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Jim Davis

Jul 16, 2020, 7:10:24 PM7/16/20
to USS Atlantis
(( Security Control, Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime )) 

 Serala: Very well, Major. It is your call. However, I believe you just facilitated the escape of our spy and those assailants who have not yet been captured. Hopefully, my people have obtained sufficient information to still be able to determine the identity of the person or persons we are looking for.

Knight: Well I guess that settles that then, should we start beaming up to the big ship?

Serala: That’s an affirmative, Lieutenant. :: turns to Raga :: Commander, begin recalling all personnel to the ship. We are not needed here any longer. :: to Knight :: Mr. Knight, after we get back to the ship, I am going to need you to put those analysis skills to use to figure out who our spy is and the Captain’s assailant. Mr. McKnight has some evidence on the way. Analyze that as well.

Raga/Knight/Edwards: Responses

Checked fury still coursed through her veins as she tapped her badge once more.

Serala: =/\= Serala to all away teams. Our work here is done. Return to Atlantis as soon as possible. All security and Marine personnel assist in the safe evacuation of our people. Serala out. =/\=

She turned to the Major once more.

Serala: Major. However I might feel about this, it is your jurisdiction. But we aren’t going anywhere until I know who was responsible for attacking my Captain. The investigation regarding the spy is now in your hands unless you wish to continue our involvement. I will tell you, though, that it is likely we will still pursue it on our own using the information we have gathered.

With that, Serala turned to leave secretly hoping for a big break before she made it back to the shuttle. She really wanted to nab the spy and the attacker before they were no longer welcomed here.

Major Stonecypher: That is your choice, but my ruling still stands.

Serala: Let’s go, gentlemen.

Raga: Right behind you. 

Major Stonecypher: Commander Serala, a moment if you please.

Serala turned back as Raga continued, already issuing recall orders.

Major Stonecypher: I realise that ulitimately we were unsecessful however you answered my call for aid. And for that I am grateful. :: He removed his golden sash and handed it to her. :: Please take this in recognition, I won’t be needing this much longer.

Serala took the offered sash. Perhaps another Starfleet Officer would have refused it, but she was Romulan. Raised wholly in Romulan tradition and she well understood the matters of honor. This man obviously considered his career and maybe even his life to be at an end. She could respect that. She had been in just such a situation once. Fortunately, the Al-Leyan who had just left the room had spared her that fate. Somehow, she wasn’t so certain this man would get so fortunate. So, she took the sash from him and gave him a slight bow of respect.

Serala: Jolan’tru, Major.

Major Stonecypher: Till we meet in hollowed fields…

She then turned back around and quickly made her way out catching up with Toryn even while she folded the sash and tucked it inside her uniform jacket. As she approached she spotted another Starfleet officer talking to Toryn and the others. He was a Trill dressed in the teal of a Science or Medical officer, and she assumed this must be the new doctor, Ensign Yalu. Sickbay was finally getting close to being fully staffed for the first time since she had been assigned as an Ensign herself. 

Raga:  Doctor, glad you could join us. ::He raised a brow:: How's the other doctor?

Yalu: Doctor Nidhar has been taken to a medical facility here on the planet.  She’s going to be okay. ::holding the data device:: She downloaded the spaceport’s records for the period just before and after the initial power surge.  They’re on this device.  We thought it would help us find out what happened to the Security Director, but I imagine it may answer a few more questions, too.

Raga: That'll help. ::He gestured towards Knight:: Best to give it to the Lieutenant here. He's going to be using those old, rusty Intelligence skills to analyze all of the data we've gathered. ::He smirked:: 

Serala: Good work. I want these people - or person - found. Best come back with us, Ensign. We’re headed back to the ship and with all the injuries, medical can use your help.

Knight: I can see what I can do with it.

Yalu:  Yes, I noticed the extra security.  Four officers escorted me down the corridor.

Raga: The Captain was attacked. We're initiating Foxtrot protocol and returning all our people to Atlantis. 

Yalu: Of course. ::handing over the data device:: I’ll head back to Atlantis straight away.

Raga: You do that, Doc. We'll be wrapping up things down here. ::glancing to Lt. Knight:: Lieutenant, escort the good doctor back to the ship. 

Knight: Shouldn’t be a problem. =/\= Knight to Atlantis, Lt. Knight and Ensign Yalu to beam up. =/\=

The two of them beamed away and Toryn looked over at her.

Raga: Given the circumstances it's probably best for you to get to the ship quickly and hold down the big chair until Ishka and the others get the Captain back on his feet. 

Serala: Of course. Second time one of my Captains has been attacked on my watch. 

Raga: Don't worry. I don't have to worry about keeping you from upholding your honor with that blade in your office. ::He smirked:: 

Serala flinched. On her very first mission for Atlantis, she had been part of a rescue party that beamed down to rescue Captain Brell and his diplomatic team as things went terribly wrong there. The similarities here were disturbing. But she had been successful and in her pride and impetuousness, she had secretly sworn a vow that she would ensure nothing happened to the big, blue Bolian Captain as long as he was in command of Atlantis. An oath that would later come back to haunt her when the Captain was abducted by the Consortium. She had revealed her oath to Toryn along with the consequences should they fail to rescue the Captain. Toryn, who still had strong feelings for Serala at the time, and who also considered her a friend, had beamed over and rescued the Captain, but at the cost of his own capture. He had been tortured for months before she could rescue him and she would always bear the shame of what had happened to him as a consequence of her oath. So many failures in her career, she wondered how she had managed to get promoted at all much less be made the First Officer.

Serala: Toryn... 

She couldn’t finish. He would always remember that pain and it would always be her fault. Their friendship had never been the same after that and she regretted it deeply.

Raga: ::still smiling:: I'll round up the Marines and security teams and do a sweep of the facility. I'm not coming back until everyone's back on the ship. 

Serala: Thank you. I will take B’Hala back. You and your team can come back on Elysium. 

They exchanged looks one last time before Toryn turned and signalled several of the security teams. Two dozen of them followed her to the shuttle and soon they were all on their way back to Atlantis.


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