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Jim Davis

Apr 15, 2019, 10:15:19 PM4/15/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Engineering Room, Consortium Ship Torment ))

Serala: Tight formation, stay together until we know the situation here. Captain Logan, take lead. Remember, our objective is to secure this room. Take as many prisoners as possible, but if necessary, killing is authorized. Destroy ALL bots!

Danara: Copy that

Logan: Ma'am

R’Val: =/\= Commander Serala. All personnel have been transported. Keep me informed and good luck. =/\=

Serala: =/\= Acknowledged and thank you, Commander R’Val. =/\= Chief Davis, are you detecting any lifesigns?

Davis: Negative, Commander. But there is a high concentration of ionizing gas in the compartment that could be interfering with my scans. I am detecting numerous signs of bots and Rolfs, however. And they all seem to be moving toward us.

Logan: All?

Serala: All right, everyone. This is what we trained for. Let’s get ready. Logan, find us a defensible position and let’s get there asap.

Logan: There :: pointing to the master console near the Engine Core :: they have to be careful taking random shots at us while we aren't as constrained

Williams: =/\= Team Beta to Team Alpha. We have boarded the target. So sign of any enemy so far. What’s your status? =/\=

Serala: =/\= No resistance, so far, but there are a number of bots and Rolfs converging on our location. Expect resistance any moment. =/\=

Danara: Things are going to heat up here very quickly.

Logan: Very quickly I'd say

Williams: =/\= That explains the lack of a welcome party here. We will relieve you as soon as we are done here. Beta, out! =/\=

Davis: Here they come!

Serala: :: ducking behind a control console. :: Weapons free! Fire!

::The spider bots were the first to appear moving in taking the odd shot but receiving more fire than they returned::

Danara: I knew it was too quiet for comfort.

:: Serala noted a green shimmer and the form of Lieutenant Maeli appeared. The firefight was in progress, but so far seemed only half-hearted. For some reason, the bots were hanging back. Serala quickly gestured to the helm officer to join her behind the console before she got hit by a stray laser shot. ::

Maeli: Commander, I can sense him. He’s here for certain.

Serala: Later, Maeli. Right now, we need to get rid of these bots. Grab my phaser pistol and start shooting.

Maeli: Aye, sir. :: She grabbed the Type II phaser and raised it to fire at a spider looking robot that was taking aim at their location. She squeezed the trigger, but it seemed to have little effect on the machine. ::

Serala: Set it to maximum, Maeli.

Maeli: Understood. :: She turned the phaser setting to maximum and fired again. This time she was rewarded with a shower of sparks as the thing exploded. ::

Serala: Logan, what is going on with these things. Why aren’t they attacking in full force?  


Serala: Logan, report!

:: In response, the Marine Captain passed her his tricorder so she could see his readings. Gas! ::

Logan:: It's a trap, they've set this up

:: Serala noted that a Marine had handed Maeli a mask, so that was one less concern she had to worry herself with. ::


::  Serala watched the grenade sail across the room and explode. She didn’t have time to react before the shockwave tore into her, searing her with heat. Her lungs seemed to fail her, and worse, she felt tearing pain in her ears from the high pitched sound and she was certain her eardrums were damaged. All she could hear was an incessant ringing sound. The pain was intense all she could do was lay on the deck and hold her ears. She managed to slowly sit up and began looking about to check the status of her team. ::

Maeli: ~~ Commander Serala. Captain Logan says there are more bots on the way and we need to regroup. ~~

:: Serala nodded at Maeli in acknowledgement of the telepathic communication then turned to the others. She needed to issue orders. She just hoped everyone could hear them. ::

Serala: :: too loudly :: =/\= Logan. Several of the team are still dazed. Hold them off as long as you can. =/\=

Logan: My apologies Ladies :: Nodding to them both :: are you ok

Serala: :: again loudly :: No, I don’t want candy! Really, this is hardly the time.

Danara: Response

Logan:: Looking at their Romulan intelligence expert :: You were right Ma'am there was a bigger party headed our way, were holding the Junctions for now but it won't take long before they decide to come through any of the bulkhead here. And when that happens...

Danara: Response

:: Just then, another blast from the Warbird rocked the ship and a console started to flash. ::

:: Some of her hearing was starting to clear, but she knew until it was treated by a doctor, it would cause her problems. ::

Mors: Commander the warp drive is out and they've lost power for anti grav plating and some environmental on several decks

Logan: Your mother's giving them a real headache, but that's given us a problem. With the Warp Engines out it's more likely they'll be down here en masse to regain control of their Engine room.

Danara: Response

Logan: We’re either going to have to hunker down here and wait for the rush or take the fight to them, give them another problem to worry about

Mors: I'm sorry Commander but I've got a limited repeater feed, I can't tell much but at the moment were coming off worse than the Warbird.

Serala: Response

Mors: The Arquese's engine power is climbing fast

Logan:: Moving in next to the Security Officer :: As in their moving away?

Mors: No sir their containment is failing, their Warp Core is overloading

Logan: Comms..I Need Comms to them

Mors: We don't have comms sir,

Logan: Rozan... ROZAN !!...ROZAN !!!!....... HANG ON.....ROZEN!!!!!!!!...NNNOOOOOOO!!!!! AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH.......

:: Serala, baffled and quite caught off guard, could only stare at the Captain as he shouted and then began pounding his fists into the console. Finally figuring it out - he had mentioned knowing the Captain of the Arquese - she felt a great sympathy for him and wanted to comfort him. But this was not the time. They had a task to do. ::

Serala: Captain. Lieutenant Maeli here reports that Raga is in fact onboard this ship. We’re going to need to split up. I need a majority of the team to stay here and hold Engineering. I want you, Maeli, and myself, and two others to make a break through their lines and try to find Raga. To do that, we’re going to need some breathing space.

Logan: I'll get you that breathing space !!!

Danara: Response

Serala: Well, Lieutenant. I was going to leave that to you. You can stay here and remain in charge, which will also give you an opportunity to get into their computers and get whatever data you can. Or you can come with. Either way works for me. If you come with, I’ll leave Davis in charge down here.

Danara: Response

Serala: Very good. Maeli, try and see if you can get into their system and download the ship’s layout to your tricorder. Between that and your sensing of Raga, we can find him.

Maeli: Response

Serala: All right, let’s do it. Logan, let’s go. Maeli catch up when you can.

:: In response, Logan snatched a rifle from one of her Security Officers and ran back to the junction. He was firing phasers before she had heard everyone’s replies. ::

Danara/Maeli: Responses

Serala: :: pointing at two marine sergeants :: You two with me. Let’s move. Logan, wait for the rest of us! We want a chance to do some killing too!

Marine Sgt 1: Aye, sir!

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