Ensign Serala: Alone in a crowd

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Jim Davis

Jan 16, 2018, 10:49:42 PM1/16/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((OOC: This takes place after the climbing trip and just prior to the feast))

((Serala's Quarters, Deck 3 Port side interior aft, USS Atlantis))

:: (In Romulan) In conclusion, I will not be affected by your decision. At least, not career-wise, although I will miss being able to talk to you. Whatever you choose, however, I will understand. Jol-ao au Ri’nanov. Bed aoi.::

:: Serala ended the recording and set it for transmit with the next packet of personal communications. She already knew the decision her mother make, which was the reason for the final farewell. It was highly unlikely she would ever see or speak to her mother again. That thought caused a dichotomy of emotions in Serala. She would miss her mother, her last living parent. It would be as if her mother had died. Yet her mother wasn't dying. She was leaving to return to her people. Serala knew she would be happy again, and that caused Serala to feel happy.::

:: Shaking her head, she brought herself back to the present. There was a feast gathering in the ice palace and she was expected to attend. Truthfully, she was not looking forward to venturing into the cold again…she had just thawed out from the climb…but it was a ship's function and she was expected to attend. Not to mention the awards ceremony scheduled for later. Not sure what the expected dress code was, she decided to err on the side of caution and wore her dress uniform. Next, she chose two more things: her dathe’anovsen ((honor blade)) and a type I phaser. The first was simply an accoutrement to her dress uniform, an acknowledgement of her heritage. The second because of her innate Romulan suspicious nature. After all, they knew so little about these people and just a few days ago, the Atlantis had been caught the middle of a conflict involving these people and the Valcarians. True, they had been quite hospitable so far, but that could be a ruse, and a gathering such as they were about to have would be ideal time to try and take out all of the ship's senior personnel one time. Serala intended to be ready just in case.::

((Time skip to the feast))

((Palace Jet’ral, Tiruelle Moon, Tigeless I))

:: As soon as she entered, Serala knew she had made the wrong choice in dress. Apparently, this was to be an informal function.::

oO What's done is done. No use crying over skilled aesollh. Oo

:: She quickly scanned the room to see who was here. She could see a cluster sitting with the Captain, including Ensign Dermont, a Tellarite she had yet to meet and Ensign Raga. Not willing to invite herself to the Captain's table, and still wary of Dermont, she chose to find somewhere else. Instead, she made her way to the buffet table.::

oO This place is impressive. Cold, but impressive. The artwork is superb. Too bad it requires ice to do such impressive work. Oo

:: As she made her way, she noticed Lieutenant Lambert just leaving stage after apparently singing a song. He must have been good because the small crowd around him seemed impressed.::

oO Seems your new friends are all tied up. Guess you're on your own tonight. What else is new. Oo

:: Once at the buffet table, she began to select dishes, preferring the ones that seemed spicy. Having grown up in Columbia, and having eaten tons of her mother's Romulan dishes, she loved spicy food. She found a soup that smelled promising. She took her choices and selected a seat that would afford her a view of the room.::

oO Might as well put my Security hat back on. Not that I ever really took it off. Let's hope the Captain doesn't wait too long to get the ceremony started, otherwise this promises to be one very long, boring night. Oo

((OOC: Anyone who wants to can feel free to tag in on this.))

Ensign Serala,  Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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