Ensign Serala: Time for the ceremony?

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Jim Davis

Apr 24, 2018, 8:54:19 AM4/24/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Holodeck 1, USS Atlantis, Docked at DS 26, Day 15))

Kiitiarel:  response

Serala: I'm sorry, Kiitiarel. What did you say?

Kiitiarel: Response

Serala: Yes, I decided to try something different with my hair. I was recently reminded that I'm not entirely Romulan and in light of my recent experience, I thought to focus on my human side for a bit. Do you like it? My hair, I mean? I even had my nails done.

Kiitiarel: Response

Serala: Yes, I heard every word and I think you're right.

Dermont:  Commander Williams, Ms. Sister Raga, Ensign, I'll be back soon.  I gotta take care of somethin' urgent I've been puttin' off.

Serala: Alright, just stay out of trouble.

Williams: Need a hand?

::He headed away from them, but as he was quite a bit away he called back in a very loud, very carrying voice.::

Dermont:  And Serala!  If ya want me ta beam her inta space, just let me know!

oO What?! Dermont, what have you just done? … Am I that transparent? And why does this bother me? Oo

:: She could tell her face was six shades of green from embarrassment. ::

Serala: I don't think my mother would appreciate that, Lieutenant, but thanks anyway.

Serala: By the way, Kiitiarel, you are looking nice tonight as well.

:: Commander Williams signaled Ensign Knight join them, no doubt to raise the testosterone levels at the table ::

Knight: Bartender’s choice please

Zogi: As you wish!

Kiitiarel: Response

Serala: You're welcome.

:: The grin on the Ferengi’s face made it clear he would not choose something cheap. It took the man only 15 seconds to come up with something blue and orange in a very small glass.::

Knight: :: Taking the drink :: Everyone to your good health

Williams: ::raising his glass:: Here here.

:: And it was at just that moment that she felt something soft bounce the back of her head. Turning, she saw a dinner roll landing on the ground. A quick glance around revealed who the culprit was: One of the Captain's twins, instigated by one mischievous Marine. ::

:: The look she gave Logan said ‘Beware. Reprisal is on the way.’ ::

oO Fortunately, no damage was done. I've never put as much effort into my appearance as I have tonight. Even during inspections at the Academy. Speaking of which... Oo

::She refocused her attention back in the table where Knight was inquiring about his drink from Zogi::

Zogi: My specialty sir, as requested. Romulan ale with tarcalian tea, and to stir it up a bit more….Vulcan brandy

Williams: Wauw… that sounds like a guaranteed headache in the morning son…

Knight: Response

oO No kidding…. I didn't know Zogi had Romulan ale. Have to keep that one in mind. Oo

Serala: Excuse me, everyone. I see someone I recognize the Academy.

Williams: If you all excuse me… duty calls. Don’t run away too far. I might need you on that stage in a moment.

oO Really? Oo

:: She decided to retake her seat, resolving to speak to Lieutenant Commander Jolara later.

Knight/Kiitiarel: Response

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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