Lt Commander Serala: Let The Fun Begin

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Jim Davis

May 19, 2020, 10:41:24 PM5/19/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Main Shuttlebay, Deck 11, USS Atlantis ))

Fortunately, she didn’t have long to wait. When Lieutenant Kiax had joined them, she had been quick to utter an apology on the choice of shuttles. And while Serala was not happy about it, she accepted the woman’s apology in the spirit in which it had been intended.

Thoran: Everything ready?

Serala: Well, as ready as can be, sir. oO ...considering that we are taking the Death Shuttle down. Oo

Raga: Response

Kiax: Fueled, loaded and ready to go from Ops, Sir.

McKnight: Ready, when you are, cap'n.

th’Koro: I do believe so, sir.

Thoran: Excellent. Let us head down to the surface then.

Serala: Aye, Captain. I’m looking forward to it.

Raga: Response

th’Koro: This is going to be a bit different to Andoria...

Kiax: ::Half-joking:: Different to everywhere, I think… Not many planet-sized cities round here…

McKnight: You think this planet is warm, try to visit Vulcan.

Serala: Trust me, Ensign. I have been there. :: the memory threatened another tear, but she successfully fought it back :: It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I prefer warmer climates, but even that’s a bit warm for me.

They all had a good laugh as they boarded the shuttle and very shortly they were on their way. Serala made a conscious decision to not look at that plaque again. It wouldn’t do to cry in front of her fellow officers. Especially on the way to a diplomatic function.

(( Timeskip 10 minutes - Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime ))

They made good time and Serala found herself that there really wasn’t much of a view. There were clouds, then large skyscrapers as far as her eyes could see. They landed on a circular platform which extended from one of those skyscrapers and they very quickly exited the shuttle. She looked over and saw her shuttle landing on the platform nearby.

oO If they were coming here anyway, why couldn’t I have just taken that shuttle? Oh well. It’s over. Focus on your duty, Serala. Oo

She turned and saw that a representative had already come out to meet with them. He was tall and rather lanky and dressed in a scarlet robe that Serala considered to be quite gaudy but was no doubt the height of fashion here. As they drew near, the Captain stopped and bowed his head. Taking her cues from him, she too inclined her head at the man.

Pemne: Greetings. I am Senator Pemne and it is my pleasure to welcome you to Illara Prime. May I take your names please?

Thoran: We are honored to have been invited. I am Commander Jarred Thoran, and this :: he gestured to them :: is my staff from the USS Atlantis.

Pemne: Atlantis...Atlantis. Ah yes, from the United Federation of Planets. Please follow me.

He abruptly turned and started back down the platform and she had to stretch her legs to keep up. She was not a slow walker by any stretch of the imagination, but his pace almost made her feel like they were doing a light jog.

Serala: :: quiety, to the Captain :: I am afraid to say, sir, that I don’t much like this place. I’m not really a nature person, but living in the clouds doesn’t really suit me either.

Thoran: Quite. I must say I do not think I would want to live on such a world. Too little greenery for my liking.

Serala: No sir, definitely not. What about you, Toryn?

Raga: Response

th’Koro: It seems to be an incredibly functional planet where there is only wealth and work and likely in the depths squalor.

Kiax: Ensign Ennen once told me they have vast indoor terrariums to serve recreational purposes… We should have asked him along, though he didn’t seem too thrilled to be coming back to his homeworld when I mentioned it to him earlier.

McKnight: I guess we're not that important to warrant a warmer reception.

th’Koro: I think we’ve found the conference.

They were all herded into a cramped turbolift. A few short minutes later, the lift deposited them onto a huge plaza with forty-foot columns that reached to an elaborately designed ceiling. The floor was covered in a rich, crimson carpet and a glance around the room revealed a multitude of species. Including her mother. Fortunately, the Romulan Republic Ambassador was on the far side and had not yet noticed their entrance. Serala was fairly certain she wasn’t yet ready for that encounter.

Pemne: Please acquaint yourself with our venerable guests. You will be notified when the conference will begin. You are free to explore our grand city in the meantime.

Thoran: Response

Serala: Well, it would appear that the Ambassador from the Romulan Republic is already here. I don’t suppose there’s any way we can avoid her?

Raga: Response

McKnight / Kiax: Responses

Serala: Well, I suppose that is all true. But maybe we can delay it a bit.

Thoran / Raga: Responses

McKnight / Kiax: Responses

Serala glared at the Marine Captain. He was trying to be amusing, but she just wasn’t in the mood.

Serala: Well, Amuro. I designate you my personal diplomatic guard. But only whenever my Mother is around. After all, we wouldn’t want to create a diplomatic incident because of a family quarrel, now would we?

She just hoped he would take the humorous barb as what it was. An attempt at humor.

McKnight: Response

Thoran / Raga / Kiax: Responses

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