Lt Commander Serala: Even enemies become allies in a crisis

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Jim Davis

Jan 24, 2020, 12:42:29 AM1/24/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Ambassador’s Yacht, snowy wilderness approximately 30 minute hike from Ambassador’s Villa, Tibro ))

Serala: Just my luck. Stranded in the middle of a snowy wilderness. It’s a dream come true.

oO More like a nightmare. Get it together, Serala. Oo

Dels’an: Not ideal, but it is better than being dead.

Revik: The cold can be worse than death sometimes, though I’d have to agree that I’d rather be alive at the current moment.

oO Well, he and I agree on something at least. Oo

McKnight: And I forgot to bring a coat. 

Nehir: Response

Serala: Well, I know several of you outrank me here, and, Ambassador, this is your yacht, but I did quite well in survival training at the Academy. So, if I may offer a few suggestions?

Dels’an: Proceed, Commander Serala.

Thoran: Certainly Commander.

Revik: It would be prudent to lay down all the issues now.

Serala: Yes. First we need to see if we can reach someone to let them know where we are and what our situation is. That is, assuming we actually know where we are. Then, we need to do several things. One, we need to secure shelter. It’s going to get cold in here with no power to run the heat. And this is most likely our best bet for now. Still, we should have one or two scout around nearby to see if there are any better prospects. We should also try and determine whether this was sabotage or not. We were under the impression, Ambassador, that you felt there might be some risk to you. Not to mention the fact that there might be more than one group who wouldn’t want to see an alliance between the Valcarian Empire and the Federation, or the Valcarian Empire and the Romulan Empire. There seem to be a number of reasons for such an act to have been staged. That will also lead to the need to determine just how safe we are out here, and not just from the wildlife, but also from other threats. Captain McKnight, do you think I missed anything here?

McKnight: I think everyone understands the situation, Commander.

Serala: Captain Thoran, Ambassador, Commander Revik, do any of you have anything further to suggest?

Thoran: Nothing from me. All I will say is that there is a lot of history between our people. Not all of it pleasant. Our best chance of surviving this is to work together, put aside our differences.

Revik: I have to agree with the Commander no matter the situation I will work to help with our survival 

Dels’an: There is some survival gear that we can use stored on the ship. I don’t know how much of it survived the crash intact. ::Pause:: But you are right that this was likely sabotage. And if that is true, we can’t stay here and we can’t call for help.

The Ambassador had made several good points. Serala just was not too keen on traipsing through the snow and ice. She was concerned, though, about where exactly they were supposed to go. Maybe the Rodulan counselor would have some ideas.

Serala: And what about you, Counselor?

Nehir: Responses

Serala: Well, sirs, I think that about covers it for the moment. Should we begin?

Thoran: The longer we wait around, the worse our chances will be. Let us proceed.

Dels’an: The sooner we get to shelter, the better.

Revik: Let’s get moving!

Nehir: Response

She was about to ask where they would be trying to get to, but McKnight tried to contact the ship and seemed to be having no success. That concerned her.

McKnight: =/\= Atlantis, Spartan One. The ambassador's yacht has crashed onto the planet. Please coordinate the Valcarians for an evac. We have wounded...Atlantis, respond. =/\=

Dels’an: Agent Jarol, retrieve what’s left of the survival gear and weapons from the arms locker. Of course, Commander Faris!

Suddenly, the Ambassador dashed from the room, apparently concerned about someone.

Thoran: Ambassador, wait.

Revix: I don’t think she is going to wait for us Commander!

Serala: No sir. I would agree. We should probably find out what she’s about.

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Serala followed both Commanders as they chased after the Ambassador. They found her trying to force the doors open to the bridge of the yacht. Once inside, they found the helm officer pinned under some equipment.

Dels’an: Commander, what happened…

Faris: ::Faintly.:: The navigation system became completely unresponsive, and the manual controls wouldn’t work either. It seemed deliberate. The automatic distress beacon worked though...I should have run a more...detailed, diagnostic-

Dels’an: No, it’s alright. We’ve all survived the crash. Now we are going to get out of here. Get ready to move, Commander.

Revix: Well I know this isn’t what you’d like to hear, but there are some Romulans that seem to be targeting me. I think they may be coming after me and anyone that’s with me.

Serala: With all due respect, Commander. That is not the only possible scenario here. We had reason to believe the Ambassador thought her own life in danger and there are probably no shortage of people who would not be too happy to see us here either. We could all be targets here.

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Dels’an: We can’t stay here. The number of people who could pull an attack like this off isn’t long, and most of them are very dangerous people. I’d suspect General Asil or Director Varus organizing this. Neither of them would leave things to chance like this. Whoever arranged this crash will be here to make sure it did the job.

Serala remembered those names from the intel reports she had read. She wasn’t quite sure why the Ambassador would suspect them, but she did know those were both high ranking officials in the Valcarian Empire. She wondered just what was brewing here.

Revix: Is everything ok Commander?

Before the Captain could answer the Romulan, Captain McKnight reported that he was unable to reach the ship.

McKnight: Sir, I can't get the Atlantis on comms.

Nehir / Revix: Responses

Serala tried to reach the ship a few times, but like the Marine she had no success. She noticed the others were trying also. After a brief moment, Thoran turned to the Ambassador.

Thoran: What do you suggest our next move would be Ambassador?

Dels’an: The villa would be half an hour away on foot, but we can’t go there. That would be the next place they would check when they don’t find my body in the wreckage. If we go northeast from here, there’s an abandoned outpost we could use. Out of service for more than twenty years and not included on up-to-date maps.

Serala was not very happy about the idea, but she admitted to herself that the Ambassador made a very good point. This was not a safe place if any of them had enemies trying to kill them. And the villa would be just as bad.

Thoran: Then that sounds like our best chance. Everybody, grab anything you can carry. We’ll depart in five.

McKnight: Yes, sir.

Revix: I could be a decoy and make them think we’re at the villa while you all head to the outpost.

This was supposed to have been a diplomatic endeavor before the crash, and she was doing her best to maintain that, but the tactical officer in her, not to mention her inherent Romulan paranoia, wanted to know where this man was at all times. It was just as likely that he had been involved in this plot. What better way to draw attention away from yourself than to be onboard when the “accident” occurred. Especially if you had taken precautions in advance to ensure an increased chance of survival. Not that she had any proof of that, of course.

Nehir: Response

Dels’an: Someone help me get her out of here. Anyone who’s still here when the saboteurs return to finish the job is dead.

Thoran: On the count of three, we’ll pull the console up. Somebody get ready to move Faris. One.. two.. Three.

Serala stood next to Commander Revix. She would have offered to lend her aid, especially in light of the fact that Romulans tended to be significantly stronger than most other races, but considering the late stage her pregnancy was in, she decided it would not be a good idea to be lifting heavy objects just now.

Thoran: We won’t be able to get far with her in that state. We need to make a stretcher. Take it in turns to carry her. :: The Captain turned to her and one of Commander Revix’s soldiers :: Find anything we could use.

Commander Revix seemed to be willing to go along with the Captain for now as he turned to his man and ordered him to assist.

Revix: Help them with the stretcher. We need to make sure we get the pilot out of here quickly. 

Serala: Yes, Captain.

She nodded at the soldier then headed aft to the berthing area reasoning that there should be some sheets and blankets there. They would need something to make the poles out of and she pointed to a pair of handrails along the walls which she concluded had been placed there to help someone keep their balance while the ship was moving.

Serala: Hlmnae u’nnaener aousu. Mnean hna’dhohh lloann. (Try and remove those. We will need them.)

When they returned, Serala was carrying an armload of sheets and a pair of blankets. She noted McKnight working on the wounded woman while the Captain, Commander Revix and Ambassador Dels’an all seemed to be having a conference on what to do next.

Dels’an: Response

Setting the linen down she turned to the Commander. Time to voice her objections.

Serala: About that plan of yours, Commander Revix. It’s very noble of you, Commander. Especially for a group of non-Rihannsu. However, in my opinion, sir, it would be best if we all remained together. The more of us there are, the better our chances of survival are.

oO Not to mention the fact that we can keep an eye on you better that way. Oo

Revix: Response

Thoran / Dels’an: Responses

Apparently, Amuro had finished doing what he could for the woman as he rose and began to gather whatever items he could find to help them after they left. He even pressed a small projectile weapon the size of a pistol into her hand. Serala noted that the two Romulan soldiers were doing a fairly good job at assembling a makeshift litter from the items they had brought back with them. Deciding that if it came down to a firefight, her pregnancy would be more of a hindrance than anything, and wanting to establish some diplomacy in this situation, she walked over to Revix.

Serala: Sir, in my condition, this isn’t going to do me much good. And since our man has a weapon, it seems only right you should be armed as well. Especially if you have reason to believe your life is also a target for your enemies.

Revix: Response

Serala: Captain, Ambassador. It seems there may be a few more weapons if either of you would like one. But I sincerely hope they won’t be necessary. If we are fortunate, someone on our side will have noticed our absence and will find us before our enemy or enemies do.

Thoran / Dels’an / Revix / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Once everyone had gathered what they could carry, they headed out in the direction the Ambassador had suggested. Serala was pleased to note that Commander Revix had instructed his soldiers to carry the litter. Serala had created a makeshift backpack from one of the sheets and had packed it with various foodstuffs from the galley and was now carrying it backpack style. They made good time and it seemed that if they were being followed, their pursuers were too far to spot. Thankfully, Amuro had thought to cover their tracks by using a sheet to shuffle the snow and smooth it over. It wasn’t perfect, but it beat the obvious tracks they were leaving behind elsewise.

(( OOC: Feel free to add on here if you wish. I am going to skip over to the outpost but will come back and fill in tags if any are left for me. ))

(( Time skip just over one hour - Abandoned outpost ))

It took them over an hour to get to the outpost, especially encumbered as they were with the wounded officer and the gear they were carrying. Serala, for one was glad when they made it inside of a structure. It was still cold, but insulated from the biting chill that was outside. She just hoped they could find a way to warm things up. Of course, that could also risk them being detected by thermal sensors. In her opinion, though, it was a risk they needed to take.

Serala: Well, we’re here. Home sweet home.

Thoran /  Dels’an / Revix / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Serala: :: looking at the wounded woman :: How is she doing? That trip could not have been easy for her.

oO Elements, I feel like I have frostbite. I can’t even imagine what happened to her. Oo

Thoran /  Dels’an / Revix / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Serala: Amuro, that fancy gadget of yours on your arm. Do you think you could use it to reach the ship? Maybe tie into your commbadge? Not trying to be funny here, and I know our supply of tools is severely limited, but I’m not an engineer and I am grasping for ideas here.

McKnight: Response

Thoran /  Dels’an / Revix / Nehir: Responses

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