Lt Commander Serala: Awards and Promotions, pt. 3

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Jim Davis

Apr 11, 2020, 12:11:58 AM4/11/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Nova Room, Level 13, Deep Space 26, Paldor System, Larokon Space, Par’tha Expanse ))

{{ Time Index: Shore Leave Day 17 }}

Thoran: That concludes the awarding of decorations. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your hardwork and dedication over the past several months. I know that life in Starfleet is not always easy, but each of you should be proud of your accomplishments. It is my honour to serve as your Captain and the Atlantis would not be half the ship it is without you.

The Captain led the way in the applause and she quickly joined in.

Kiax: Congrats, everyone!

Raga: Well done! Well deserved. 

Hyden: Congratulations to all!

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The Captain remained at the front as the applause and cheers went on and Serala suspected that there was more to come.

Thoran: In addition to Commander Serala’s promotion to First Officer, I have a couple of other personnel changes to announce. Lieutenant Journs, you have proven a capable medical officer and your assistance to Doctor G’Renn has been invaluable. It gives me great pleasure to offer you the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

Journs: Thank you, sir.

Kiax: Couldn’t be prouder of you, b. ::She grinned::

Logan: Well deserved !!

Raga: Proud of you! ::He cheered:: 

Serala: Gratulon, Ishka! ( Congratulation, Ishka )

Serala didn’t really speak their language, but now that two of her friends were Al-Leyan, she decided it wouldn’t hurt to at least learn a few phrases, and so she had asked the computer to begin a series of basic lessons for her in Esperanto.

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Thoran: Lieutenant Kiax, during my time in Starfleet I have served alongside many fine Operations Officers. Few have matched your skill and organisational abilities, and I have no doubt that the Atlantis would not run half as smoothly were it not for your efforts. I would like to offer you the position of Assistant Chief of Operations.

Kiax: Uhhhh…

Several people applauded for her, but Serala noted that Maddi was especially enthusiastic in her response.

Kiax: I can’t believe it. Thank you so much!

Journs: ::shouts:: Congratulations, Esa.

Logan: Well deserved, very well deserved.

Raga: Great work!!

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Thoran: Well, that concludes today’s proceedings. I do hope you will make the most of the open bar and again, congratulations and well done to you all.

As the ceremony broke up, Ishka and Toryn made their way over to her and Ishka wrapped her up in a tight embrace. Serala was strong, but Ishka was Al-Leyan and was significantly stronger. Though Serala did note that it wasn’t as much as Toryn’s. She was just glad the woman knew enough to restrain herself or she might crack some ribs.

Journs: Congratulations, Serala. You’ll make an amazing first officer.

Serala: I’ll do my best, anyway.

Journs: ::smirks:: My, my. Mom and first officer all in the space of just over two weeks. You don’t do anything by halves, do you?

Raga: Commander Thoran just needed someone to help hand out boxes. ::He smirked and chuckled:: 

Serala: :: chuckling :: If that was all he was looking for, then I’m glad he didn’t choose you. They might all be little rosewood splinters on the floor. I mean, just ask the quartermasters about their tables.

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Raga: ::He laughed and his grin softened:: I'm teasing my best friend. But, in all seriousness. I'm proud of you Serala. And more importantly than that, I believe Stevok would be as well. 

She fought back the grief that sprang up at the mention of his name. She had been trying to forget that for at least a few hours and just enjoy this moment. She knew Toryn hadn’t meant anything by it, but it still hurt.

Serala: Thank you, Toryn. I am sure he would be. I am just hoping that this won’t hurt our friendship. After all, you have always been senior to me until now.

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Raga: Don't be. You earned it and I knew I wasn't going to get it. 

Serala: Why would you say that?

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Raga: Aside from the fact that I don't deserve it? ::He said, then quickly held up his hand:: Considering how reckless I've been in my career, I'd be surprised if the consideration wasn't even put forth. Besides, who wants a First Officer who wakes up screaming nearly every night?

So, he wasn’t dealing so well with his captivity. She knew it. But in typical Toryn fashion, he had never said a word. In a lot of ways, that made her angry, but she really could only be mad at herself since it had been her that insisted on some distance for a time so they could both get clearer heads.

Serala: Toryn. I am so sorry about that. And if you ever want someone to talk to about it, you know my door is always open to you.

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Serala: Well, thank you both, but I have been away from Bean long enough and Petty Officer Connors has been kind enough to babysit, but I should go relieve her. And I have no doubt others will want to congratulate me first. If you will both excuse me?

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