Ensign Serala: Asleep on the job.

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Jim Davis

Mar 17, 2018, 6:53:45 PM3/17/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Sickbay, Deck 5, USS Atlantis, en Route to DS26 ))

:: Several hours later, the EMH woke her to inform her she was scheduled for duty. Stretching, and ashamed she had fallen asleep while guarding Toryn, she looked down and see Lieutenant Dermont stretched out, his head resting on her stool. Curious, she wondered which critical patient he was here for, since he had a connection to both. Regardless, she was grateful that he seemed to have accepted her presence here. Toryn had told her about Dermont's aversion to Romulans, and she couldn't really blame him. Regretfully, she left Toryn to Dermont's capable hands to guard over, promising him that she would be back as soon as her shift was over. ::

(( 9 hours later ))

:: She had just gotten off duty. Her shift had been spent in the brig, cleaning up and restoring systems. The entirety of the repairs were not left the engineering department as each department expected to know how to repair their own equipment. Not to mention the fact that engineers can only do so much at one time. The damage was so severe throughout the ship that it was essentially all hands on deck. With each department working on their own repairs, it relieved the engineering staff to work on the major issues. Like how to get power without a warp core.

:: She had taken the time to shower, change and eat, but then she had hurried back to the side of her friend. After learning from the doctor that Toryn's status was unchanged, she moved back to sit with him.

:: She took a brief look at the young woman lying in the next bed. She had heard that the badly burned crewman had been injured while saving the ship from a warp core breach. She hoped the woman made it.

:: Shrugging, she turned back to Raga and tears began to well in her eyes. So brave, yet so foolish. She wanted to smack him in the face… Hard… But knew that doing so would just injured him further. She felt that roiling mix of emotions again: anger, fear, pain, worry. And that one she just couldn't define, or explain. ::

Serala: You had better not die me. :: She whispered in his ear, tears choking her voice. ::

:: She sat on the stool, resolving to stay awake this time. Ten minutes later, she was fast asleep, her head slumped on Toryn's bed. ::

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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