Lt. Commander Serala: Out into the nice frigid blizzard

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Jim Davis

Feb 18, 2020, 12:27:12 AM2/18/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Siriss Farmstead, Kaleth Woods, Tibro ))

A sudden, sharp pain in her abdomen snapped her back to consciousness.

oO What was that? Little Bean! Oh please no! Not you too! I can’t lose you both. Oo

Revix / Dels’an / Tharen / Mara: Responses

Serala: Something’s wrong. My baby….

The Grand Admiral rushed over to her, followed by the farmer’s wife, Mara.

Dels’an: Is it painful or just a tightening sensation?

Serala: It was sharp at first, but now it just feels like a steady pressure. Oh, it hurts. Please...don’t let my Little Bean die too!

Serala couldn’t help keep out the terror from her voice. She had lost Stevok. She couldn’t lose his child too. She just couldn’t. Mara produced a medical kit and began to dig through it and pulled out a scanner.

Dels’an: This might not be the real deal yet. Are you far enough along for this to be premature labor? Any medical knowledge about your species you could share as well would be useful.

Serala: If I were a true Romulan, no it would be too soon. But I’m half-human too. Even our doctors aren’t certain what the gestation period is. For a human, it would be time.

Revix: Response

oO What? What’s wrong?! Oo

Dels’an: There’s nothing to worry about. If they’re just starting now there is plenty of time. And it could be nothing. I wound up in the medical center four times thinking I was in labor with my first child.

oO Really? Could this just be false labor? I have heard of such things in humans, but… Oo

Serala hadn’t noticed the young girl until she spoke up.

Areyn: Can I help?

Mara: Areyn, go back upstairs now please! ::Mara looked over to her husband.:: You might want to help those two outside hurry things up. Whatever the plan is, we have to do it quickly.

Tharen: Right. :: He pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to Commander Revix :: You might need this.

Revix: Response

Mara finished her scans and smiled. Serala began to feel hope. Maybe it was nothing after all.

Mara: The medical scanner isn’t showing any major signs of fetal distress. It’s probably just contractions triggered by stress. But it’s important to time them to be safe.

Serala: Okay. Thank you. I can’t lose the little bean. I just can’t

Revix: Response

The Admiral stayed by her side, silently offering a comforting presence. Serala may not have liked how she had made pretenses to get them to her villa, but something about the woman spoke of confidence and charisma. She found herself easily willing to trust her, even if she was a high ranking member of the Valcarian government. 

Dels’an: Everything is going to be fine, just breathe.

The Admiral removed a charm from around her neck shaped like a crescent moon struck in gold and handed it to Serala.

Dels’an: Aetrix, Goddess of Motherhood, will be with you. Please just try to relax.

Serala: :: nodding :: Thank you, Admiral. I don’t believe in gods, but the gesture means more to me than you probably know. 

Revix: Response

Serala was calming down. She began to do some deep breathing exercises she had learned while studying her many forms of martial arts. A few more spasms came and went, but eventually, they subsided. Mara had brought her a drink of water, and that too seemed to help. After a time, the Captains returned to the house. She could hear the storm outside and it had really picked up. She didn’t envy them having to have been out in that.

Thoran: Okay we’re all set up. Everyone with me.

Serala: Great. Out into the nice frigid blizzard. Why didn’t we do this sooner? Next time, sir, I’m picking the vacation spot.

Revix / Dels’an: Responses

Tharen / Mara: Responses

Captain Thoran made his way over to her and readied to aid her as she tried to get up. The pain had subsided, but it had left some residual soreness in her abdomen. Grateful for the gesture, she grabbed his arm and used it to lever herself up, all the while trying not to break his arm with her Romulan-born strength.

Thoran: We will have to traverse a ladder, but between us we should be able to get Feris up there with us. Oh and Captain McKnight believes a rescue team from the Atlantis is on the way.

Serala: Now that is good news. Probably Toryn, if I know him. Can’t leave his best friend to freeze to death in a snowstorm. He wants that privilege for himself.

She smiled as she remembered the first time they had taken shore leave together on Tiruelle. She had been talked into a mountain climb by the Science officer. She should have realized it would be a mountain covered with ice and snow since the moon was, but it didn’t occur to her until they were standing at the base preparing to climb. She hadn’t liked it, but it had been the event that had created her friendship with Toryn. A friendship that had grown into something more for a time, though neither had acted on it until it was too late. Now they were the best of friends and nothing more. Yes, there was no doubt in her mind that he would be leading the cavalry charge.

oO I just hope he didn’t bring the Elysium that he’s so fond of. Oo

Serala had a special fondness for the B’Hala and for a time had even begun to think of it as her own. Toryn liked the Elysium. Technically, they were identical shuttles. Except for that plaque. The one that commemorated the deaths of the twenty-seven lost in that cowardly sneak attack by the Consortium and their spiderbot army. The attack that she still felt was her fault since she was the Tactical Officer on duty at the time. Her first time at the post. She had acquitted herself in the subsequent attack, but she had never really gotten past the idea that she was to blame for their deaths. And every time she looked at that commemorative plaque she was reminded of that time. Of that failure.

Revix / Dels’an: Responses

Tharen / Mara: Responses

Serala: It’s a long story, Commander, and best told at another time.

Thoran / McKnight: Responses

Revix / Dels’an: Responses

Tharen / Mara: Responses

Serala: Well, let’s get it over with. The sooner we get started, the sooner we’ll get done.

Thoran / McKnight: Responses

Revix / Dels’an: Responses

Tharen / Mara: Responses

With the aid of both Captains, Serala made it from the house to the barn. Climbing the ladder took considerably more effort, but eventually, she made it up. She was completely exhausted again and laid down, propping herself against the wall. For as difficult as the trek had been for her, it was so much worse for the wounded Commander Faris. As they lay her stretcher down, Serala caught a glance at the woman’s face and it did not look good to her. Of course, she wasn’t a doctor, not even a medic, though as a security officer, she had received basic first aid training.

oO Elements, let them get here soon. Oo

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