Lt Commander Serala: I Can Certainly Give It A Good Try

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Jim Davis

May 23, 2020, 7:07:36 PM5/23/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Conference Center, Mephinii, Illara Prime ))

Serala: Well, it would appear that the Ambassador from the Romulan Republic is already here. I don’t suppose there’s any way we can avoid her?

Raga: Not likely. Even you're not that good at avoiding people.

oO Touché Oo


Kiax: We are here to mingle, after all…

Serala: Well, I suppose that is all true. But maybe we can delay it a bit.

Thoran: Now Number One, we will do what we can, but you cannot avoid Ambassador R’Val the whole time we are here.

oO I can certainly give it a good try, though. Oo

Raga: Oh, she'll definitely try, sir. ::He smirked::


McKnight: I'd be nervous too if it's my mother....Sorry.

Serala glared at the Marine Captain. He was trying to be amusing, but she just wasn’t in the mood.

Serala: Well, Amuro. I designate you my personal diplomatic guard. But only whenever my Mother is around. After all, we wouldn’t want to create a diplomatic incident because of a family quarrel, now would we?

She just hoped he would take the humorous barb as what it was. An attempt at humor.

McKnight: Of course. Anything you need, ma'am. ::He steps in front of her.::

Serala nearly burst out with laughter at the sight. All that was needed was a little half-bow, and she suspected he had repressed an urge to do just that. It was odd, and delightful, to see that humorous side of him. It was something she couldn’t ever remember seeing before.

oO Maybe that Orion girl is loosening up that stiff demeanor of his. Bringing out the Amuro under the Captain McKnight. Oo

Thoran: Okay, okay. That is quite enough. Remember why we are here.


Raga: Yes, sir. ::He chuckled::

A nearby turbolift opened and a Caraadian stepped out and made his way over to them.

Caraadain Aide: I represent Major Stonecypher. I understand a member of your crew is to meet with the Major.


Thoran: Of course yes. ::Jarred gestured to Toryn.:: Commander Raga is my second officer and he is to be my liaison with the Major.

Raga: The sooner the better.

Caraadain Aide: Please follow me Commander.

Serala watched the group depart and found herself secretly wishing she could leave with them.

Thoran: Well Number One, what say you, shall we rescue our young Andorian from your mother, or let him stew a little longer?

Serala: :: She chuckled :: Well, no one asked him to go over there. Let him learn the hard way.


Yeve: Response

Serala wasn’t quite sure who this Minister Weisto was, but she apparently wanted to meet the Federation representatives, and that meant her. Well, the Captain, but she was part of the diplomatic team also.


Thoran: Of course. I will be along momentarily.

The Captain hurried over to where Thalas was speaking with her mother, spoke briefly with her and then turned and left with the Ensign in tow. Meanwhile, Serala looked at the aide, not really sure what to say.

Thoran: Apologies for that. Please, lead the way.

Together, the three Federation officers followed the aide to the office of the Minister.

((OOC: To be continued in my next post, coming shortly ))

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