Lieutenant Serala: Mission Briefing Part 1 - Promotions and Awards

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Jim Davis

Aug 9, 2018, 12:17:17 AM8/9/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Conference Room, Deck 1, U.S.S. Atlantis, Deep Space 26, One day after Serala’s Wedding ))

(( OOC: Congratulations everyone! ))

:: Serala had just seen Stevok off at the transporter. He was going to take the next available transport back to Lydor IX. They had been spending every available moment in her quarters, knowing that something like this would eventually occur. She arrived at the conference room prior to the Captain, but she noted that Commander Tel-ar was there already at perfect attention, just as she had noted he normally was. Just as she was taking her seat, the Captain entered and moved to his customary seat. ::

Brell: Thank you all for arriving so quickly and I am sorry we had to call a abrupt end to our shore leave. Before I get to briefing you on our emergency mission. I have a few announcements to make. :: On the table before him sat a stack of rosewood boxes he took the first one and opened it admiring the contents. :: Would Kurt Logan join me please. :: She watched as Logan joined him at the front of the table. :: Logan, you and I have served with each other for a long time and your bravery in your duties has never ceased to amaze me. It is my honor to present to you the highest recognition Starfleet may bestow for such actions The Federation Cross. It is also my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Marine Captain and Assistant Chief of the Atlantis marine detachment. :: He replaced the single silver bar on Logan’s green collar with the double silver bars that signified his new rank. :: Congratulations Captain.

oO He deserves it. An arm is a heavy price to pay, but this was well earned. Hmm. How many Captain’s can there be on one ship? Oo

Logan: Response   

Brell: Serala and Dermont if you two join me next please.

oO Me? And Dermont at the same time? Oh, he’s going to love that! Oo

:: She made her way to the front of the table just as Dermont was approaching from the other side. ::

Brell: Dermont, as Chief Engineer of this vessel you have gone above and beyond expectations time and again. Serala you have shown your self to be a capable dedicated security and tactical officer. I hereby promote you both to the rank of Lieutenant.

oO Another promotion, so soon? Oo

:: He removed the half-pip from each of their collars, and replaced it with the solid pips. ::

Serala: Thank you, Captain. I will do everything I can to live up to this new rank.

Dermont: Response

Brell: Lieutenant Serala, with your new rank come new responsibilities to your department. As you are now officially the Assistant Chief of Security and Tactical. Congratulations.

Serala: Thank you, Captain.

Brell: Ensigns Knight and Termine. :: Again, there was a pause as the two officers made their way forward. :: Ensign Knight your service to our intelligence department since joining has been exemplary, and I feel it most appropriate to raise you to the position of Assistant Chief of Intel, and promote you to the rank of junior grade Lieutenant. :: He added a half pip to his collar and gave the man a large grin. ::

Knight: Response

Brell: As our Operations officer you have managed the many challenges a ship like ours faces in a such a unique area of space. It is a pleasure to promote you to Lieutenant junior grade.

::The Bolian removed the half pip from the box and pinned it to the human’s gold collar. ::  

Termine: Thank you sir. It’s a dream come true to serve on such this ship :: and turning to the crew in the room. :: and alongside such incredible officers. I can only hope to continue to work half as hard as the rest of you.  

Brell: In recognition of injuries sustained in the line of duty I present Marine Captains McKnight and Logan, along with Lieutenant Raga the purple heart, as well as Good Conduct Ribbons for your efforts to stop the RoLFs and their mining-bots in their illegal mining, and not giving up.

Serala: Good job, guys, but competing for the most number of Purple Hearts isn’t really the healthiest of pastimes. Glad you’re both still with us.

Any: Responses

Brell: To Williams, Tel-ar, Sotak, Danara and Knight as the teams that were altered to appear Lydorian I award you the Explorers Ribbon.

Brell:  The Legion of Merit, goes to myself, Termine and Serala for our efforts in pursuing the cargo shuttle and for using diplomacy to keep it once the larger vessel was encountered. We could have easily started shooting and had even less ground to stand on in the legal proceedings that followed.

oO Wow! Only in the Fleet for eight months and I already have a star on one of my ribbons Oo

Any: Responses

Brell: And finally to Dr. Cattan, without you I would not have been able to pin so many awards to mr Logans chest. For pulling off the near impossible of putting him back together I am proud to present you with the Lifesaving ribbon.

oO Another well deserved award. That arm is nothing short of a miracle. Oo

Cattan: Response


Lt Serala, Assitant Chief of Security and Tactical
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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