Lt JG Serala: Mission Briefing

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Jim Davis

May 6, 2018, 9:45:28 AM5/6/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Serala's Quarters, Deck 3, Port, Aft, Interior, Cabin 03-0204, USS Atlantis ))

:: Serala brushed her hair one last time, then headed out of her quarters. She liked the new style. It had the benefit covering the points of her ears and making look somewhat more feminine. For the first time that she could remember, that mattered her. Fingering her new half-pip, she headed for the turbo lift, determined not to be late. She now had the responsibility of setting a good example for the ensigns and others who were junior to her. It was also her first mission briefing since her promotion, and she wanted to impress the Captain by being on time. ::

(( Time skip: Conference Room, Deck One, USS Atlantis ))

:: Determined as she was to be on time, she felt her heart sink as she realized the Captain was already here and in his seat. She checked the chronometer on the wall and saw that she still had four minutes, so she relaxed and took a seat at the table. That was when she saw Toryn. ::

:: It still hurt, knowing that he now had a mate. She didn't know if it was a permanent thing like the Vulcans, or just to people passing in the night. Either way, it hurt but she was determined not to ever let him know how much. They would be friends, and that would be enough. It would have to be. ::

Brell: Good morning everyone. It is good to be here again, before we get started I have few position changes to announce.  As some of you may already be aware, Commander Tel-ar is now serving as our Mission Specialist, I know he will give this role his best performance.

Tel-ar: Response

Brell: Next Engineering has been without an official Chief for far too long. Lieutenant Dermont you have shown your technical skill to everyone who has worked with you. You have had to make the tough calls to save this ship and crew, It is my honor to elevate you to Chief Engineer of this ship.

oO I kind of assumed he already was the chief. Oo

Dermont: Response

Brell: For those of you whom had not had the chance to meet them yet Ensign Sotak is joining us as our new science officer, and Ensign Termine is our new OPS officer.

:: Serala had seen them around but had not spoken to either one yet. That would have to change. She remembered how she had hoped someone would befriend her after her arrival. Well, they had, but not really because she had sought them out. She would reciprocate with them the way others had done for her. ::

Williams: Welcome aboard Mr Termine.

Dermont: Responses

Brell: Now what I’m sure you have all been waiting for. Starfleet has given us orders to work with Freeworld’s scientists to establish anthropological duck blink outpost on Lydor V an O class planet that hosts a population of sentient semi-amphibious humanoids in a bronze age level of development called the Lydonians.

::He tapped on the small control pad embedded on the table and the holographic projectors came to life. Displaying both the planet Lydon V and a representation of the locals. They appeared similar to Saurians with their skin coloration variety but their eyes were smaller and looked to have more of a amphibian like appearance than those of the reptilian Federation member species.::

oO Curious. Oo

Jann: A Brozen age level? How big is their population?

Brell: Their are about ten populated island chains, with the largest boasting a city that numbers just over twelve hundred people.

Danara:  Response

Brell: Total population is one hundred thousand, though with many living on seafaring ships it’s been difficult for the Freeworlds to get accurate numbers. They have also had a difficult time keeping them from being culturally contaminated going as far to hide their existence from the Valcarians who would only exploit them.

Jann: That's pretty low, exploiting a developing species.

Williams: But not uncommon if I may say so.

Sotak: It may be so, Counsellor, but unfortunately the Valcarians do have a long history of conquering their neighbouring systems and beyond, especially those planets that seem the most vulnerable to subjugation. The Freeworlds Council is very protective of its region members, and it is only through diplomatic relations between the Freeworlds and the Federation that we are allowed to cooperate in the study of the Lydonians at all.

Raga/Any: Responses

Brell: A team will be working with  establish the duck blind outpost that will be manned by federation and freeworlds scientists. Several of whom we will be taking with us from DS26, the rest are in orbit on a Freeworlds science vessel.

::He took a drink from his coffee and squeezed another wedge of lemon into it, before taking a second drink.::

Brell: Mr Dermont that would be you, and Ensign Termine who will be working with a Freeworlds anthropologist to get the power source set up first in order get the holographic, sensor and computer systems up and running, before making any visual observation openings in the outer rock face.

Dermont: Response

Termine: Has a location for the blind already been selected or just a sector? With your permission I’d like to survey any candidate locations with the anthropologist before any work begins

Williams:  A wise precaution. We don’t want them to see us the second the power is out. I would like ot make sure we have a significant number of back up systems as well. The last thing we need is a contamination of their way of life. Mr Dermont, can we count on you?

Dermont: Response

Brell: While the outpost is located a distance from largest population another two small teams will be needed. They will be altered to look Lydonian in order to set up a few pieces of disguised equipment that will be essential to the outpost. With a secondary task of making observations to write up first hand reports of the culture.  

:: Serala was not a scientist and prayed to the Elements that she would not be a part of those teams, but they just might need a combat specialist if things got bad. ::

Brell: Commander Williams I want you to lead one of the teams, taking Lieutenant Danara and Ensign Sotak with you.

oO Make sense. And the Commander used to be security, I heard. Not to mention Danara. Oo

Williams: Aye sir, eager to get started.

Brell: You will be beamed in near the temple district that is nearby the docks, there are apparently some interesting aspects of how their culture’s religion is tied to maritime service.  

Williams: We should work on a backup story about our origin unless they are familiar with trade. Something we should observe first. I am sure your skills are useful in that aspect Lieutenant. ::He looked at Danara::

Danara: Response

Sotak: Not much is known about Lydor, as far as my knowledge goes, but if what you say is accurate, Captain, they could have a cultural structure not too dissimilar to that of the Lamemda, though perhaps less violent given their more hospitable environment. I will be researching what is known about them shortly, Captain.

Brell: Commander Tel-ar you will lead the other team altered to look Lydonian, Counselor Jann and Ensign Knight will be accompanying you. You will be beamed into the cities manufacturing district where you will place the devices, followed by the neighboring market area. You will be getting a feel for the life of the average citizen.

:: She breathed a sigh of relief. Combat was definitely covered with Tel-ar on the team. ::

Tel-ar: Response

Jann: oh, yes sir I agree it'll be a good chance to study and develop a first hand psychological profile of the race.

Knight: Response

Williams: When will we arrive captain?

Brell: It will take us two days to arrive at Lydor V, lab one is available to the undercover Lydorian away teams to review cultural data, and sickbay is recommending you get to them for dermal alteration sooner rather than later so that you can become accustomed to the changes before beaming down.

Jann: Two days to learn everything we can, it's going to be fun.

Williams: Two days? Hmm that means Lt. Femi is just in time to test her new doctors training and assist with the alterations.

Brell: Mr Dermont, please contact DS26 to get the cargo loaded and you can meet with the Caraadian anthropologist you will be working with.

Dermont: Response

Brell: With the exception of Williams, Tel-ar, Raga, McKnight, Logan, and Serala you are all dismissed. We depart the starbase at nineteen hundred hours.

:: She was relieved when the Captain had included her in that last list. It was starting to sound like it might just be a boring mission for her. ::

Brell: We have reason to believe someone is engaged in illegal mining on Lydor. The Freeworlds science ship that has been in orbit for a week has detected some evidence of masked ion trails. They also have observed some seismic activity they are having trouble explaining. Twelve hours ago we got a communication that were able to detect feint power readings from deep below the city where we are sending our away teams.

Williams: Hmmmm I have a similar experience on an away mission a few years ago…. People claiming to be gods, forcing local people to do their hard work.

Raga: response

Williams: Ferenginar is far from here, but it is something they did…. Still find it unlikely they end up in this part of the galaxy. I will check in with Zogi. See what he knows.

Brell: The Lydorians are a good two to three hundred years being able to cause power readings like that. No biosigns have been found but Freeworlds sensors are not as advanced as our own. In fact analyzing the power signature readings we were sent there is only two similar matches in our database:

::He tapped the control pad on the table once more and changed the holographic image to illustrate his point.::

Brell: Taventa Robotics and the Consortium.

oO Oh, by all the… More robots? Oo

Williams: I thought we had seen the last of them for a while…. At least we know how to deal with them…

Brell: To that end Lieutenant Raga, I want you McKnight and Logan to beam down into the cave system for a look. ::He gave a slight sigh.:: While in the past I have been wary of sending down overly armed personnel, this time as it is possible there are bots of some kind down there you each are granted permission to carry rifles, side arms and limited amounts of explosives. If they are down there you are to observe and contact Atlantis before engaging.

:: She was disappointed now. That away mission sounded like it might just be fun. ::  
Brell: This might be our chance to catch them in the act and expose the Consortium’s illicit activity to the Expanse. If they are indeed involved.

Raga/McKnight/Logan: responses

Brell: Lieutenant Serala you will be on the Bridge with me staying in contact with Raga’s team and looking for evidence of this phantom ship the Freeworlds ship has caught glimpses of.

Serala: Aye, sir. I will utilize the time between now and then to study the sensor data from the ambush. It is possible they are using cloaked ships to smuggle people and supplies back and forth. If I can figure out how to detect them, we may able to expose them.

oO Bridge duty! Even after missing them the last time. This time, I'm going to get it right! Oo

Williams: Mr Tel-ar, as our mission expert and fellow team leader its best if we come up with a backup story in case people start asking questions while we mingle.

Tel-ar: Response

McKnight: Will this be the entire team or can we have back up just in case it gets messy? I'd prefer to have at least 2 more Marines with us.

Williams: fighting should be our last resort, and if we end up in one its best to use local weapons. Fists only if possible. The last thing we need is our blood not matching theirs…

Brell: Response

Logan: Response

Lt JG Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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