Lieutenant Serala: The dangers of vows

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Jim Davis

Dec 11, 2018, 11:39:39 PM12/11/18
to USS Atlantis

((Conference room, Deck 1, USS Atlantis, 5 minutes later))


:: Serala strode angrily and somewhat dejectedly to her seat at the conference room table. She knew from experience that the small room was about to be standing room only. More importantly, she was now re-evaluating her mnei’sahe. She had failed in the one duty she had sworn privately to herself ever since her first away mission when she had rescued the Bolian Captain and his away team from a diplomatic mission gone very wrong. She drew herself to a focus as the First Officer took the seat at the head of the table, the one the Captain usually occupied. ::


Williams: Alright people, we just made contact with what appeared to be an asteroid. It scanned us, and now the Captain is missing. I think he is on board that thing but we don't know for sure. Serala, I want you to find a way to find a way into that asteroid or whatever it is. Boarding parties, finding a weak spot in its defenses. I want options and i want them within half an hour. Udro, please assist. There must be a way to get more data on that thing. Find an opening! Mr Dermont, see what you can do to boost sensors, confirm our suspicions this was a beam out. Scan every inch of Poseidon’s if you have to! Mr Knight, Mr. Raga, Mr. Logan take security and marine personnel and form search parties. I want a deck by deck search of the ship. If they beamed the captain off, they might have beamed in people as well. We could be under attack and not know about it yet. IF they can present to be an asteroid, they might be able to move unseen on our ship as well. Lt. Danara, you and your team check our database for any similar incidents. Perhaps there is something you can dig up! Any questions?


Raga: Sir, given the uncertain nature of all of this I'd advise we enact boarding protocol and have all crew members armed. If this is another ambush, everyone should be prepared to defend themselves while we search. Show whoever this is we won't be so easy to hit a second time.


Serala: I concur, sir.


Raga: Also, since they've already shown aggressive intent by abducting the Captain, I'd advise we go to Red Alert. Let them see we're ready to fight to get our Captain back.


Serala: Again, I concur with the Commander. Most of us remember what happened the last time we allowed ourselves to be caught unprepared. I do not want to go through that again...sir.


Anyone: Responses


Williams: Dismissed then, I want a report from all of you in 30 minutes!


Darkdust: Aye, Sir. The probe is still collecting telemetry, so I should have something to give you by then.


Anyone: Response


Williams: I will inform Starfleet of our situation and then take charge from the bridge.


Darkdust: Oh, Lieutenant! :: Serala noticed the newest Ops officer trying to get her attention. :: If you need anything from me, I’ll be pouring over the probe’s telemetry at Ops. Anything I can do to help bring the Captain back. :: She smiled, confidently. ::


Serala: I will hold you to that, Ensign. More than you know.


:: Serala noticed Toryn approach her. She was aware that he had been respecting her wishes for some distance and considering the circumstances, she knew his approach was official. ::


Raga: Serala, a moment. Amuro and Kurt can handle deploying the marines. Since Williams wants me to run the security search teams, I thought of having Noshka assist me. Unless you'd prefer having her with you, to find a way to get the Captain back. I can always have Porus assist me instead.


:: Serala knew how much Toryn disliked Klingons. She also knew he was professional enough to put those dislikes behind him when duty required it. Besides, she needed to get Captain Brell back and she would throw every resource she had into the problem. ::


Serala: Commander, you can not only have Noshka, but Porus as well. In fact, take Ensign Hyden as well.


:: She signalled her newest officer to come over to her, having noticed the woman waiting on her, presumedly for orders. ::


Hyden: Sorry to interrupt, but you have orders Lieutenant?


Serala: Ensign, I want you to assist Commander Raga with the search for the Captain. He will be organizing the teams from the Main Shuttlebay per standard procedure.


Hyden: Sure thing. I’ll grab my gear and head down to the shuttle bay. These Marines will see just what Security is capable of. If I may be so bold to say.


Serala: At ease, Ensign. This isn’t a competition and we’re all on the same team here.


Hyden: Right I’ll remember that in the future. I get excited and sometimes it makes me say things I shouldn’t. I will do what I’m told to the letter I hope we find the Captain quick, however just curious is there anything certain you want me to do while I’m over there?


Serala: Well, you’ll be searching this ship first, but if I do find a way onto the other ship, no doubt you will be going along to rescue him. I don’t know what to expect over there, but this feels like another time we were ambushed, and that was by a group of robots. Be ready for that. Also, be looking for any opportunity to help me help you from the bridge.


Hyden: Interesting I don’t know that I would’ve ever thought of that and I have some interesting methods. I approve! I’ll do my best to get it done as quickly and as quietly as possible.


Serala: Good. Report to the armory first and assist with dispensing phasers to search teams and boarders, then report to the Commander in the Shuttlebay.


Raga/Hyden: Responses


Serala: That is all, Ensign. :: Once the young woman had left, she turned back to her friend. ::There is one more thing, Toryn. Something I have never told anyone. Not even you. Ever since that rescue at Devron, I have made a personal vow to always ensure Captain Brell’s safety so long as I was assigned to security under his command. I have just failed that vow. I don’t need to tell you what that means for me. Bring him back!


oO I am not ready to commit suicide at this young age. Oo


Serala: His fate and mine are in your hands.


Raga: Response

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