’s the light of my life. And I am blessed with how the others seem to have adopted her as one of their own. I have even caught Captain Logan sitting outside my quarters a few times while I was gone. Oh, and T’Saara has really taken to him too.

Snow: Response

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