Commander Jarred Thoran - Welcome to the USS Atlantis

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((OOC: Just wrapping this up))

((Shuttle Docking, Deck 34, Starbase One, Sol System))

((Time Index: Day 24 of Shore Leave))

The group rounded a corner as Jarred continued his discussion with the new arrivals. It was a nice change of scenery for Jarred, who usually conducted such discussions in his Ready Room. Perhaps he ought to make more of an effort to vacate the room, and not always end up trapped in there by visitors.

Thoran: Any questions so far? Anything you would like to know about the Atlantis or it’s crew beforehand? Don’t be shy now, just because I am your commanding officer, it doesn’t mean i’ll bite.

Tal'Aura: Can you give us any hints as to what the ship’s next assignment will be, Captain? I would be lying if I said I was not somewhat itching at getting out there.

That was a good question and one he wished he knew the answer to. With the transfer to the Chin’toka over the next couple of days, Jarred shared in the Rekarian man’s eagerness. To test out the Chin’toka’s capabilities, including its state of the art warp drive.

Levinson: Yes, sir. ::Beat:: Does the Atlantis possess any special features that other Intrepid-class ships do not?

Another great question. So far the new arrivals were two for two. When he’d initially asked if they had further questions, Jarred had half expected there to be none, so it was good to see the trio taking the initiative and not being afraid of their new captain.

Paros: I read about the ship’s systems on the way here Captan, the variable geometry pylons sound most promising. Although, I’m sure other Intrepid class starships in the fleet have been outfitted with more or less the same equipment.

Thoran: Mr. Tal’Aura unfortunately at the moment I cannot provide any details for our next assignment, but rest assured once I know you will be briefed. Mr. Levinson the Atlantis has a few modifications the most prominent being deck 13 being outfitted for our marine contingent.

Paros: I hope you’ll not mind me asking Sir, but considering how we’ll possibly be enjoying some shore leave before the Atlantis is out exploring again. I thought you might have some recommendations on places to visit. On Terra that is.

Jarred was surprised by the difficulty of the question. Although he had gone to the academy on Earth, he hadn’t really explored much of the Human homeworld. There had been the bar that he had visited yesterday with Theo, but Jarred wasn’t quite sure that was quite what the Deltan had in mind.

Tal'Aura: I was mulling over the possibility of climbing Devils Tower in Wyoming. If that is of interest to you, Paros, you are more than welcome to join me. Yourself as well, Lieutenant. And you, Captain.

Thoran: I appreciate the offer, but I will have to decline. I am supposed to be taking things easy for the next couple of weeks unfortunately. Lieutenant Commander Raga is an avid climber, perhaps he would be interested.

After what seemed like an eternity in the bowels of the starbase, they were in the final stretch. The airlock that led to the Atlantis was just up ahead, and Levinson, Tal’Aura along with Paros would be at their new home. Or at least temporarily until the transition to the Chin’toka which would be happening shortly - a matter he still had to brief the senior staff about. He just hoped they shared his excitement.

With a loud hiss the airlock to the Atlantis slowly opened allowing those behind him their first glimpse of their temporary home. He stepped over the threshold and paused, waiting for the others to join him. Once they were all inside the airlock Jarred continued.

Thoran: Welcome to the USS Atlantis.

Commander Jarred Thoran
Commanding Officer, USS Atlantis NCC-74682

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