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Jan 21, 2020, 11:50:23 PM1/21/20
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(( Ground Zero - Dig Site, Tibro ))

Stevok set about setting up the lab while Lieutenant Kiax set up the tent. He didn’t really pay much attention to the activities of the others, trusting they knew how to establish and maintain a quarantine zone. Starfleet training was quite thorough in a variety of issues, and no doubt the need to establish a quarantine zone would be one of those as one never knew what kind of issues they might face in space. He moved several pieces of equipment from the shuttle to the area where the lab would be, such as it was. It took the Trill less time to get the tent up and she was off doing other things long before he had the makeshift lab up and running. Somewhere along the way, some Valcarian officials had tried to assert their authority but Commander Raga had handled it quite well and it was well outside of Stevok’s purview in any event. Commander Williams had been recalled to the ship and now the Al-Leyan Lieutenant Commander was in charge of the team.

oO Considering his past involvement with my wife, this could be somewhat awkward. I trust he will be totally professional, but one can never be sure where emotions are invovled. Oo

Raga: Alright. Doctor, it looks like Lieutenant Kiax has our shelter set up. What do you need once your equipment is set up? What should we do first?

His first task was going to need to be to collect blood samples from those identified as already displaying symptoms. Ideally, he would need a baseline sample from an uninfected person, or even better, a group of persons. Unfortunately, that was not going to be very likely in this situation.

Stevok: Well, we’re also going to need cots laid out for the sick and I am going to need to collect blood samples from a sampling of the patients to try and start isolating the infection. If you could get the cots set up and find me some patients to start with, that would be helpful. I will need a broad spectrum to sample from, male, female, young, older, early symptoms, more advanced symptoms, and even those not yet showing symptoms. We also need to start looking for the source of this infection. It might help us determine what we’re dealing with here and how best to attack it.

Raga: Alright. Mister Knight, pass that along to Lieutenant's Kiax and Hyden. So they have a better idea of what to look for on their search. And keep a watchful eye on that perimeter. 

Once he finished setting up his impromptu lab, Stevok selected a few empty vials for a hypo-syringe and went over to a young man who was clearly displaying symptoms.

Stevok: Excuse me, but I need to collect some blood samples. May I?

Male Patient: Response

Stevok: This won’t hurt a bit, sir.

Touching the syringe to the man’s neck, he collected a full vial. He would have liked more to work with, but he didn’t want to take too much blood and risk reducing his white blood cells to dangerously low levels. He moved on to the other patients the Commander was having directed his way, being certain to label each sample carefully so he would know what he was working with in each. Once he had all the samples he thought he would need, he returned to his lab and began to analyze them.

He had been at it for a little while when the Al-Leyan came over to him, no doubt to check on his progress, though it was far too early to have any kind of progress yet.

Raga: Kiax and Hyden found something. It could possibly be ground zero for this outbreak. They found part of the ruins where there's a great deal of bodies around a hole in the ground. 

Stevok: Fascinating, Commander. I need to finish these samples, but it would be a good idea to get some samples from those corpses as well. Perhaps one of you could collect some samples for me?

He held out the hypo-syringe and several empty sample tubes for them.

Raga/Knight: Responses

Stevok: Thank you. And please be careful. If it is indeed ground zero, then the contaminate is likely highly concentrated there. One wrong move could have disastrous consequences. Once these sample analyses are underway, I will see what I can do to treat these people, but I am not a medical doctor, so my skills are going to be quite limited in that regard. Commander, maybe you could contact Doctor G’Renn and get her to either come here or provide some instructions for treating them?

Raga: Response

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